Sweet Tangerines Against Toxemia and Catarrhal Diseases During Pregnancy

The tangerine is an orange-colored citrus fruit which is originated from Southeastern Asia. Its close relatives are oranges, but in comparison with these citrus fruits tangerines are smaller and easier to peel. The slices of the ripe tangerine are soft, juicy and sweet.

Pebbly-skinned mandarins have fragrant citrus aroma, very pleasant, fresh and mouth-watering. They are eaten both out of hand and added to fruit salads, bakery, desserts and main courses. People also dry tangerine peel and used it for culinary purposes too. It sheds the delightful flavor and makes your drinks and food unusual.


Citrus for Chinese elite

First notes about these fruits are dated back to 1178. According to the ancient Chinese manuscript, in the old days tangerines cost fabulously much and were affordable only for mandarins – wealthy and known Chinese people.

tangerines during pregnancyThence orange citruses got such a name. Nowadays sweet orange fruits are available to everyone. They are cultivated in Italy, Brasilia, China, Greece, Korea and other countries. The tangerines are valued for their flavor and wholesome properties.

As most citruses, they have rather lasting storage life and don`t lose useful microelements for a long time. These fruits contain calcium, iron, potassium, folic acid, beta-carotene acid, vitamins C, A, P, D, B1, B2, K. Thirst-quenching orange slices effectively assist in catarrhal diseases. Due to containing sinefrin they clear off the mucus in the bronchi and lungs.

Eating mandarins also relieves a cough, activates metabolism, stimulates digestion and reduces risks of heart diseases.

Tangerines are low-calorie and can be recommended to people who want to lose weight. The amount of sugar in them is not so high and furthermore mandarins include enough dietary fiber which facilitates the digestive processes.

Benefits of eating tangerines during pregnancy

tangerines during pregnancy canAre tangerines good for pregnancy? During pregnancy mothers-to-be have to be particularly exacting to food they eat. On the one hand pregnant women often prefer unusual combinations of products with bright spicy, sweet or salty tastes; on the other hand they must not indulge their whims, if their food preferences can harm the growing baby.

They need a thoroughly worked out system of pregnancy nutrition, well-balanced and including natural products, vegetables, fruits and greens. Tangerines are harmony of pleasant and useful. They are nice to see and yummy to eat. Most expecting mothers love mouth-watering orange fruits so much that they consume them in enormous amounts. Does this food addiction bring any risk or are sweet tangerines are absolutely safe? Let`s consider the benefits of eating these citruses and their side effects.

  1. Tangerines have gained the popularity as one of the best remedies for toxemia. Everyone knows that in the first few months of the childbearing mom-to- be suffers from abominable symptoms of toxemia. It is a time when a pregnant woman can`t even see some products which she loved and ate before – their smells nauseate and become nasty. It is a result of hormonal changing and it’s normal while pregnant. But weakness, headache, nausea and vomiting can be really exhausting for expecting mother. And in such a position it`s uneasy to find appetizing and useful product which can`t cause sickness. Tangerines are lifesavers in this case. Pamper yourself with odorous juicy slices and get rid of exasperating symptoms.
  2. Orange citruses are stores of folic acid. Probably, you are already well informed about the importance of this substance for the growing fetus. Folic acid is needed for proper development of your baby, forming of bones, nervous system and placenta. The danger of miscarriage and missed abortion become minimized, if pregnant women regularly consume products containing this acid. For this reason, mandarins are beneficial fruits for women in pregnancy.
  3. These citruses offer plenty of vitamin C. When it is cold and windy in the street for you not to catch a catarrhal disease, begin your day with bright fragrant slices – they are great tonic and anti-inflammatory remedy.
  4. The presence of iron improves the hemoglobin level.
  5. The combination of phosphor, sodium, calcium, potassium and vitamins A, B, P normalize the water-electrolytic balance and remove swellings.
  6. Tangerine essential oil is a favorite fragrant substance for many fans of aromatherapy. It has mild, warmish, appetizing smell and makes us feel comfort and safe. These effects are desirable for expecting mothers, all the more so they often experience anxiety.

Generally speaking, tangerines are especially useful for pregnant women with the following health problems:

  • toxemia,
  • avitaminosis,
  • anemia,
  • catarrhal diseases,
  • swellings,
  • digestive disorders,
  • constipation,
  • dispositions in metabolism,
  • stresses, nervousness.

Side effects and contraindications

whether it is possible mandarins during pregnancyMandarins are quite safe and healthy for pregnant women. But nevertheless there are some groups of pregnant women for whom the consumption of these fruits must be strictly limited.

These are:

    1. Expecting mothers with allergy.

Tangerines are tasty but they can cause allergic reactions – rash, itch, runny nose and so on. If pregnant woman overeats mandarins, her baby can have a congenital allergy and be prone to asthma, dermatitis, eczema. That is why excessive consumption is unacceptable, it is better to eat 1-2 fruits a day if you are carrying a child.

    1. Pregnant women with gastritis, intestinal diseases, hepatitis, nephrites.

The reason for these contraindications is mandarin`s ability to raise the gastric acidity.

By the way, big amount of vitamin C in mandarins affect the uterus tonus and can lead to contractions. This feature of citrus fruit must be taken in account too.

The best period to enjoy ripe tangerines is in the first few months of pregnancy, when the fetus is just forming. But after 5 months you`d better limit the quantity of eaten citruses.

Mandarins – ways of using and culinary ideas!

want mandarins during pregnancyThe healthiest way of eating tangerines is eating fresh orange slices. Using mandarin juice will give you a lot of advantages too.

This drink is seldom sold in the shops, but you can make it from ripe mandarins with the using of your blender.

It will strengthen your immune system and improve the digestion.

Also you can use mandarin skins to prepare health-giving infusion. Take mandarin peels, wash them and pour on some boiling water. Let it to be infused and take ¼ glass of “citrus water” in the morning and in the evening. It helps to overcome nausea and headache.

Tangerines are fine ingredients for salads. Being pregnant you can treat yourself with wonderful dishes – salads with tangerines and avocado. It is simple to prepare and rather nutritional.

You need:

  • 1 avocado
  • 2-3 mandarins
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 tablespoon seed oil
  • 1 tablespoon parsley greens, chopped
  • Wine vinegar

Cut avocado, tomato and mandarins into small slices, add the sauce made from mixed oil, vinegar and parsley greens. Mix together well. Mmm, yummy!

benefits mandarins during pregnancyMaking a conclusion, we`ll mention that dried mandarin slices are worth trying too. This dainty treat deserves to be served as royal dessert. Dried citrus finely holds its ambrosial flavor and beneficial properties.

Such tangerines will be a wonderful and healthy addition to a morning cup of tea for mother-to-be. On the whole, marvelous aromatic tangerines are real godsend for your pregnancy menu both fresh and included in original recipes. If the ideas of aromatherapy inspire you, buy a tiny bottle of tangerine essential oil in the nearest chemist`s shop.

Only a drop in your aroma lamp – and you can enjoy wonderful citrus fragrance. But follow the measures of precautions and don`t practice using essential oils without preliminary consultation with your doctor.
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