Suitable Pants for Prenatal Yoga or What to Wear while Doing Pregnancy Yoga?

Suitable garments for prenatal yoga or what to wear while doing pregnancy yoga?

Prenatal yoga is a popular leisure for future mums. It has a number of advantages – helps you to be healthy, cope with stress, normalize breathe. And, as well have a nice time together with other expecting ladies.

Some pregnant ladies are complete beginners in yoga, some – practiced it before. But all of them need proper maternity yoga clothing for productive exercises and a good feel.


Useful tips

Yoga garments for pregnant womanYoga clothes for pregnant women actually look the same as regular. Sport brands have made some changes to create more comfortable garments for ladies who are experiencing now the special time of their lives. Pregnant women who are going in for sports should be careful not to wear such clothing items that restrict flow of blood or dig into tummy too much.

Ease of movements is really important. Well-selected yoga garments can be also worn during your physical activities inside or outside.

Pregnancy yoga clothes, both trousers and a top, should be ideally a bit loose. Yoga garments should be free from different patterns that can rub against your skin during practices and cause irritation.

You should be in harmony during yoga classes, and uncomfortable garments shouldn’t spoil your impressions from what you are doing.

Why are synthetic yoga garments so popular?

Synthetic clothes for pregnancy yogaAs you know, the gear of sportsmen is usually synthetic. Sportsmen like the phrase “Cotton kills”.

But we are not going to force you to forget about your lovely cotton yoga pants. If you practice only gentle yoga, they will do and you are welcome to put cotton pants on.

While your choice is active yoga, your body generates a lot of heat and sweating during classes, so synthetic garments are more suitable.

Synthetic materials have an ability to ventilate your moisture faster than cotton; they get dry quicker as well. Synthetic clothing items are shrink resistant and the addition of spandex lets them stretch without deformation.

Perfect yoga pants

The choice of yoga pants for pregnant ladies is great. On the shop shelves you can find pants of various styles, leggings, cargo style, capris, bell-bottom and more. Yoga instructors advice mums-to-be to choose maternity pants.

Simple yoga pants for pregnant ladiesPregnancy yoga pants usually have a wide elastic panel at the waist. It gives you more support and comfort in belly area.

The panel stretches with the growth of the baby, that’s why such pants can be used from the second trimester till your baby is born, and, perhaps, for some time afterwards. Some ladies, anyway, prefer the pants which roll under the belly.

The choice of yoga pants’ fabric is surely up to you. Your style of yoga has an impact on what type of fabric you would like to choose. Each one has it own advantages. Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, breathe better than cotton fabrics but may pill faster.

Cotton fabrics will absorb moisture from your body, but they will help keep your body warmer during less intense yoga classes.

Several examples of pregnancy trousers

    Example of comfortable pants for pregnancy yoga

  1. If your choice is calm and gentle yoga, then comfort and fit is what you need for your yoga pants. Best yoga pants for pregnancy should be with looser cuts, full lengths and soft materials, cotton or cotton-blends. While you are doing something like Pigeon Pose for a long time, you need the pants which are not constricting or confining in thighs and hips.
  2. For those who practice basic yoga with a rich variety of poses but not doing anything too challenging or difficult, any type of yoga pants is likely fine. We can recommend you models with straight cut legs and bright prints.
  3. If you are a real expert in yoga and performing a dozen or more Sun Salutations and a vinyasa between your every pose, you’ll want streamlined and breathable trousers for pregnancy yoga. Try to wear lightweight and breathable leggings for pregnancy yoga classes. If you don’t like how it leggings look and feel, then you should pay attention to a straight cut model.
  4. If you prefer your yoga extra hot then you really need to dress for success, and in this situation less is more. What you need is shorter capris or “booty” shorts that give the skin its maximum opportunity to breathe.

Great tops

A health expert would advise would advise pregnant ladies a lose top for yoga. One negative thing about such tops is that they may expose your belly while you are stretching.

That’s why it is better to prefer yoga tops which are a bit snug. The market offers you various tops: tank tops, halter necks, spaghetti straps, T-backs and so on. You can brighten your yoga classes with different colors, patterns and styles.

The yoga top should be made of fabric, which absorbs the moisture from your body. Most of the modern fitness clothing is made from materials which wick moisture away from the skin, and you feel that your skin is dry.

Such facility helps to keep the body cool during yoga sessions, so your classes become much more enjoyable. If you prefer to wear cotton clothes, they will hold sweat and become heavy and uncomfortable. Such kind of pregnancy yoga wear can spoil your training and should be avoided.

The key element in yoga trainings is to keep the body temperature maintained while you are doing warm up activities. If you need you can wear two layers of clothing for your comfort. An ideal decision is a zipped hooded sweatshirt of your favorite color, which can be taken off when your body’s temperature starts to rise.

Accessories and underwear

When you start practicing yoga, every detail is important. All sport garments should be comfortable; doing asanas in them should be easy and pleasant. Let’s see what underwear and accessories are advised for prenatal yoga.

Example of underwear for pregnancy yogaIt is really important to choose right underwear for yoga trainings. Mums-to-be should avoid bras having fastenings or seams, they can bring you discomfort during your class.

Lots of yoga poses need to lay down on the mat, so there should be no patterns on the back. You need to choose a sport or yoga bra, they allow to stretch freely and give extra support.

Pregnancy is the time while ladies enrich their wardrobes with new, maternity, clothing items. Lots of pregnant women practicing yoga decide to wear their regular maternity underwear to yoga classes. That’s acceptable but you need to pick up those underwear items, which are good for exercising.

Your maternity undergarments should be comfortable, supporting your growing body and allowing you to move freely. Maternity underwear which is worn for yoga should also be loose-fitting and sweat-absorbent.

Pregnant woman with accossories for yogaYoga is usually practiced in socks or bare feet. There are lots of yoga socks (also known as pilates socks) available in different patterns and designs.

There are two main types – half toe or full toe socks. Yoga socks have anti-slip soles which will guarantee additional balance when you are doing asanas on the mat or on the floor.

The ladies who are practicing prenatal yoga should also be careful about equipment. You need to be sure that you are using proper accessories: mats, cushions, towels and bolsters. You need to consult your doctor and a yoga instructor before you start sessions about the dos and don’ts you need to follow.

We hope that you and your future babies enjoy your yoga classes and new and bright yoga garments you’ve chosen with our advices.

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