Women’s Little Ways – Craving Sweets During Pregnancy

Women's Little Ways - Craving Sweets During Pregnancy

It is widely known that during pregnancy a woman’s food habits can change dramatically and craving for sweets is not an exception. A mom-to-be may turn to a real sweet-tooth.

And in this particular article we will discuss why does it happen and is it safe enough to eat more sweet things during pregnancy?



Main reason of eating sweets during pregnancyWhy am I craving sweets during pregnancy? From the scientific point of view it is not from some special need in an organism, but from a pure desire to uplift the mood.

The thing is that in usual conditions a woman has to stick to some limitation in terms of her diet, whereas during pregnancy the limitations are gone, since no one can blame her for what she’s started eating, looking to the taste “changes” graciously. Alas, this habit may be harmful; eating sweets during pregnancy can have baleful consequences.

Pros and cons

There is no doubt that eating too many sweets during pregnancy can lead to negative consequences and in this part we will discuss almost all of them. First of all, because of craving sweets in early pregnancy, both you and your fetus may gain extra weight due to high intake of simple carbohydrates.

Pros and cons of craving sweet things in early pregnancyThis will complicate delivery and result in obesity of the child. Secondly, craving for sweets during pregnancy increases the level of sucrose in blood, which heightens the feeling of exhaustion and lethargy.

Thirdly, due to craving sweet foods during pregnancy, a baby can easily form a habit to eat too many sweets and become a sweet-tooth in future. Furthermore, artificial sweeteners which can be found in some sweets are very detrimental, so a matter called saccharin can cross a placenta and may remain in fetal tissue.

Nevertheless, if you eat sweets without this sweetener, it is pretty safe, though you should mind quantity: a pregnant woman can safely consume nothing more than 450 grams of carbohydrates a day during the first half of her pregnancy period and 350-450 during the second one.

The only advantage of craving sweet things in pregnancy is that they can perk up woman’s mood, which is essential for both her and her child.

So, as you can see the habit of eating too much sweets during pregnancy has negative impact not only on mom’s health but also on baby’s.

Black chocolate

What to do if lady has a habit of eating more sweets during pregnancy? Luckily, for people who has sweet cravings in pregnancy, there is one particular dessert which is not only safe but also very healthy for a pregnant woman – black chocolate.

Black chocolate during pregnancyBlack chocolate contains antioxidants which neutralize free acids that cause cell death. Besides, eating chocolate can ease your stress and lower blood pressure.

Also it contains calcium that contributes to bone health. The usefulness of chocolate is specific to cocoa solids, the mixture of cocoa butter, sugar and milk.

Because dark chocolate contains more cocoa solids, it is considered healthier than milk chocolate. Apart from that, dark chocolate is rich in vitamins B1, B2, PP, provitamin A, magnesium, potassium, sodium and iron, which are prerequisite for developing baby’s body.

However, the chocolate also has caffeine, which is dangerous in large amounts for a pregnant woman and her baby, not to mention the fact that any chocolate share all disadvantages of other sweets, listed above. Daily consumption of caffeine should not exceed 200 mg, which is contained in about 1 oz of dark chocolate.

What confection can be replaced with?

What to do if you crave sweets during pregnancy? The further your pregnancy progresses, the more you should set confection aside.

For example, it can be replaced with dried or candied fruits and frozen berries; sugar can be changed for honey. Honey improves uterine blood circulation, which reduces risk of miscarriage and fetus hypoxia. Besides it can remedy cold-related diseases (esp. white honey), nausea and constipation.

Unless allergic, you can eat up to 2 tablespoons a day. Some women suffer from nausea after eating sweets in pregnancy, but if they replace dessert on honey, they do not feel discomfort anymore.
The products which contain vitamins, pectin, fiver and antioxidants:

    What confection can be replaced with?

  • prune;
  • raisins;
  • dried apricots;
  • apples.

If mixed with honey and nuts, they make a healthy dessert, which raise hemoglobin level and improve digestion, though consumption of this mixture should be limited within one tablespoon a day.
Sometimes you can indulge in lighter desserts, such as:

  • fruit jelly;
  • jam;
  • marshmallow;
  • crackers of mixed grain and whole wheat.

Also, you can eat healthy sweets for pregnancy such as:

  • fresh sweet veggies;
  • fruits;
  • berries.
Fresh fruits, berries and sweet veggies can serve as a good natural replacement of the confection, but, unlike confection, they can be consumed in higher amount. Smoothies, juice and salads are considered the lightest sweets you can have.

Surprisingly, not only sweets can be a replacement for sweets. The point is that sometimes an apathy, which makes a pregnant woman to munch candies, can be caused by B vitamins and magnesium shortage.

The B vitamins be can be found in:

    Pregnant woman is eating fruits

  • liver;
  • eggs;
  • fish;
  • nuts;
  • meat;
  • brown rice.


  • oatmeal;
  • broccoli;
  • rice;
  • beef.

are rich in magnesium.

How to avoid consuming sweets at all?

More importantly, pleasant pastime and physical exercises can also be helpful in uplifting one’s mood. For example, you can do some yoga or swimming, listen to music, go for a walk and talk to people you love. This may well save you from eating lots of sweets during pregnancy.


All in all, sweets are definitely not deadly during pregnancy, though its consumption should be limited, especially in the late period, confection can be superseded with fruits, veggies and berries (fresh or dried) and sugar can be changed for honey. One of the healthiest desserts is dark chocolate.

After all, sometimes a burning fire of sweet craving can be extinguished by food rich in B vitamins and magnesium or just a pleasant pastime.

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