List of beverages to avoid during pregnancy and safe ones

List of beverages to avoid during pregnancy and safe onesSince early childhood every woman dreams of being a mother and having her own babies. Is there something more magnificent and more sacred in our world than giving birth to a child?

It is well-known for everyone that it is very important for every future mother to approach this moment of life with great responsibility. In this article we are going to talk about different beverages during the period of pregnancy.



In general, it is possible to drink plain water, slushy tea, non-carbonated mineral water, milk, all juices during gestation without any restrictions. However, you should be very attentive, if you have an allergy to some components of beverages you drink.

Warning! If you notice any kind of swellings or oedemas, never put off visiting to a doctor.

Also you should not forget that plain water is an essential element for keeping your body fit and your vital functions strong and efficient. And it will certainly do no harm for your baby.


Pregnant woman drinks waterSpecialists are assured that a pregnant woman should drink not less than two litres of water per day. This drink is definitely is the first one in the list of safe beverages during pregnancy.

Plain water will help your body to recover from physical activities and not to be dehydrated during pregnancy. But it works only till the twentieth week.

After the twentieth week, it is recommended to follow the rate of one and a half litres of liquids per day. Do not forget to take into consideration food you eat because it also contains a part of water. In the first place, it concerns fruit and vegetables that are rich in liquid components.

After the thirtieth week of pregnancy, you need to minimize the water volume to one litre and two hundred millilitres per day. Besides do not forget to visit your doctor at a regular basis and do the necessary tests. You should leave samples of your urine and blood for testing in order to be informed in case if there will be some departure from the norm in your body’s system of assimilation of liquids.

Remember! If your pregnancy goes on in the hot period of year and you do not have any departures from the norm, it is possible to enlarge the volume of water to one litre and four hundred millilitres.

You should sip water slowly. This way you will slake the thirst faster and drink less amount of water. For your brain it will also be easier to inform you about saturation with essential liquids if you sip slowly. On the contrary, if you drink a beverage at a gulp, your body just has not enough time to react to the water arrived, and the thirst will not be quenched immediately.

Soda water

Most doctors and specialist tend to forbid taking soda water during the period of gestation. Soda water is the liquids that contain carbon dioxide. This kind of water that fizzes is very popular all over the world.

Soda should be avoided from prenatal menuApart from the fact that soda has a huge amount of sugar (that can be dangerous for the body of a usual healthy person and especially for a pregnant woman), we can find a lot of other poisonous element in it, for example, the salts of potassium chloride or of sodium. Chloride is a saline element by its chemical composition that draws to itself liquids.

In that way, it can provoke different oedemas when it gets to the body. And various compounds of potassium and sodium are bad for your metabolism because they block your nerve fibres. Phosphoric acid is contained at a large amount in soda water and it can cause the appearance of stones in kidneys and urinary bladder. There is no need to load your body which works twice as much as anyone else.

Manufacturers add different sweeteners to soda water which are strongly overdosed judging by the data of the world’s outstanding medical centres. This exceeding may be two hundred times more than it is allowed to be in a beverage. Just imagine how your liver suffers from such amount of sugar! And at last, the huge quantity of aromatizers, preservative and additives provokes the appearance of allergic reactions up to bronchial asthma.

So, it is better to completely avoid drinking soda water during the period of pregnancy and breast-feeding. You may substitute it for non-carbonized mineral beverages containing magnesium and potassium with ease. They are not only safe but also wholesome.

Alcoholic beverages

Now, let’s speak about beverages to avoid during pregnancy – the first one is alcohol. Taking alcoholic drinks by pregnant and breast-feeding women stands at a distance from consuming other beverages. Most doctors absolutely prohibit women in the period of pregnancy from taking spirits.

However, not every future mother is able to give up drinking alcohol completely. Let’s try to analyse this situation more closely. Our mothers and grandmothers often told us that they used to drink a glass of wine or a shot glass of liqueur, and they did not see any harm for their child. But there is no doubt that earlier the quality of alcoholic drinks was much higher.

Pregnant woman with the glass of wineSo, think a little, even if red wine does not spoil your metabolism and, on the contrary, influence favourably the system of blood circulation, pressure and nerves, then where can we find a real, authentic drink? Today we can see a lot of sorts of wine on sale but for the most part they are undrinkable beverages with low-quality and a huge quantity of additives, preservatives and impurities.

However, even if a pregnant or breast-feeding woman drinks a glass of this beverage, it does not mean that she will be intoxicated or that there will be some damages with the foetus at all. Every woman has her own particular organism and the level of resistive capacity, and doctors cannot prescribe you the right or wrong measure of the alcohol. Of course, a glass of champagne that you will drink in case of the New Year’s celebration will not do you any harm but it definitely will not do you any good, too.

It is the same situation with drinking beer. Some specialists do not consider beer as a poisonous alcoholic drink because it is natural and it contains less alcohol. More than that, it involves lots of useful microelements, especially magnesium and calcium, and maybe a glass of beer will even strengthen the bones of your baby.

But it does not mean that it is possible to overindulge in this drink. The dose of two hundred millilitres is theoretically safe for a pregnant or a breast-feeding woman on conditions that she takes it two-monthly.

Warning! After the sixth month of pregnancy it is absolutely prohibited to drink alcohol.

Tea, coffee or cocoa?

What hot beverages are safe during pregnancy? It is better to minimize taking coffee by a pregnant woman to one or two cups per day if she has not problems with high blood pressure. She should not drink it on an empty stomach or before bed.

Pregnant woman is drinking hot coffeeAlso specialists recommend giving up taking natural coffee considering the huge concentration of caffeine. Maybe a woman should replace it by instant coffee. Do not forget to add some milk in your cup of coffee as this way it will be safer and more useful.

A pregnant woman may drink tea but by no means strong. Many women think that they should replace black tea with green tea but it has nothing to do with the reality. Green tea has more tonic and invigorating elements that are, undoubtedly, dangerous for your baby.

Useful video

This short video will show some other safe and dangerous drinks for pregnancy:


We hope that reading this article helped you to get a lot of new information. Choose drinks according to your needs and conditions. Be healthy and drink healthy beverages!

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