Benefits of Blackberries During Pregnancy

The blackberry is one of the most favorite and eatable berries in the world. But botanists would say that it is not actually berry, blackberry is considered scientifically as aggregate fruit.

It consists of number of drupelets, has odorous aroma and rich sour-taste after which the mouth feels constricted.


There is great variety of blackberries species which grow in different regions. These tasty berries are widespread throughout Europe, Africa, America, Asia. People give preference to this fruit when dealing with culinary. Delicious jelly, jams, desserts and even vines are produced from blackberries. Hostesses use it with pleasure as a dainty filling for pies, puddings, muffins and cakes. Blackberry flowers attract bees and delicacy fruit honey is highly appreciated.

Blackberries – medicine from nature

Blackberry during pregnancyBlackberries don’t only have unusual taste, they are known to be useful for health product, “sweet medicine from the forest”.

Our great-grand mothers were already well aware of its medicinal qualities and use blackberries for treatment of many health disorders. It was believed that these black-blue berries could give youth, beauty and strength. And not without reason, as it really provides regeneration of cells.

Blackberry also possesses antibacterial, anticancer, cardio stimulating and general health-improving properties. It is through its unique structure which contains ideal ratio of vitamins B, C and tannins combining with copper, iron and magnesium. By the way iron containing in berries is better assimilated than one from prescribed medicines.

Pectins which are in blackberries heal the intestines, carotin is good for sight and sodium, calcium, phosphor, citric acid irreplaceable as in ethno medicine so as in modern systems of medical treatment.

Blackberries are dietary product (only 100 kk in 100 g), along with that it is a good antioxidant.

Benefits of blackberries during pregnancy

whether it is possible for pregnant blackberryAre blackberries good for pregnant ladies? When a woman is pregnant she should treat herself with beautiful things, positive impressions and, of course, tasty food. But food makes seemingly the most significant influence on the fetus`s health and development that expecting mother must be rather particular about what she eats.

And blackberry will be suitable food for woman in pregnancy. Eating blackberry while pregnant contributes elasticity of blood vessels, improving of digestion and processes of metabolism, saturation with necessary substances.

There are some other benefits of using blackberries below:

  1. Blackberries are useful for sight. Have you already noticed that many medicaments that ophthalmologists prescribe contain extract of blackberries?
  2. These berries decrease sugar level in blood and prevent diabetes.
  3. Blackberries strengthen expecting mother`s immune system.
  4. Berries and leaves of blackberry are used as alternative to medicines, what is very actual for moms-to-be. In case of catarrhal or infectious diseases treatment with berries, decoctions or blackberry tea will be healthier for a mother and her baby inside, these delicate remedies don`t threaten to unprotected baby`s organism.
  5. Blackberries are known for their anti-inflammatory action.
  6. Blackberry` juice is effective in problems with stomach. Its fresh berries help in cases of constipation and dried blackberries are good for diarrhea.
  7. It assists to cure diseases of kidneys and bladder.
  8. Blackberries are widely used as a cosmetic remedy, which fights against aging processes and improves your skin. It solutes dermatological problems of different types as well.
  9. This berry is a perfect choice for women who aspire to be fit and slim. In this product rich set of vitamins and minerals put together with low calories.

Can delicious berries be dangerous?

blackberry for pregnantBlackberries seem to be completely harmless but overeating can cause moms-to-be to such unpleasant reactions as allergy and diarrhea.

Black tasty berries are contraindicated to the following groups of women:

  1. Women with intolerance to oxalic acid containing in blackberries.
  2. Women who have problems with biliary dyskinesia or pancreatitis.
  3. Women during breastfeeding period should refrain from eating blackberries, because it can cause baby`s cramps.
If you want to make blackberry a constant part of your nutrition you should firstly get specialist`s consultation. And remember that happy medium is very important in food in all periods of life.

Recipes with blackberries for your health

How useful blackberry for pregrant womenHow to use blackberry crops? Blackberries can be eaten in different kinds – raw, dried, frozen, in teas and decoctions.

Berries are added in pies and cakes, salads and meat; they can be used as filling in pancakes, in producing of liqueur and in many dishes and drinks. Surely, fresh berries are much more useful for health.

Sometimes when health dispositions take place, expecting woman try to treat herself with herbal and berry nature resources because they are delicate and safe.

These are some recipes from ethno medicine for pregnant women:

    1. For sore throat, stomatitis and catarrhal diseases this remedy will be suitable:2 teaspoons of dried blackberries are poured 1 cup of boiling water and infused for 15 minutes. 3 teaspoons of berries can also be poured 1 cup of cold water but the time of infusion will be 8 hours. Take 1/3 cup 3 times a day or you may gargle. Remember, drinking this infusion helps in urethritis and cystitis.
    2. Expecting mothers can take blackberries juice for prophylactics of hemorrhoids and for its treatment it`s better to use enemas with blackberry juice.
    3. In early stages of diabetes expecting mothers can drink such an infusion:2 tablespoons of dried blackberries leaves are poured with 2 glasses of boiling water. Let it be cooled and take this remedy in proportion of 0,5 glass 3 times a day.
Leaves of blackberries are used in diabetes and fruits are consumed in meteorism.
    1. In the capacity of antipyretic remedy pregnant women can drink tea from blackberry leaves.
    2. Women with gastritis are recommended to eat 50 g of berries before meal.
    3. And one should not forget about advantages of blackberry decoction. 200 g berries are poured with 1 liter of water and boil. Remove from heat when quantity of decoction will reduce twice. Compresses with this decoction are effective for ulcers, eczemas, cuts, dermatitis and other problems with skin.
    4. “Blackberry diet” also exists. It is based on combination eating berries and dairy products. It decreases level of sugar in blood and you are not hungry, as blackberries and dairy food give together feeling of saturation. But before keeping on this diet don`t forget get advice from your doctor.

What you should know about choosing blackberries?

It is very essential to follow all the precautionary measures. You should buy or gather blackberries in the middle of summer.

Don`t use blackberries grown near laces with bad ecology, because it can absorb both harmful substances and radiation.

Fruits must be large and of the same color. Bluish patina is a good quality – it means that blackberries were just gathered. Choose smooth and dry berries, in winter it`s better to give preference to blackberry jam than to buy “fresh” berries. If you want to store your blackberries for a long time, mix berries with sugar.

BlackberryMaking a conclusion we will stress once again that delicious blackberries are good alternative to expensive medicaments, effective and beneficial natural remedy for you and your baby.

These small blue-black berries will help your to carry your child well and provide you with all necessary vitamins and minerals.

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