Exciting Coffee During Pregnancy – the Source of Cheerfulness or Real Danger?

What beverage can awaken you from sleep and give you the tide of cheerfulness? Coffee, of course. This brewed drink which is made from coffee beans has gained the popularity as one of the most favorite beverage all over the world.

In our article we try to answer the important questions for mothers-to-be such as: “is coffee bad during pregnancy?”, “can i drink coffee during pregnancy?”, “how much coffee is ok during pregnancy?”. We hope that the follow information will be useful to you.


The secret of its success is hidden as in distinguishing pleasant coffee`s taste and aroma so as in remarkable properties of this product. Surely you know the legend about Ethiopian goatherd who first discovered some wonderful properties of coffee.

He noticed that his goats were very excited having eaten the leaves of an unknown small tree. The goatherd told the monks from the nearest monastery about the strange plant.

Servants of the monastery decided to adopt exhilarant and anti-soporific properties of the coffee tree, because they had to remain watchful for the all-night vigils. After that the rumor about the magic coffee beans spread rapidly, people highly appreciated the benefits of bracing the beverage. The first coffee house was opened in 1645 in Venice, and this idea was much sought-after.

Caffeine – gives us energy but causes baneful addiction

Coffee pregnantNowadays there are numerous coffee-shops, where one can enjoy a cup of their beloved beverage, having it with cakes and biscuits. It is difficult to find a person who doesn`t like rich warmish coffee smell – it`s so tempting!

Each type of coffee has its own aroma peculiarities which depend on processing, but in any case this beverage perks up your mood and provides you with energy.

Coffee beans are divided by their origin into three kinds – African, Asian and American. All beans contain huge amount of the substance called caffeine.

The basic properties of the caffeine are well known: it provides neural excitation, makes a diuretic effect, and boosts the blood pressure. Taking of this substance can improve one`s mood and focusing.

The seeds of coffee include about 1500 mg/L of caffeine while its portion in the prepared beverage is 2250 mg/L. A cup of instant coffee contains less caffeine – only 300-500 mg/L. It is believed that purine alkaloids can be addictive. That is why people should have no more than 4 cups of coffee a day. And, as it is thought, reasonable consumption of this drink can give longevity and clarity of mind.

Is coffee safe during pregnancy?

Coffee in pregnancyWoman`s life changes greatly during pregnancy time – now expecting mother must think not only about herself but also about  her small unprotected baby inside.

Sometimes it`s better to say “no” to some products that can be harmful to the development of your future child. Doctors recommend giving priority to healthy food and drinks, but what is about coffee? Is this beverage bad or allowable for moms-to-be? Is drinking coffee safe or bad during pregnancy?

Today we have no information according to which coffee should be banned during the childbearing. There`s no general harmful action of coffee on pregnant women upon condition that they drink only 1 cup a day.

How much coffee is safe during pregnancy? The maximal portion is 3 cups. Moreover, hot odorous beverage even gives some benefits:

  • Caffeine which is contained in coffee makes the expecting mother cheerful, active and merry. Some pregnant women are prone to neural tension, depression, drowsiness and weakness. It is connected with hormonal changes and drinking some good coffee will help to cope with these problems.
  • If a pregnant woman suffers from low blood pressure, she should begin her day with a cup of coffee.
  • Many mothers-to-be have swelling that is why the diuretic effect of coffee will be to the purpose.

Side effects

can you coffee during pregnancyIs coffee bad for pregnancy? And why coffee is bad during pregnancy? Let’s learn more about the effects of coffee during pregnancy. When you’re enjoying the splendid taste of your favorite beverage don`t forget, that the excessive consumption of it can lead to the following health disorders. So, what are the side effects of drinking coffee during pregnancy?

  • Coffee can become a reason of the boost pressure.
  • This brewed drink contains cafestol – the substance which increases cholesterol level in blood vessels. It is especially actually for women of age 35-40.
  • Coffee heightens the level of gastric acidity as well, therefore if you have gastritis or peptic ulcer of stomach this beverage is not a good choice for you. In the first months of your delicate state when abominable toxemia comes the reduction of coffee consumption is needed.
  • Expecting mothers should limit drinking coffee if they have problems with their heart. Scientists confirmed that caffeine going through placenta can upset the heartbeat of the fetus. For this reason it`s better to be careful visiting coffee shops during the first trimester – during this time the heart of your baby is forming.

Certainly, one should not consider popular morning drink as absolute evil for pregnant women. Drinking coffee brings some advantages, why don`t you pamper yourself from time to time?

Consume it with caution; coffee addiction is de trop, particularly if you’re carrying a baby.

What coffee types are suitable for expectant mothers?

the effect of coffee on pregnancySpeaking about the ways of drinking coffee, we`ll notice that it`s more beneficial to add some milk to your cup. The matter is that coffee as well as tea washes out the calcium from your organism.

If to take into consideration that pregnant woman`s teeth and bones suffer from the lack of calcium, the combination of coffee and milk seems to be a good outcome.

What are the best types of coffee for pregnancy? Is decaf coffee ok during pregnancy? Is drinking decaffeinated coffee safe in pregnancy?

Mothers-to-be should remember that coffee types with low level of caffeine are worth giving preference to. Decaffeinated coffee such as Café Royal, Dim Coffee, Blue Bottle, Stumptown Coffee and Intelligentsia’s Decaf Librarians Blend can be a good decision for pregnant women. You can appreciate the grand palette of taste shadows, trying various sorts.

Mild aromas, light acidity are peculiar to decaffeinated drinks, and many people like them.

There are coffee types with unusual aromas – you can feel the scent of fruits, nuts, spicy herbs, flowers and so on. The variety of types opens the wide horizons for buyers.

whether it is possible for pregnant women to drink coffeeA lot of pregnant woman are interested in the safe alternative to the exhilarant beverage. If you love coffee very much, but decided to refrain from your beloved drink during the time of pregnancy, the chicory will be a perfect lifesaver for you.

The drink made from the chicory is not only delicious – it`s healing for moms-to-be. It improves the appetite, removes the heartburn, support heart and liver, and possesses the anti-constipating effect. This wonderful gift of nature should be an excellent replacement of coffee, its taste is similar to coffee`s one.

Making a conclusion one should say that on the whole drinking coffee makes our life more active and bright, and the visits to the cozy coffee house with friends promise us lots of joy. Bright positive emotions are necessary for all expectant mothers, as well as cheerfulness and good mood. To that drink your cup of coffee or chicory beverage with pleasure and get the vital energy for you and your future son or daughter. Just don`t forget about the happy medium and everything will be all right.

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