Top list of best fruits for prenatal period and fruit to avoid during pregnancy

Top list of best fruits for prenatal period and fruit to avoid during pregnancyPregnant women very much need to be cared about themselves, and their babies especially. This care can be done but an assortment of things that everybody knows about.

Being nice to the woman, eating healthy food, and most definitely never drinking alcohol and smoking, even being in proximity to a smoker. Everyone knows about that, but when you ask any wanderer; “What actually is healthy food?”,- most of them will tell you something like: “I dunno… Maybe fruits, vegetables, no?”.

And they are in fact going to guess right – there’s little to none fruits that might harm your organism (not speaking of poisonous plants, they are not only not healthy for you, but eating some of them may yield a fatal result…). Nonetheless, even if fruits and vegetables are healthy, you need to know what to eat and when.

Fruits can help you with a lot of problems, including digestive problems, immunity, sicknesses and many more. But most importantly, eating fruits can also be a very beneficial thing for future mothers. So this is what we are going to speak about here.



While in pregnancy, fruits will really help you develop your child. Almost all of them have many useful and important elements, required for coordinated work of the organism.

Such elements are vitamins of different types, depending on the fruit itself. So, below is the list of all the main vitamins, where you can find them and why you need them:

  1. Vitamin A. Also one of the varieties of beta-carotene. Vast majority of fruits include it, although some have it in a much higher amount. Those are mostly tropical fruit (papaya, mango, watermelons, grapefruit etc.) and tomatoes (if you assume that they are indeed fruits). Needed for bone, immunity, hormones and mainly cell production. Essential for pregnant women.
  2. Pregnant woman with fruits

  3. Vitamins of B group. There are many of fruits there, and you can find information on the vitamins of the group everywhere. Basically all the B elements provide energy for all of your systems.
  4. A very important vitamin – C. Used in developing a strong immunity, hence it is so important. Also is used in developing collagen.

    Has a sour taste, as a result most if not all of the fruits that taste at least a bit sourish (lemons, oranges, kiwis etc.) have it. Very important for everyone, including babies.

  5. And other vitamins, such as E and K that are less important and are not essential (but recommended) for pregnant women.

As you can see you can choose the best fruit for pregnancy based on your particular needs (vitamins that are needed in each specific case). Now, when you have an idea about specific fruits to eat during pregnancy let’s speak about fruits to avoid during pregnancy.

Dangerous fruits

Unfortunately you will have to say goodbye to the following products, as they may cause you problems:

  1. Pineapple. Try to restrict yourself from eating this fruit at least during the first trimester of pregnancy, as it may cause early labor due to large quantities of Bromelain inside.
  2. Wash fruits before eating

  3. Unripe papayas are also on the list of “No-fruits”. Just as pineapple, eating papaya may result in an early labor and further problems with the baby.

    So try to resist yourself from eating this delicacy fruit when it’s unripe if you don’t want any problems. Though ripe papayas, on the other hand, are very good for you as they are rich with vitamins stated above.

  4. Unwashed and damaged fruits and vegetables. When normal adult human’s immunity can sustain a small hit (more like a “nudge”) from eating unwashed products, baby’s one can’t.

    You have to wash your fruits as well as possible before eating. It isn’t that hard really. Many people even wash them right after buying. Just use running water, no soap or anything. In terms of damaged fruits and vegetables, you have to either discard said fruit or try and cut off the damaged area(s).

This list of fruits not to eat during pregnancy. Remember these simple and useful rules. Now, when you have an idea about list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy let’s speak about good ones.

Recommended fruits

What fruits to eat during pregnancy? There are good fruits for pregnancy that are recommended for consumption. Such fruits contain folic acid, zinc, calcium and iron:

To sum up, there is no specific list of best fruits during pregnancy, just recommendations which one could be consumed which are not.

What can you eat loads of?

Some people just can’t limit themselves to a particular one thing, like eating the same old product every day. Some, on the other hand, craving fruit during pregnancy that are not good enough for this period. And as you have to restrain yourself when pregnant, it might be quite a problem.

So how do you fix it? Well, if you are lucky to find your favorite pregnancy fruit below, then you shouldn’t be worried too much!

  1. All the good-to-eat fruits above.
    Be careful! You shouldn’t eat too much of vitamin C (or in fact any other vitamin) as you risk getting supervitaminosis.
  2. Bananas.
  3. Different dry fruits.

You see, the fruits above are so good for your baby and, in fact, yourself, that they can be (and should always be) your priority. Yes, an exception appears in case you can’t eat some fruit and/or vegetables for medical reason.

Other from that, you should be completely happy whilst eating these fruits during pregnancy. Just remember to follow all the precautions also stated above in the article, and you are good to go.

Keep in mind that despite the fact that these are the best fruits to eat during pregnancy, you could have some contraindications, so consult your doctor first.

Why should you eat them?

Different delicious fruitsNow you might be wandering if all this is really required, or why is it such an important thing. Well, as natural vitamins that you receive from fruit are pretty much the only trusted way of getting said vitamins into your system, other being artificial vitamins-in-capsules.

You may ask: “Why not use them, right?” Sure, if you have an urgent problem of avitaminosis and need vitamins FAST then it’s a good idea.

Other from that – why should you use the artificial way, when there’s a much healthier one. Especially if you are caring a child, which is very sensitive to entirely anything artificial.

Also, fruits are really delicious and have a great potential. While they do care vitamins, some of them (as said before) include zinc, iron, calcium and, most importantly, folic acid, needed for your child’s circulatory system.

Possible side effects

First, make sure there are no fruits that you are totally restricted to eating by a doctor just ask him: “What fruits not to eat during pregnancy or to avoid in your specific case?”. Obviously, you shouldn’t eat them for your own reason, might it be an allergy, or a chronic disease, doesn’t mat-ter.

There’s a full set of rules considering what you can’t eat and why, and it’s even longer for pregnant women. But in simple words – eating too little means avitaminosis, too much – supervit-amisosis. Though it is much harder to get avita/supervitaminosis by eating fruits, than if you con-sume artificial vitamins.

Also, anything that contains too much mercury, or a possible source of bacteria. Never eat cold and soft cheeses and/or meat as they might contain it as well. Also it is not good to drink caffeine, as well as it is restricted to drink alcohol for the same reason.

When to eat?

Pregnancy fruitsYour eating timetable doesn’t have to be too complicated – everything is as simple as rain. Eat healthy fruits for pregnancy throughout the day a bit more often, than normally. Regulate an average amount of vitamins you consume and everything will be fine!

Though just keep in mind the common sense as well – everything is much better digested in the day, and not at night. So please, try and not eat too much at dusk. Though you can take a bit before sleeping, as fruits are easier to digest into vitamins and other elements, than such products like meat etc.

Useful video

This video will provide useful information about 10 nutritious fruits that could be eaten during pregnancy:


In conclusion we need to say, that pregnancy diet isn’t that hard, but on the contrary – it’s very simple. The list of restricted foods is not long, although might be crushing for some. Though you have to understand the importance of vitamins and the fact that most of them are concentrated in fruits, and that you need to eat as many as possible of them (but not too much as well, as we have already discovered).

And remember – everything you do, you do for the baby. If you eat healthy fruits – the baby eats them. But if you eat fast-food and drink, please forbid, alcohol – then it’s your baby who drinks it. So big thanks to You for reading!

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