Benefits of Eating Strawberry During Pregnancy

Surely, a bowl of fresh mouth-watering strawberries have been one of the most favorite treats for many of us since early childhood. It is associated with bright and sunny spring or summer days, with happy family picnics that were full of joy.

Red flavorous berries are widely cultivated for their sweetness, nutritional values and good qualities for including them into everyday healthy diet. There are wild strawberries which you can see in the forest and so-called garden strawberries grown by man. In our article we will be talking about second kind of strawberry, because it is more often consumed and very popular.


Strawberries – widely used sweet berries

Garden sorts of strawberry came from France in the eighteenth century. In old days French peasants were taking its bines from forests to their gardens for the purpose of cultivation. It is worth saying that these berries were already appreciated by ancient Romans for their imposing advantages in medical treatment. These plants have become soon widespread, people willingly cultivated unpretentious but juicy and tasty fruits.

strawberries during pregnancyBerries were grown and eaten, sold and bought, used for dainty desserts and fruit pies. Nowadays we can eat fresh strawberries or prepared food with them such as various preserves, fruit puddings, ice creams, milkshakes, jam, sweets. Their specific aroma makes these berries widely used in perfumery and cosmetic production.

As for the exclusive healthy qualities of strawberries are numerous, this gift of nature are commonly used in herbal medicine and in systems of dietary nutrition. Generally speaking, strawberries strengthen immunity, prevent problems with heart and such diseases as diabetes and constipation and even fights cancer cell due to its great amounts of antioxidants.

Along with the above mentioned product is favorable for cosmetic use – improves state of skin, nails, helps in hair loss and obesity. Also strawberries are always good for bones and teeth and its regular consumption will boost memory and ability to be attentive. That`s not all, but you can see how different and beneficial eating strawberries is for human organism.

If we are intended to have proper balanced nutrition we should not forget about these wonderful berries. They really can be both natural remedy and delicious treat for children and adults.

Benefits of eating strawberries in pregnancy

can pregnant strawberriesAre strawberries good for pregnancy? Probably, the most essential role strawberries play is nutrition while pregnant. You just remember scenes from popular films when pregnant heroines scream for appetizing bright berries!

And that`s not in vain – plenty of folate will help in the baby’s brain, skull and spinal cord forming. There are some other benefits that will be described below.

So, what are the health benefits of eating strawberry during pregnancy? Firstly, let`s see which useful for expecting mothers are in strawberries:

  • Large amount of vitamin C – in 100 gr. pregnant can find more than the daily norm of this necessary vitamin;
  • Vitamin A, E and all that compose B group;
  • Potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc;
  • Ellagic acid and other antioxidants;
  • Natural sugars;
  • Hormone endorphin.
Strawberry is called “queen of berries” and it should be a regular be on your table if you are an expectant.

Besides its amazing taste and visual enjoy strawberries will give you the following healthy advantages:

  • As it has already been stated, strawberries are an rich source of vitamin C, which is required for normalization of blood pressure, strengtheningimmune system, and prevention of  such diseases as macular degeneration;
  • Manganese is known for its anti-inflammatory property and ability to fight free radicals that cause early aging and many diseases. It is also needed for building and maintaining of fetus`s skeleton;
  • Potassium is necessary for normal heart work of mom-to-be and it is referred to vitamin B;
  • Tasty berries are contain iodine, element which is essential for proper functioning of the brain and nervous system of the growing babies;
  • Fiber content is useful for proper work of digestive system, this element helps not to admit constipation and getting over-weight;
  • Natural sugars stimulate memory and mental activity;
  • Vitamins A and E can support your beauty while pregnant. It`s not a secret that mothers-to-be during period of childbearing often look worse – rash, acne, changing fair complexion. “Vitamins of beauty” won`t allow to troubles with appearance to spoil of such a joyful time as pregnancy. Regular eating of strawberry will help you look attractively;
  • Changes on hormonal level sometimes lead to nervousness, stresses and tearfulness. Endorphin in strawberries can really improve expecting mother`s emotional state and make her smile.

When is eating strawberries should be limited

is it possible to for pregnant strawberriesCan you eat strawberry during pregnancy? Are strawberries always safe for mothers-to-be? But as any other fruit strawberries can have and some side effects – allergic reactions which are expressed in the following symptoms:

  • skin rashes, eczema;
  • diarrhea;
  • cramps;
  • problems with breathing;
  • swelling in oral cavity;
  • nausea and vomiting.

So if you had cases of allergy it`s reasonable to eat these berries in essential amounts for your future child`s health condition. There are opinions that strawberries cause tonic effect, including on uterus muscles and it can cause miscarriage.

On the whole gynecologists agree with the statement that one should eat any fruits and vegetables but with measure and in reasonable quantities.

But in very special cases when hereditary predisposition to allergy and serious diseases take place pregnant woman should visit a doctor and find out is eating strawberries safe for her and fetus.

Fresh berries or cooking?

strawberries for pregnantHow is it better to eat strawberries? Sweet berries can be eaten fresh or be prepared according to a recipe.

Pregnant woman will probably be pleased to be offered a glass of strawberry juice. It improves appetite and this fact is very actual when mom-to-be experiences toxemia and can`t even see and smell some products.

Made in blender of fresh washed berries this drink will be a good choice for breakfast beginning.

A bowl of ripe red strawberries served with soured cream and one-two teaspoons of sugar is simple and along with that dainty treat.

Strawberry smoothie is loved by many gourmets and will make a healthy and tasty dessert for expecting mothers. The recipe is easy – one cup of low-fat strawberry yoghurt , ½ cup of orange juice, one banana and ½ cup of fresh or frozen strawberries are placed into blender and mashed until smooth condition.

Buy only good berries!

Buying strawberries pregnant women should pay attention to the following tips:

strawberries with cream and sugar

  • The most beneficial strawberries are those which were gathered not more than 48 hours ago. If to keep delicate berries in the fridge for some time, product will lose its unforgettable smell and deep taste;
  • Good berries are brightly red, smooth and shiny. And they have green “tails”;
  • Be sure that strawberries were not cultivated by using of nitrates and pesticides – harmful substances are in these berries, they can be dangerous for you. If strawberries can’t be made into juice they are chemically fertilized or genetically modified. Another feature of such berries is dark color;
  • Turkish strawberries is worth giving preference, in this country strawberry`s cultivation is on high level.


Summarizing all the above-mentioned facts we can make a conclusion about the remarkable benefits of eating strawberries. Their nutritional value should be used to the fullest in pregnancy diet but woman needs to consult with her doctor about possible limits on strawberry consumption in case of allergy and others healthy problems. And remember that overeating hurts your organism.

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