Benefits of Eating Apples During Pregnancy

A woman’s everyday life changes dramatically during pregnancy. Everything becomes totally different now, especially taste preferences. Apples are one of the most popular and incredibly healthy fruits in the world for which pregnant women are often experiencing inexplicable cravings. Apples are very useful for pregnant woman.

Is it good or bad and what facts every pregnant lady should learn about these yummy and crispy fruits?


What is inside?

An apple contains 80 % of water, about 12% carbohydrates, 10% – organic acids, and only 1% or less of fat and proteins. It is no coincidence that many healthy diets are based on these fruits: they have only 43-47 calories per 0, 2 lbs (100 g). Also apples contain vitamin C, B1, B3, E, H, K, PP and pectin, which remove harmful substances of all kinds from the body.

1In addition, these juicy fruits contain large amounts of the following macro- and microelements:

  • iron, an element, totally necessary to keep the circulatory system in order;
    potassium, excellent for the heart;
  • calcium, essential for the maintenance of bones, nails and teeth in a flawless condition;
  • phosphorus – promotes the calcium absorption;
  • sodium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, fluorine – all these elements are priceless for mothers and babies.
Even after a prolonged storage the amount of vitamins in apples are decreasing very slowly, so the fruits of last year’s crop are almost as beneficial as totally fresh.

Benefits of apples for moms

Are apples good for pregnancy? What are the health benefits of eating apple fruits during pregnancy? There are at least 7 compelling reasons why apples are essential for those who’re expecting a baby:

  • these fruits strengthen the hair, nails, nervous system, make women more resistant to stress and various infections especially such as a common cold and seasonal influenza;
  • apples, especially baked, “work” as a laxative and can be very useful in fighting with such a delicate and distressing problem as constipation;
  • 5

  • green sour apples can effectively cope with severe heartburn – it’s enough to eat 2-3 slices before going to bed to feel almost an immediate relief;
  • due to a high amount of iron these fruits reduce the risk of anemia development;
  • apples lower the blood pressure and thus unquestionably reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia;
  • B3 and B1 vitamins mildly and naturally dilate blood vessels, and that allows expectant mothers to forget about headaches and migraines;
  • just 1 apple per day can protect future babies from developing asthma, dermatitis, eczema and food allergies.
Fresh apples contain more vitamin C than oranges and lemons, though unlike citrus fruits, apples do not cause allergies in the fetus.

If the mother during pregnancy ate too many oranges, her baby may be born with an allergic rash. This disturbing thing will never happen, if the mother preferred apples.

Precautions and Potential Risks

Pregnant women who suffer from various allergies shouldn’t eat too many red and yellow apples as they tend to cause allergic reactions more often than green ones. Those who suffer from diabetes and heart diseases shouldn’t eat sweet fruits. Those diagnosed with gastritis and peptic ulcers, unfortunately have to avoid these divine fruits in any form.

2It is required to be very cautious about apple seeds. On one hand they are full of useful iodine; on the other hand they include hydrocyanic acid that can be a hazardous poison in huge amounts. A safely daily “doze” is 3-4 seeds, but no more.

It’s not recommended to consume fresh apples with other products, especially bread or pastries, as it leads to increased gas production. For the same reason it’s not recommended washing down the apples with water or other beverages immediately after the meal.

The recommended safe amount for pregnant women is 3-4 small fruits a day taken 2-3 hours before any meal. Before changing a diet you should consult with your gynecologist.

It should be borne in mind that the sugar and fruit acids in apples can harm tooth enamel badly, and in fact pregnant women are already prone to tooth decay.

How to avoid unplanned visits to a dentist: before eating cut apples into thin slices, and after a meal rinse your mouth or brush your teeth. Afterwards you also can have a small piece of cheese – it contains calcium which neutralizes fruit acids.

Delicious and Healthy Apple Snacks

It’s not obligatory to eat only fresh apples during the whole 9 months of expectation – it can be repetitive, even disappointing. But there is a great selection of mouth-watering apple snacks and meals which will make happy and strong every future mom:

  1. Drink a glass of fresh apple juice twice a day. It quenches thirst perfectly, helps in fighting with colds and tonsillitis, increases body tonus. It’s also essential for ladies suffering from anemia. You can mix it with other juices, for instance, with carrot juice in the ratio 50/50. Don’t forget to clean your mouth and teeth to avoid tooth problems. A glass of juice contains only 46 calories.
  2. Baked apples. The good thing about them is that they are absorbed by the organism much easier than raw ones. The bad thing – after 30-40 min in the oven they contain a little less minerals and vitamins than their fresh “buddies”. Still baked apples remain extremely useful for ladies suffering from constipation, dysbacteriosis and other stomach problems while carrying a baby. They also efficiently remove toxins from the body. Besides baked apples can cure a dry cough. Just cooked in oven without fillings they have 47 calories, with honey or sugar – 90 calories.
  3. 3

  4. Dried apples are remarkably rich in fiber, iron, carbohydrates, but sadly contain a very low amount of vitamin C. Still that doesn’t mean they are worthless! Dried fruits are a valuable source of carbohydrates providing more energy, but don’t forget: 1 dried apple contains 240 calories. They also cure morning sickness and, unlike fresh fruits, are harmless to teeth.
  5. Some apple puree can be superior not only for little babies, but for future mothers too. If you suffer from constipation, just eat in the morning 0, 4 lbs (about 200 g) yummy, juicy and subtle puree – and your delicate problem will be solved.
  6. Homemade applesauce. It tastes extremely delicious with pork chops or chicken breasts. Also it tastes absolutely gorgeous with pancakes, cottage cheese, some Greek yogurt or raisins.
  7. And finally, soothing and refreshing – a nice cup of flavored apple tea! Just make a cup of your usual favorite tea – black or green, cut a fruit into small slices and put into your cup. Wait 3-5 min, add 1-2 tsp honey and drink with pleasure.

So these fruits are a wonderful, appetizing and nutritious replacement for cakes and high calorie desserts, and that’s very important for moms, who don’t want to gain weight excessively while carrying a baby. And this is another superb reason to include them in every pregnant lady’s diet.

Though despite an old adage an apple per day probably won’t keep all the doctors away, it still will allow reducing contacts with them to a possible minimum. Every conscious and caring mother should remember that the daily consumption of fruits in the right amounts is a key to an easy pregnancy.

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