Pros and Cons of Eating Grapes During Pregnancy

Grape is well-known all over the world as a fruiting berry of the deciduous plant, growing in clusters. Colors of the grapes vary from green (often it is called “white grapes”) to yellow, crimson, purple, black, dark blue.

Berries are ellipsoid-shaped, accurate and shiny. They are widely used as in wine production so as in making jam, juice, grape seed oil, vinegar. Sweet grapes can be eaten raw or become an essential ingredient for delicious fruit desserts and they also can be useful in decoration of cakes, puddings, icecream.


Already in the old days ancient Greeks and Romans highly appreciated wine berries for their healthy qualities and deep taste. Hippocrates, an outstanding antique physician recommended drinking grape juice or wine both those who are healthy and sick peoplefor strengthening the body. Certainly, famous medical man along with that advised to have a sense of measure and not to overuse this drink.

Nowadays dietologists come to common opinion about restorative and tonic properties of grapes.

They emphasize that sunny autumn berries contain natural sugars, organic acids, plenty of necessary vitamins and microelements which make grapesproduct of great value and wanted part of everyday diet. It can be successfully used as an effective natural remedy for many diseases.

Benefits of eating grapes in pregnancy

Grapes during pregnancyAre grapes healthy during pregnancy? Besides common remarkable qualities of grapes, their specific benefits for pregnant women were discovered in ancient times too. Archeologists have found some Egyptian murals with paintings of pregnant woman handing bushes of grapes.

It is known that many years ago fair sex was well aware of this fruit`s properties for woman`s physical state during the period of childbearing. And now, moms-to-be should pay attention to important benefits grapes possess and take into considerationof what appetizing berries consist. What are the health benefits of eating grapes during pregnancy?

Ripe berries include the following substances:

  • Glucose and fructose;
  • Organic acids (malic acid, citric acid, ascorbic acid,tartaric acid and so on);
  • Rich complex of vitamins – A, C, P,PP, K,vitamins of B group should be especially noted;
  • Iron, calcium, cobalt, potassium, manganese and other elements;
  • Antioxidants such as anthocyanins, flavon, geraniol, linalol, nerol and tannin;
  • Fruit skin contains pectins and there`s certain amount of fiber;
  • Some biologically active adds such as phenols.

Majority the abovementioned is contained in grape`s skin and seeds. If expecting mother will regularly add grapes in her nutrition it can make positive influence on her general condition, appearance, and, of course, on baby`s health and development. Look through the list of benefits for pregnant women, it is quite imposing:

    • Grapes essentially helps hematopoiesis system and play very important role in makinghemoglobin in good proportion due to big amount of iron containing in juicy berries, so it is worth eating if woman has anaemia;
    • Consumption of grapes improves processes of metabolism;
    • Vitamins E and K ease labors and by the way vitamin E is popular among women of all ages as ”beauty vitamin” and wonderfully improves condition of skin and fair complexion;

Is it possible to grapes during pregnancy

  • Antioxidants such as anthocyanins, flavon, geraniol, linalol, nerol and tannin are good in increasing immunity and their anti-inflammatory properties are helpful in prevention catching of infections for pregnant women;
  • Magnesium which is in grapes can ease cramps;
  • Being fine detergent this fruit berry will be useful in cure constipation – problem from what many pregnant women suffer;
  • Grapes reduce level of cholesterol in blood;
  • Organic acids containing in grapes neutralize harmful bacteriums in oral cavity. Along with forming and maintaining action of calcium these effects are extremely important for teeth whose poor state can be a real trouble for mothers-to-be;
  • Components of grape stimulates cerebral circulation, improves memory, attention and sight;
  • Grapes are a source of potassium which is needed for heart system. We understand that during pregnancy mother experiences large loads on this organ and heart-fortifying remedy will be desired;


Specialists recommend eating fresh berries and drinking grape juice in cases of weakness, nervous break-down, tiredness, stresses.

Remember, expecting mother`s emotional impression and psychological state define conditions for the growth and health of her baby.

And grapes can be fine and beneficial in normalization of pregnant woman`s nervous system.

Side effects of grapes for mothers-to-be

The benefits of grapes during pregnancyIn spite of plentiful advantages of eating grapes these berries must be eaten by pregnant woman in reasonable amounts. One should remember that overuse of even the most effective natural product will be dangerous, particularly in such a delicate period as childbearing.

Also grapes have some specific controversial qualities that must be thoroughly analyzed by pregnant women and discussed with health consulter. Here you can find the list of them:

  • Consumption of black or red grapes is often problematic for pregnant women because of thick, hardly-digestible skin. Situation is complicated by weakness of digestive system during expecting time. Difficulties of converting skins into absorbable substances can lead to problems with guts and constipation;
  • Eating too many raw berries can cause nausea, headache, vomiting and similar unpleasant side effects;
  • Diarrhoea is one more consequence of overeating, main risk is in its exhausting character and critical loosing necessary for mother`s organism elements;
  • Pregnant woman should not forget that grapes are highly-caloried fruit. Certainly it is very nutritious which is valuable for a mother and her future child but consumption in large amounts can lead to gaining weight. And for pregnant women such effect is not wanted;
  • Natural sugars containing in sweet berries give them perfect taste but they also can increase sugar level in expectant`s blood;
  • It is better to avoid of eating grapes in large amounts during late pregnancy as it cause rapid growth of fetus. Results can be deplorable – baby can get overweight and pregnant mother will suffer from painful labors.

Contraindications and precautions

Grapes during pregnancy trimester 2Generally, contraindications in eating grapes are related to the following groups of women:

  • women with diabetes mellitus;
  • women with obesity;
  • women having serious problems with digestive tract;
  • women with allergic reactions;
It is very important to remember that grapes should not be eaten with dairy products, fat food, mineral water, lemonade, another fruit.

In most cases it provides flatulence and colicky pains. Ideal variant for pregnant – one glass of grape juice every morning. And though grape wine is considered as a noble drink and in reasonable quantity even useful for health, it’s not for mothers-to-be to take alcohol during expecting a baby.

How to eat grapes while pregnant

What is useful grapes during pregnancySimple and time-saving ways of grapes consumption are eating raw berries, drinking grape juice, making delicious fruit dessert salads. Last way is good, but it is not acceptable for woman with digestive problems because of mixing various fruits.

As for juice, it is made from well washed fresh berries, better from the South regions and gathered in season time. Berries are mashed with a spoon or blender, then ready juice should be strained and lightly cooled. One portion of this tonic tasty drink in the early morning will take away weakness and tiredness, increase the appetite of pregnant woman.

In conclusion we`ll advise you to buy grapes when it`s the season for these fruit berries avoiding the consumption of grapes which were grown with chemicals and pesticides.

Surely, such grapes can be kept for a long time and look good but their beneficial qualities are already lost. And having decided to eat grapes regularly pregnant woman should firstly consult with a doctor for preventing side effects and troubles with health.

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