Health advantages of tennis while pregnant

In a modern world many people try to keep a healthy lifestyle. Men and women, adults and children – many of us are fond of doing physical activities.

Sports help people to keep fit, make us healthy and disciplined. Now all necessary facilities are provided for people, including for pregnant women. Expectant mothers can also do physical activities, but there are a plenty of limitations for them.

Features of golfing while pregnant

Everybody knows that pregnancy is a wonderful period in a life of each woman. But some women make pregnancy as an illness and forget about any activities. Doing sports is very important for mothers-to-be, and if you do not have any contraindications by the specialists you should do some exercises.

But all kinds of sports are not allowed during pregnancy. Such sports as diving, football, volleyball, horse-riding, windsurfing, rafting, dancing and others are not recommended for pregnant because of high risk of injury.

Benefit or harm – jet skiing while pregnant?

Modern women like to spend their free time funny and actively. Sometimes it is very difficult for them to adapt for “having a pudding in the oven” when it is necessary to observe some restrictions.

The expectation of the child makes some adjustments in the life of the expectant mother. Some women quickly get used to their delicate state of health and become more cautious, while others are happy to continue entertain their selves with such activities as roller skating, horse-riding and even jet skiing, ignoring the state of their and the child’s health.

Winter sport during maternity – skiing while pregnant

In a course of a normal pregnant sports along with a proper diet should be a must. Moderate kinds of physical activity are able to increase an overall vitality, improve the immune system, strength muscles and prepare a body for delivery. But what sport to choose if there are winter months?

One can go to gym, engage oneself in yoga or do some exercises at home, but, one should bear in mind, that outdoor physical activities will bring more good than any activity in a stuffy room. A nice alternative for winter – skiing.

Benefits and contraindications of eating Pistachio nuts during pregnancy

Pistachios are favourite nuts of many people. Adults and children both like these yummy nuts, pistachio ice cream, a variety of food with pistachios. The health properties of pistachios made them worldwide popular, you can buy them at any grocery store.

Now there are a plenty of useful properties of eating this nut, so its consumption is highly recommended to all people including pregnant women. This article will give you information about pistachios’ nutrients, eating and precautions for them during pregnancy.

Pros and Cons of Eating Brazilian Nuts: Pregnancy Diet Plan

The Brazil nut, also well-known as Bertholettia, is a South American tree which can grow up to 50 metres in height and to 2 meters in diameter. It is well-spread in such countries, as Brazil, Guyana, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Columbia.

Bertholettia can be found near the rivers of the Amazon, Rio Negro, Orinoco. Although the tree is called the Brazil nut the main export is realized in Bolivia (50%). Brazil nuts look like a box with grains inside, that is why many biologists consider that the Brazil nut is a grain.

Undeniable benefits of Cashew nuts during pregnancy

Perhaps each of us has eaten cashew at least once during the whole life. Cashew nuts are known for their original shape: many people say that they resemble a comma by their form.

They began spreading around the world from South Africa, Brazil. These nuts are really very interesting because actually they are not nuts but fruits that consist of two parts, as some biologists believe.

Women’s Little Ways – Craving Sweets During Pregnancy

It is widely known that during pregnancy a woman’s food habits can change dramatically and craving for sweets is not an exception. A mom-to-be may turn to a real sweet-tooth.

And in this particular article we will discuss why does it happen and is it safe enough to eat more sweet things during pregnancy?

A Variety of Useful Fresh Squeezed Juices During Pregnancy

Freshly squeezed juice are very appetizing and tasty beverages. As it is well known, they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, highly required by our bodies. But needless to say that it is vital to know if they are safe for pregnant women. Let’s find this out.

On the one hand, juices are great. Vitamins and minerals, organic acids and pectin, ferments and essential oils are all very healthy for your organism.

Technique of Pilates In Early Pregnancy: Dangerous and Useful Exercises for First Trimester

Pilates is a popular system of healing, based on exercises. Method of Pilates was developed about a hundred years ago by Joseph Pilates and later named after him. Exercises in Pilates method tone the muscles, develop balance, improve physique.

Today the Pilates method has found admirers among pregnant women, because it doesn’t require much effort but at the same time gives a remarkable efficiency.

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