Exotic Alligator Pear: Benefits of Avocado Pear During Pregnancy

Probably everybody knows well freakish, pear-shaped, dark green fruit called avocado. Avocado or alligator pear is botanically related to large berries with a single seed, but most people used to consider avocado as a fruit.

Due to its high storage life and food value avocado gained the popularity and became commercially cultivated predominantly in tropical or Mediterranean climate conditions. The avocado evergreen tree is originated from Mexico, its history is traced to the wild undomesticated trees with small black-skinned fruits.


These fruits were widely planted in Central and Source America, and then they were brought to Indonesia, Australia, Africa and some other countries. Now avocado is appreciated for its pleasant taste and nutritious qualities and widely used in culinary.

Avocado`s taste resembles the delicate flavour of butter with fresh greens or cedar nuts. Hostesses add these fruits in salads, snacks, sandwiches. Avocado is good in combination with red fish, meat and other fruits.

In different recipes it plays role of a zest. The fleshy part when it is ripen, is usually soft, bold in taste and gives feeling of saturation.

Unusual fruit with long storage life

avocados during pregnancyAborigines called avocado “forest butter” and not without reason, this fruit contained a lot of natural fats. But these fats are easily digested because of large amount of unsaturated fatty acids. If you have bought an avocado and found it solid, don`t be disappointed.

Avocado has a property to ripen in the fridge. It needs to be put into a dark place for a few days or a week and then you will be able to enjoy the delicious taste of avocado. Be attentive while peeling avocado – its skin, seed and leaves contains persin – toxin which is dangerous both for people and animals. This substance can cause allergic reactions and digestive disorders.

Health benefits of avocado pear during pregnancy

avocado pregnantIs avocado pear good for pregnancy? Expecting mother should add to her pregnant nutrition various products, satisfied to necessary level of food value as well as richness in vitamins and good taste characteristics.

This is a reason to include pear-shaped fruits in menu during the period of childbearing. Eating avocado during pregnancy can give the following range of advantages:

  1. Vitamins В, А, Е, С, К are included in avocado structure. You can see how rich the set of vitamins in this fruit is. Vitamin C supports the immune system and moms-to-be should not forget that during flu season. Vitamin B prevents development of anemia and vitamin E protects organism from viruses.
  2. Fat acids in avocado are needed for fetus development to full value – they are useful in forming its nervous system, brain, locomotorium, bones.
  3. Folic acid included in green exotic fruits prevents development of baby`s congenital defects. It is extremely important for prophylactic of miscarriage.
  4. Magnesium, phosphor, copper, sodium, potassium – minerals containing in avocado are numerous. These elements make a positive effect on heart functioning, immune system, nervous system, sight.
  5. avocado oil during pregnancy

  6. Avocado has one more actual aspect for expecting mothers. We know that straight marks are constant companions of women in pregnancy. It is rather uneasy to avoid of their appearance. And the substances containing in avocado have moisturizing and soothing, healing and nourishing properties. That is why nourishing avocado masks can help in problems with straights marks. All you need – mashed avocado mixed with olive oil. Apply this mask for 15 minutes and then wash it off using warm water.
  7. Avocado reduces the blood pressure. Citruses nave similar effect.
  8. Alligator pear can be a good remedy for constipation.
  9. This unusual tasty fruit helps to overcome symptoms of toxemia. If pregnant woman feels morning sickness she should eat a slice of avocado for improvement of general condition.
  10. Avocado is a unique natural antioxidant.
  11. Avocado oil assists in cosmetology when it touches the problem of wrinkles and lentigo.
  12. Avocado fruits normalize heart function.
  13. When scientists made their researches on avocado`s benefits there were no negative influences of this fruit on carrying pregnancy. Avocado was found generally safe for mothers-to-be.

Some measures of precaution are always needed

Avocado can be pregnantAre there any contraindications to eating avocado?


  1. Pregnant women with citrus allergy should not consume this product.
  2. If mother-to-be has intolerance to this fruit avocados are under a ban too.
  3. Avocado` seeds are not eatable, even more – they are poisonous! But you can plant this big seed into the flower pot and after some time admire amazing sight of exotic avocado`s tree.
Don`t forget that avocado should not be eaten in large quantities. And if new products lead you to digestive problems it`s better not to do experiment during childbearing.

Ideas for cooking

is it possible to for pregnant avocadoHow to use avocado during pregnancy? You can eat its slices simply if you want or add avocado in salads. Try to make bright fruit salad with creams and avocado. Chop 1 orange, 1 apple and 1 banana and add slices of 1 avocado. Add some creams and mix.

There are great variety of salads, you can make them according to your own recipes and choose any fruits you like.

One more tasty and healthy recipe for expecting mothers – grate flesh of avocado or mash it in blender and then add finely chopped garlic and a bit of sault. Put the prepared mass on slices of bread. You`ll have yummy super-vitaminic sandwiches!

Puree made of avocado flesh and some creams will be a dainty sauce for your rice or chicken.

If you have never tried avocado yet, begin with a small slice. It is needed to except the risk of allergy. Avocado allergy takes place rarely, but it`s better to make sure you have not such a problem. If you feel well, this fruit can be eaten.

How to choose the right avocado?

How useful avocado for pregnantIf you will buy the avocados for an immediate purpose, it’s better you choose ripe, ready-to-eat dark fruits.

However, if you are buying the avocados in advance, you can give preference to the firm types, and ripen them at home.

A ripe avocado is soft and it will yield to the gentle pressure, but will not be too squishy.

Avocados that are shiny and very smooth are not yet ripe enough.

Dark green or purplish-black fruits should be chosen if you want to eat them immediately.

In conclusion we can say that these exotic fruits have caught the fancy of many mothers-to-be through their original taste and richness in vitamins. Including avocados in your pregnancy diet will make you beautiful and healthy, it also provide your growing baby with beneficial elements. Enjoy delicious avocado and be strong and cheerful during pregnancy!

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