A Fragrant Citrus for Mothers-to-be: Benefits of Eating Lemons During Pregnancy

Lemon is a citrus fruit of ellipsoidal shape, brightly yellow, with specific fresh aroma and deep sour taste. Lemon trees are small evergreen plants which are grown in warm climate.

This interesting sort of citrus is referred to hybrids by origin. Its motherlands are India, China and Pacific Islands. But it was the Arabians who started cultivating lemon trees and spread new the fruit to other parts of the world.


This new kind of fruit gained popularity soon due to its nice smell, characteristic taste and number of beneficial qualities. Sunny fruits were already used centuries ago for treatment and prophylaxis of atherosclerosis, avitaminosis, scurvy, hypertension, digestive diseases and other poor health conditions. It is known that in the Middle Ages lemon was thought to be a saving remedy for plague, this fruit also had a reputation as an antipoison. In oriental medicine lemons were highly appreciated as an effective remedy for wounds and heart diseases.

Avicenna wrote a lot about using lemons in cure of jaundice and as tonic and strengthening remedy for pregnant women. Modern medical specialists confirm these unique properties of these yellow fruits. Lemon juice, rind and zest are widely used in culinary. Sour juice is good for making cocktails, lemonades, liqueurs; it is often used for preparing various marinades, pastry and marmalade.

Fragrant zest of the fruit adds flavor to cakes and pies, puddings, rice, and other dishes.

Sunny fruit – lifesaver while pregnant

lemon in pregnancyHaving considered all benefits of lemons, doctors recommend to expecting mothers including sour slices in pregnancy diet. These fruits are enormously rich in vitamin C – one of the most important during period of childbearing.

Quantity of this vitamin is recording in comparison with another fruits and berries. Citric acid whose amount is a big help to the solution of such acute problem like toxemia. Not without reason word “lemon” in translation from Chinese means “mother`s fruit” – it is always a good choice in nutrition of mom-to-be. Structure of this citrus contains essential elements:

  • Set of vitamins – C, B, PP;
  • Fiber;
  • Pectins and carotin;
  • Citric acid;
  • Necessary for fetus normal development minerals – calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron;

Is lemon good for pregnancy? What are the benefits of eating lemon during pregnancy? Certainly, such quantity of useful substances can`t go unnoticed that`s why lemons are an essential part in a pregnant woman`s diet. Aromatic citruses will help you out in many difficult situations. Here`s the list of lemon`s curable actions:

  • It helps to overcome toxemia. During the first trimester almost all expecting mothers feel toxemia attacks followed by nausea, vomiting, headache, weakness, intolerance to certain food, smells. Some women go through organism`s reactions quite easy, for others hard toxemia and impossibility to eat necessary products put at risk the safety of fetus and its development.
  • The problem is complicated by unwillingness of most pregnant women to take special pills. There is a point of view that taking of medications during pregnancy have negative influences on the growing baby. And in these conditions lemon will be a real lifesaver for mothers-to-be.
  • This fruit neutralizes the processes that lead to toxemia reaction and eases indispositions. It beneficially acts in digestive disorders and meteorism. Citric acid takes away decomposition products and acts aseptically, it also strengthen protective functions of organism.
  • Lemon can be an excellent natural remedy for prophylaxis and treatment of so called “season deceases”. If you feel like having caught a cold, you needa cup of hot tea with lemon slices. Vitamin C and plenty of minerals support your immune system and do their in your sooner recovery.
  • is it possible to lemon in pregnancy

  • But lemon tea`s range of action is not limited by the above-described case. A cup of wonderful flavorous drink will save you from swellings which mostly appear in the second or third trimesters. But remember that you should not put too much sugar in your tea – it must be enough sour.
  • One more health disorder expecting mothers are prone to is constipation. And consumption of lemon can be a successful solution to this problem. The fact is vitamin C stimulates liver`s functions well, helps in irritable bowel syndrome and normalize stool.
  • Citrus fruit also can normalize and balance blood sugar level due to high content of potassium and magnesium. Drink some water with a bit of lemon juice.
  • Arousing refreshing smell of citrus zest make you cheerful and active, ready to new emotions and deals. Using of lemon essential oil will be a better choice for aromatherapy while pregnant.
  • Water with lemon is a good remedy for prevention itchy skin. It is actual during pregnancy period as woman`s skin stretches and mother-to-be feels like she just wants to itch and scratch herself all day. Water helps skin stay moist and hydrated and essentially this past all bearing itchy sensation. It also prevents water retention and “puffiness”.
  • Using lemon helps to cure kidney stones as well.
  • Potassium is a necessary element for heart work, regular eating of lemon slice prevents heart stroke.
  • Yellow fragrant fruit is also beneficial in maintaining early stage pregnancy.

Can lemons be dangerous?

Lemon pregnancy contraindicationsEating lemon as it was found out is very desirable during all periods of childbearing. But women should not forget that such a “strong” product has its side effects and sometimes even contraindications.

What categories of women should refrain from lemon consumption?

  • Women with citrus allergy or an ulcer;
  • Women who have serious problems with teeth. The matter is lemon juice in large quantity can destroy tooth enamel.
  • Women with high blood pressure should be carefully about this natural remedy.
  • Women with gastritis or pancreatitis.
  • Women who suffer from cholecystitis, nephrite, hepatitis.

How to use golden citruses?

The most popular way of using lemon is preparing tasty and arousing lemon tea. It looks nice and smells appetizing – ideal decision for overcoming morning sickness. There are some recipes which will be particularly beneficial for moms-to-be.

Lemon and ginger tea

lemon and honey in pregnancyFor making a portion of this delicious drink you need 1slice of chopped ginger, 2 slices of fresh lemon 1 glass of boiling water.

Firstly add ginger to the boiling water for 10 minutes. After two minutes add lemon. Is lemon-ginger tea safe during pregnancy? Remember that recommended proportion should not increase one fresh lemon a week. Enjoy yourself!

Positive effects: calms the stomach and reduce the toxemia symptoms of early stage pregnancy.

Lemon green tea

Pregnancy tea with lemonSurely you have already heard much about exclusive properties of drinking green tea. You are offered to try combination of green tea and lemon taste. You need 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves, two slices of lemon, one glass of water.

Add the tea leaves to the water and wait for for 5 minutes. Add lemon for 5 minutes. And now you can drink a healthy and tasty tea lemon tea.

Positive effects: clears body heat, increases energy, improves mental activity.

It`s important not to add lemon in very hot water – it can loose most of its benefits in high temperature.

Lollipops and bubble-gums

water with lemon in pregnancySpeaking about lemon consumption one should note that very often people buy lemon lollipops and bubble-gums. What`s the use of these things during pregnancy? Can they do any harm?

In most cases such sweets are safe, but people with stomach diseases or diabetes would be better to limit their taking. And other groups can enjoy citrus lollipops and bubble gums – they make breathing fresh and sometimes useful for sore throat. But all is good when it is taken with measure!

Essential lemon oil during pregnancy

lemon essential oil during pregnancyEssential lemon oil as it was already said can be used by expecting mothers in home aromatherapy but before you will practice it, make sure that you have no allergy. On the whole among different essential aromatic oils lemon oil is considered to be safe for pregnant woman and her fetus.

Some doctors even advice to use it for relaxation in nervous tension. But if you are very sensitive to aromas and afraid of feeling bad it`s reasonable to wait for childbirth without experiments. In your delicate state you should be very careful, because health of your new-born daughter or son depends completely on you.

Let` s choose the best lemons!

We all know a lot about remedial unique qualities of this citrus fruit. However, it`s extremely important for pregnant woman to choose good fresh lemons. Remember that in lemons with smooth skin you`ll find much more vitamins than in tuberous fruits. Lemons you buy should be enough ripe and shiny.

Don`t agree to buy lemons with small dark spots as they are rapidly loosing their benefits. Such fruits often have bitter taste and not good for food.

Be attentive! Buy ripe, beautiful, flavorous lemons and enjoy these wonderful fruits!

In conclusion it`s worth saying that you can admire the magic beauty of a lemon tree even not leaving your flat – heat-loving lemon trees are planted indoors and look marvelous. But before realizing this idea for home a pregnant woman should consult with qualified specialist and know more about these indoor plants. And when your baby will grow, play and demand a lot of attention, probably you won`t have enough time to take care of your domestic tree.

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