A Sweety and Juicy Watermelon During Pregnancy: Benefits and Side Effects

There is no better diet food for people suffering from atherosclerosis, diabetes, arthritis, gout than watermelon and watermelon juice. Pulp and the juice of the berry are useful for people of all ages.

During pregnancy the hunger level of women sharply increases. This may be explained by the fact that future mothers are trying to fill their body with nutrients, microelements, and vitamins.


During pregnancy a woman is subjected to swelling. Because of the propensity of swelling in the last weeks of pregnancy, the amount of liquid should not exceed 1-1.2 liters a day, and in some cases – 800 milliliters. Here a watermelon comes to the rescue.

But if you have kidney stones, you should be very careful eating the striped berry.

Can pregnant women eat a watermelon?

watermelon during pregnancyThe watermelon is useful to all people without exception. This berry makes it easier for catarrhal diseases, relieve ague and fever. Watermelon is recommended for chronic liver disease and gallstones.

The pulp of the watermelon relieves pain in cystitis, help to cope with diuresis (urinary incontinence). The berry has a large number of beneficial effects such as moisturizing the skin, restoring its elasticity, bleaching and output pigmentation, improves the complexion, plus helps people with diabetes. Moreover, the watermelon aroma relaxes and relieves stress.

Benefits of watermelon during pregnancy

Watermelon can be during pregnancyIs watermelon good for pregnancy? What are the health benefits of eating a watermelon during pregnancy? The watermelon is very useful berry for every person, especially for pregnant women. Its red pulp contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, PP, folic acid, minerals (magnesium, potassium, digestible iron, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, fluoride, copper, iodine, cobalt), organic acids, cellulose, and others healthy substances.

Vitamin C and the potassium protect the heart from overload. As a source of the vitamin C the watermelons can also be recommended in case of anemia and vitamin deficiency. The fruit also stops hair loss, which could be caused by vitamin deficiency and depression. High content of fiber in the fruit ensures correct operation of the intestine, hence improves digestion. Fiber in the watermelon is soft so it works very nicely.

Doctors not only do not prohibit but also recommend for all pregnant women to eat a watermelon. Here is a list of additional beneficial effects of watermelon consumption on a daily basis:

  1. The watermelon helps to eliminate excess fluid from the organism, thus helping people to prevent edema.
  2. The berry clears the body from waste products, toxins, harmful salt, and kidney stones.
  3. The watermelon improves metabolism and helps digestive system.
  4. This berry may prevent constipation.
  5. Because of the high iron content of the watermelon it helps with iron deficiency anemia. (Everyone knows that hemoglobin level decreases during pregnancy, and it is the normal only in this case.)
  6. The watermelon has beneficial effect on the nervous system.
  7. Finally, the berry supplies a handful amount of nutrients to a future mother and the fetus.

A dangerous watermelon

watermelon in the 40th week of pregnancyIs eating a watermelon healthy for pregnancy? Often the watermelon contain prohibitively large amount of the nitrates, a very dangerous chemical compounds that are able to spread throughout the blood system of a mother and thereby reach a developing fetus.

It should be kept in mind that artificially grown watermelons usually have a high level of nitrates that may lead to abnormal development of a fetus. That why such fruits are prohibited to future mothers! The safest part of the watermelon is the pulp. Leave the peel around 2-3 cm. of the pulp.

It is best to eat the watermelon separately from other drinks and food, to avoid such negative effects like disruptive work of intestine and enhanced formation of gases, that in a case of pregnant women may lead to a stomachache.

Since the watermelon accelerates intestinal peristalsis, the misuse of it may result in developing diarrhea, and therefore a large amount of liquid loss (especially in combination with a diuretic influence of the watermelon on the organism).

Side effects of watermelon during pregnancy

who dreamed of a watermelon before pregnancyAs described above, consumption of the watermelon is allowed for all people. Moreover, regular consumption of the watermelon juice has a therapeutic effect on people with diseases of endocrine system. Is eating watermelon safe during pregnancy?

However, prior to considering a regular consumption of a watermelon and its juice a pregnant woman has to visit a doctor to ensure that the following is avoided:

  1. Individual intolerance
  2. Periods of exacerbations of chronic diseases
  3. The watermelon juice is not recommended to combine with other juices for restoration activities for the kidneys, and chronic liver disease
  4. The watermelons are not recommended for pancreatitis, phosphate kidney stones, and flatulence.

This berry cannot get carried away, because it has a strong diuretic effect, so that sleepless night will occur. Ask your doctor about a safe amount for you to eat at one time: for some is advised 700-800 g, for others are told no more than 2 pieces.

To eat watermelon without causing any harm to the body, it is necessary to know how to select, store and also to eat it.

How to choose a right watermelon?

watermelon dream for pregnancyFirst of all, you can buy the watermelons only in the season of their ripening. In the United States of America early varieties of the berry gather in the middle of July, the majority of varieties are ripen in the end of summer and early fall.

And even in this period, you are not immune from the acquisition of generously flavored watermelon nitrates.

There are a few tips to recognize a bad watermelon.

  1. The larger and the easier the watermelon the riper it.
  2. Dry peduncle is a sign of ripeness.
  3. Bright spot on the side of the watermelon should be yellow or even orange.
  4. If the nail pierces the skin of the watermelon easily the fruit is raw.
  5. If having rubbed the peel you will feel the smell of freshly cut grass, the fruit is not ripe.
  6. When tapped on the surface a bad watermelon emits a muffled sound as that of a deflated ball (and not as from the hollow container).
  7. When compressed the watermelon does not crackle, but on the contrary, it seems soft.
  8. In the section of the pure normal nitrate free watermelon is a little unevenly colored. However, it should refrain from buying the sliced watermelon, because microbes enter in the openly berry and begin to quickly multiply in the sugar-rich medium.
  9. A piece of a nitrate watermelon is almost perfectly smooth.
  10. Veinlets should be thin and white, hard and yellowish veins are not a good sign.
  11. In addition, having thrown a piece of the pulp in a glass of water you can check the quality of the watermelon. If the water will turn into pink or red, do not even try the berry.
Do not forget that before cutting the watermelon, you should well wash it with the soap under running water. Half-eaten watermelon can be stored only in the refrigerator and for not more than a day.

Always should take precautions. The watermelon is not to be eaten at occurrence of barely perceptible sour taste. Once you feel that something is wrong after eating watermelon – just drink a lot of absorbent and water.

The ways of consumption

is it possible to watermelon during pregnancyMany people like to eat the watermelon with a piece of bread. In this case, white bread is more preferably, because with the black bread the watermelon may provoke the exacerbation of gastric diseases and disorders.

Inexperienced gourmet does not represent that the watermelon can be eaten not only by itself. Paradoxically, this berry can be combined with anything. A wonderful summer salad can get from the watermelon.

For its preparation you need to cut into cubes of the watermelon and cottage cheese, then spice with dressing (such as olive oil or arugula). It would be a good idea to add a handful of pine nuts.

You can also marinate the watermelon and to eat it in the winter. But this dish is not for everybody.

In addition to it you may try to slice a spanish jamon into a watermelon. The combination of spicy meat with juicy sweet pulp will seem delightful.

Extremals like spice a slice of the watermelon with lemon juice!

How to drink the watermelon juice?

Watermelon is useful in pregnancyTo ensure appearance of beneficial effects from drinking watermelon juice during pregnancy it should be consumed with small sips half an hour before meal or an hour or two after. The juice should be absorbed in the mouth. Then necessarily rinse your mouth with clean water, as the tooth enamel is damaged by fruit acids.

To sum up, the watermelon is very a tasty and useful berry. But it can be a dangerous for people who suffer from stomach related disorders and colitis, as well as for people with urinary incontinence.

The main thing is you should not drink any liquids immediately after having food. The recommended amount of daily consumption of the juice for adults can be up to three liters.

Seasonal watermelon is recommended for all people for general health promotion and treatment of specific diseases, but if it is possible, it is best to eat homemade, not chemically treated watermelons.

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