Drinking Green Tea During Pregnancy – the Source of Health!

Green tea`s popularity has increased lately. Traditionally this drink has widely spread in eastern countries – China, Japan, Asia, but in the second part of 20 century green tea caught fancy of people from all over the world for its healthy properties and special refined taste.

Green tea is produced from leaves of small evergreen tree Camellia sinensis as well as its close relative – black tea. The difference between green and black sorts is based on the way of processing, in green tea production leaves go through minimal oxidation.


Such a method of treatment provides better safekeeping of beneficial elements and makes green tea not only delicious but also a curative beverage. Nowadays we are offered fabulous variety of green tea sorts with poetical names – Dragon Mountain, Green Top, White Cloud, Fire Green, Jade Sword, Jade Dew and many others.

Sorts of tea are divided according to the quality and the parts of the plant used.

People who love diversity heartily try the combinations of green tea and flower petals, herbs, berries, fruits. Such additives give the beverage sweetness and lovely fragrance.

Beneficial properties

green tea during pregnancyThere are many publications about numerous miraculous properties of green tea. Some authors even describe this product as real panacea, but that`s going too far.

In fact, advantages of drinking green tea during pregnancy are undeniable, and scientists have proved it. Enriched with great set of nutrients this drink gives a strong positive effect on brain activity, helps to lose weight and essentially lowers the risk of cancer.

Probably, the most well-known idea about green tea – is as a wonderful drink containing powerful antioxidants. These elements slow down the formation of harmful free radicals which cause aging processes and wide range of diseases. It is believed that the products including antioxidants protect the cells of our body from damage and prevent the development of cancer.

Specialists agree that green tea can is worth giving preference, because this drink lowers the risk of Alzheimer`s and Parkinson`s syndromes and helps to hold the clarity of mind in advanced age.

A cup of green tea everyday can strengthen the immune system and save human organism from infectious diseases.

Tasty and healthy beverage is also valuable for patients with obesity and diabetes – it lowers the level of sugar in blood and burns fats.

Side by side with useful polyphenols green tea contains ascorbic acidand minerals: chrome, manganese, selenium, zinc. So, you see that regularly drinking green tea during pregnancy promises a lot of pluses.

Green tea for pregnancy: healing properties

green tea pregnantDuring pregnancy mothers-to-be are quite picky about the food and drinks they consume.

There are common questions about drinking green tea during pregnancy: Is green tea good during pregnancy? Is green tea safe for pregnancy? Can i drink green tea during pregnancy? Here you can find the answers.

Such beverage as tea is drunk not occasionally but every day, that is why it`s important to choose the safest variant of this product.

There are controversial opinions about green tea during the period of childbearing. On the one hand, it is rich in antioxidants and precious for health elements. On the other hand green tea contains more caffeine than black tea, and the excess of this substance can slow down the development of fetus and even cause the danger of miscarriage. So, can you drink or not? Let`s analyze the positive and negative sides of drinking green tea during pregnancy.

So. what are the benefits of drinking green tea during pregnancy? The consumption of this beverage bodes you some indisputable benefits. Here they are:

    1. Green tea can be used as extra source of necessary vitamins and microelements: calcium, iron, chrome, zinc, manganese and others. It is very beneficial for your immune system because of strong antioxidants it contain.
    2. Green tea is a good natural remedy for prophylaxis of diabetes during pregnancy time due to its property to lower the sugar level in the blood.
    3. A cup of aromatic hot green tea helps to overcome with the symptoms of toxemia.

can pregnant green tea

  • This beverage finely strengthens bones and teeth. This is extremely important for expectant mothers, as it is known they often suffer from dental problems caused by the lack of calcium.
  • As a rule pregnant woman eats for two, and there`s no wonder – her organism needs large supply of nourishing substances and necessary vitamins. But eating too much leads to excessive cholesterol in blood vessels, and this factor can be a reason of many serious diseases. That is why doctors sometimes recommend drinking green tea during pregnancy – tasty beverage regulates the cholesterol level and at the same time it normalizes the blood pressure.
  • One more problem expecting mothers suffer from is digestive disorders and problems with functions of gastrointestinal tract. And green tea is thought to be an effective natural medicine in case of such ailments.


Nowadays scientists don`t have enough information about green tea`s action through which one can get the comprehensive picture of its influence on pregnancy. The medicine needs new researches on its healing properties.

For the time being no one can say that green tea is completely innocuous for a mother-to-be and her growing baby.

But some proved benefits of drinking green tea make it rather a desirable beverage, but in reasonable quantity.


green tea during pregnancy contraindicationsIs green tea safe during pregnancy? Are there any negative consequences of drinking green tea?

So, what are the side effects of drinking green tea during pregnancy? Specialists emphasize a few peculiarities which are worth paying attention to.

  1. Caffeine which is in the green tea gives people cheerfulness and makes them active. But consuming lots of products including caffeine, pregnant woman takes a risk. The superfluity of this substance can cause uterine contractions leading to the miscarriage.
  2. One more green tea`s influence that should be taken into account by expectant mothers: the compounds included in green tea lower the action of folic acid. We all know how this element is essential in forming fetus` skeleton and nervous system. Lack of folic acid can become a reason of many problems with carrying pregnancy, even such as miscarriage or congenital pathology in a new-born. Scientists have proved that the consumption of green tea by mothers-to-be in enormous amount can lead to the development of meningomyelocele in babies. But don`t rush to bring green tea into the blacklist – drink it, but with caution!

As you can see, this product possesses some specific properties.

Therefore expecting mothers should not drink more than 200 ml a day – this portion is normally assimilated, beneficial and safe. Pregnant women who are prone to miscarriage should limit themselves with 2 cups of this beverage.

If you like green tea, it`s better to refrain from other products containing caffeinechocolate, coffee and so on.

How to prepare a good cup of odorous tea?

whether it is possible for pregnant green teaHere are some tips for those moms-to-be, who want to pamper themselves with a perfect healthy hot beverage:

  1. Put the tea leaves into the smart and clean teapot, previously preheated with some boiling water.
  2. Prepare water at the necessary temperature. The water should be chosen soft enough. If you use tap water, boil it well. Pour some hot water from the kettle into the tea cups to bring it to the appropriate temperature, after that pour it into the teapot with tea leaves.
  3. Taste and odor of this beverage depend on the water’s temperature. Various sorts of green tea demands different temperatures. For example, the astringency compounds are drawn out at temperatures over 80 degrees C, while the flavor components demand 50 degrees C to dissolve. That is why, if you are going to drink Sencha that is not very astringent, a temperature of 70 degrees C will be suitable, but for Gyokuro, a lower level of temperature is needed to draw out the flavor more slowly. Learn more about the type of green tea you have, it will help you to reveal the taste of tea to the full extent of its power.

In conclusion we should notice that the tea ceremony was one of the most beautiful traditions in eastern culture. Drinking green tea should be enjoyable – use your favorite tea set and smart tablecloth, create a wonderful festive atmosphere, throw away unpleasant thoughts – and the cup of hot flavorous tea will warm you and improve your mood.

Remember that your baby inside feels when his mom is happy. And the precious substances which are in green tea will provide both for you and your baby with health and vital power.
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