Juicy Grapefruit During Pregnancy: Natural Source of Vitamin C for Moms

Eating natural food, containing necessary vitamins and minerals, is of great importance for a future mom. Juicy grapefruits with semi-sweet pink pulp are a perfect source of such elements as potassium, calcium, magnesium, folic acid.

Just half of a fruit covers the day’s allowance of vitamin C, which is vital for your immunity during pregnancy! Grapefruits are also rich with fiber, lycopene, organic acids, fructose, phytoncide.


Grapefruit got its name for the impressive bunches with 10-12 big fruits reminding huge grapes on highcitrus trees. They were first noticed by travelers in Barbados in the XVIII century. In the beginning of the XX century they gained popularity all over the world. Nowadays more than 1,500,000 metric tons of this healthy fruit are annually produced in The United States!

To get all the benefits and avoid harm of eating grapefruits during pregnancy you should learn about the therapeutic indication of grapefruit nutrition, its possible contraindications and side effects and the best ways of choosing and eating grapefruits.

Therapeutic indication for grapefruit nutrition: the benefits of grapefruits during pregnancy

Grapefruit during pregnancyWhat are the health benefits of eating grapefruit during pregnancy? It helps strengthen the body, cope with such problems as edema and insomnia and prevent constipation, waterbrash and diabetes of pregnant women.

  • Various minerals and vitamins protect the immunity of a pregnant woman. During developing a baby your body resistance is decreased and needs extra protection. Eating grapefruits with high vitamin C helps your immune system fight off diseases.
  • Grapefruits are efficient against edema due to their diuretic action. Drinking a glass of grapefruit juice helps excrete not only extra liquid, but also salt deposits and toxins.
  • Eating a few segments of grapefruit right before going to sleep can be helpful to cope with insomnia. The fruit helps settle your nerves and fall asleep quickly.
  • Grapefruit is a perfect food for diabetes prevention. It helps regulate the level of insulin in the blood, which affects all the organism in a positive way.
  • Citrus fruit increase appetite and improve the alimentary canal work, preventing constipation and waterbrash. Due to the ability to lower cholesterol, especially because of high levels of soluble fiber and pectin, red grapefruit also keeps your weight under control.

We also have interesting articles about another citrus: lemon, orange and tangerines during pregnancy.

Can grapefruit nutrition do harm for the mom or the future baby?

Is grapefruit always healthy (safe) during pregnancy? But in spite of numerous useful properties of grapefruit, there are several restrictions, that you should know about. First, it’s prohibited to eat more than half of a fruit every day to avoid hypervitaminosis.

Excess vitamin C is also dangerous! Some research associate miscarriage with excess ascorbic acid in the body. At least don’t combine grapefruit with extra vitamin C in pill form.

Eating grapefruits is also prohibited if you suffer from some hepatic or kidney diseases or if you accept some medicine.

Whether it is possible in pregnancy grapefruitSome people think that because of its acidic taste grapefruit can increase acidity in the body. That’s a wrong belief, because vegetables and fruit are exactly the food that creates alkaline environment, and citrus fruit are not an exception.

Still it’s not recommended to drink grapefruit juice on an empty stomach not to harm the mucous coat of stomach.

The other fears about eating grapefruits during pregnancy are connected with food allergy. But physicians say that if you didn’t suffer from allergy before, it is unlikely to appear during pregnancy.

Contraindications and interactions with medicine

Eating grapefruits is prohibited in case of the following diseases:

  • stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • hepatitis;
  • cystitis;
  • other chronic diseases of liver and kidneys.

Grapefruit can cause negative interactions with medicine or block its effectiveness. If you accept any medicine you should consult the doctor before eating grapefruit.

How to choose a wholesome grapefruit?

There are numerous varieties of grapefruits with pink, red and white pulp. The taste of the fruit differs from acidic to sweet. The most popular varieties are Ruby Red, Star Ruby. White Marsh and others. You can choose the variety to your taste as all of them have similar benefits for pregnants.

Looking for a grapefruit in a store pay attention to its skin: there shouldn’t be any soft spots. To get one with a thinner skin choose a medium large fruit with big weight.

Ways of eating grapefruit

Benefits grapefruit in pregnancyAlong with eating the fresh fruit you can cook fresh juice, smoothie or a fruit salad with grapefruit. You can combine grapefruit with other fruit to make healthy juice cocktails:

  • Grapefruit, orange and lemon – nice cocktail to recuperate after a hard day;
  • Grapefruit and apple – tasty juice for weight reduction.

Some doctors advice to add grapefruit to tea or brew grapefruit skins – you will get an invigorative warm drink, which is helpful to core with nausea in the first part of pregnancy.

Products with grapefruit: choose natural!

Many products with grapefruit can attract your attention, but be careful: not all of them are as health-giving, as the fruit itself!

You shouldn’t drink carbonated drinks with grapefruit taste as well as other beverages with lots of sugar, artificial colouring agents or food preservatives. Fresh juice with water is the best choice for the pregnant and the baby!

Chewing gum with grapefruit as any other gum can result to harm during pregnancy. It stimulates the secretion of gastric juice which can cause heartburn. It also contains many artificial ingredients, so you’d better refrain from chewing it.

As for the fruit-drop with grapefruit, pay attention to the label: if they contain only natural ingredients without sugar, you can use them to freshen breath or to slake your thirst.

Grapefruit essential oil: pleasant tips

Grapefruit in pregnancy harmIf you enjoy the grapefruit smell you can use its essential oil for aromatherapy. Add a few drops of the essential oil to a bath – it is pleasant to calm down before going to sleep. The smell improves your mood easily!

Another tip is to add 1-2 drops of grapefruit essential oil to the nourishing cream that you can use to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy. It’s important to use only natural cosmetics without dangerous ingredients.

To sum up, grapefruit can improve your mood and strengthen your body. This sunny fruit is a perfect source of vital vitamins and minerals. But if you take some medicine don’t forget to ask your doctor about possible interactions with grapefruit. If you remember the contraindications and observe precautions eating grapefruits during pregnancy will bring only health to you and the baby!

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