Nutritious Diet: Eating Dried Fruits During Pregnancy

Nutritious Diet: Eating Dried Fruits During PregnancyDried fruits – an indispensable source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber and fructose that are necessary for correct body functioning and sound health. It is notorious that dried fruits should play a significant part in a daily diet of a pregnant woman – they will provide a mother-to-be with essential elements, securing a faultless fetal development.

So, as you can see there is no doubt that eating dried fruits during pregnancy will be useful for both mother and kid, and in the following article we will be speaking about not only beneficial features of it but also contraindications that should be taken into account.



Dried fruits in a boxIs dried fruit good for pregnancy? Yes, dried fruits should play a significant role in daily diet of a pregnant woman, because they possess a range of essential healthy substances necessary not only for a mother-to-be, but also for a future kid:

  1. They satisfy a body with necessary vitamins: B1-B9, C, PP, E, K, H and provitamin A.
  2. Dried fruits are rich in following microelements: calcium, magnesium, chrome, potassium, cuprum, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, sodium and ferrum.
  3. They contain a necessary substance called fiber that can secure a faultless work of digestive organs.
  4. Dried fruits are a source of amino acids.
  5. These fruits have antioxidants.
  6. They are able to appease hunger effectively.
Advice: that is known that many expectant mothers suffer from constipation and other digestion problems, so, 100 gr of dried fruits a day is highly recommended because of their huge content of fiber (especially, dried plums).

Dried fruits are able to satisfy a body of a future mother and her baby with essential vitamins and microelements, but also can solve some unpleasant health conditions that can appear during pregnancy: morning sickness, heartburn, digestion problems, leg cramps, swelling, sleeplessness, anxiety, deterioration of hair and nails.

What dry fruits to eat during pregnancy? Which dry fruit is good for health during pregnancy? What dry fruits are good during pregnancy? There is one meaning in all 3 questions as well as one answer. There are many lists of dry fruits to eat during pregnancy and here are some of the most popular and useful ones.

Pregnant woman eats dried fruitsFor example, raisins are an indispensable source of vitamin B. This vitamin is responsible for proper work of nervous system, restoration and development of muscular tissue, build a good mood and prevent sleeplessness.

Dates are able to enrich a mother’s-to-be body with important building material – protein. Dates are highly advisable for consumption not only during child bearing, but also during reconstructive process after delivery: dates are able to intensify and extend lactation.

Eating dried fruits during pregnancy such as plums can solve a problem of constipation, clean the bowels, enrich a body with ferrum. Besides, dried plums will help to fight infectious diseases. Dried apricots are an important source of potassium. These fruits are good for pregnant because they are able to improve cardiac muscle and to heighten the level of hemoglobin.

Figs will help to fight cardiovascular illnesses and bronchial asthma. They produce a soft diuretic, anti-inflammatory and sudorific action. Dried apples and pears contains boracium that is necessary for correct work of the brains.

Be careful! In spite of a huge range of necessary vitamins and microelements, expectant mothers should eat dried fruits with caution: they contain a lot of sugars and starches.

What about best dry fruits during pregnancy? You will be surprised but each dry fruit is good for health and everything depends on your taste and preferences. So, as you can see there is a strong connection between dried fruit and pregnancy, now let’s take a look on another interesting theme – dry fruits “obsession”.

Craving dried fruits

A strong desire for eating some particular kind of food during pregnancy is rather a common thing. It does not necessarily mean that you have some health problems with your body or the body of your future child. Such “obsession” of dry fruits during pregnancy can indicate, that your organism just need some vitamins that are contained in the fruits: vitamin C (the most common), vitamin A, PP, E, B, K, H or some necessary microelements.

Recommendation: if you want to eat dry fruits in pregnancy, mind, that eating more than 100 grams of such fruits a day can cause you some unpleasant side effects, the most common – constipation, due to a big amount of fiber.


A bunch of different dried fruitsDried fruits are able to supply an expectant mother and her baby with necessary vitamins, microelement and other healthy substances, also, that can help a pregnant to fight such unpleasant healthy conditions, as morning sickness, heartburn, digestion problems, leg cramps, swelling, sleeplessness, anxiety, deterioration of hair and nails. There are many dry fruit benefits during pregnancy but here we will be speaking about the most popular ones.

The king of dried fruits is a date (it is also the safest and healthy dried fruit for pregnant). This dried fruit will be extremely useful for mothers-to-be because it contains all necessary vitamins (except vitamin E and biotin). Particularly dates are rich in vitamin B5 that will help to heighten an overall vitality.

Dates contain 23 types of different amino acids that are absent in other dried fruits. It was proved, that dates contain special substances that strengthen womb walls. Also, dates are rich in calcium that will help to build future baby’s skeleton and improve mother’s nails and hair.

Warning! All dried fruits are safe and healthy during pregnancy if they are eaten carefully.

Possible Side Effects and Contraindications

Can I eat dry fruits in pregnancy? Yes, if you if you do not belong to the categories of the people that are in the list below.

Though dry fruits are good for pregnancy, their consumption can have some individual contraindications, such as follows:

  • allergic reactions;
  • diabetes (dried fruits contain a lot of sugars that can raise a level of sugar in blood);
  • obesity (and again – because of huge amount of sugar and starches).

For these people, eating dry fruits during pregnancy could be dangerous, so be careful!

Daily consumption

How to eat dry fruits during pregnancy? It is highly advisable to eat no more than 100 grams of dried fruits a day, and there are also some rules that will help you to get the maximum of health benefits for your body and for your developing child:

  1. Dried fruits – very concentrated product, so they should be consumed moderately.
  2. Before eating, dried fruits should be properly washed with water to get rid of possible chemical substances that were used during drying.
  3. Daily portion of dried fruits for pregnant woman

  4. Some types of dried fruits are rather hard, so they are better to put in boiling water for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Dried fruits should be consumed before midday because of their high caloricity. You are better to eat dried fruits between your main meal or as your breakfast.
  6. Dried fruits can be consumed in form of compote: just pour some boiling water into sauce pan and add your favorite dried fruits. Tightly close a pan and wait for 30 minutes – fruits will give all their healthy substances to the water. Such a drink can be consumed all day long.
  7. Add dried fruits to your morning porridge or mix them with cereals to make an extremely healthy mixture for your morning meal. Add some milk or honey to make the taste even more pleasant.
  8. It is possible to make candies from different dried fruits: just put dried fruit into mincing machine and then make balls that can be rolled in grinded nuts, coconut flakes or sesame. Such candied can be stored in a fridge for 1-2 weeks without losing their healthy elements.
  9. If you want to eat dried fruits without any cooking as a between-meal snack, you should bear in mind, that it is better to drink it with cultured milk foods or with herbal teas.

Dried fruits are an important powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help to up the nutritional intake of an expectant mum and her future baby. Dried fruits in particular are beneficial on many accounts during pregnancy: they can enrich a body with healthy substances, improve an immune system, secure a correct development of fetus, fight unpleasant health conditions such us morning sickness, swelling, insomnia.

Nevertheless, one should bear in mind, that surfeit of any food in a daily diet (including dried fruits) can do harm both for an expectant mother and a baby. If you have some contraindications that were listed above, please, consult your doctor first!

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