Health Benefits of Eating an Exotic Fig Fruit During Pregnancy

Fig is a pear-shaped nutritious fruit that is related to mulberry plant family. These fruits have different colors like white, black and red. Taste of figs is honeyed, very deep and rich.

Fig trees were cultivated in ancient times, even in the Bible they are often mentioned. For example Adam and Eva covered their naked bodies with fig leaves.


Why figs are so popular?

This kind of tree is considered to be the oldest. Originated from Asia, this delicious fruit appeared in USA only in second half of sixteenth century. Nowadays figs are largely cultivated in America and Spain.

Figs are used in culinary and medical treatment. This fruit can be eatable fresh, dry, and preserved.

Jam is made of raw figs which have large amount of seeds and sickly-sweet taste. As natural medical remedy figs are used to cure cough, sore throat and lung diseases. People with anemia can consume figs regularly because there is large amount of iron needed for hemoglobin in them.

figs during pregnancyIf we consider the structure of fig fruit we`ll be pleasantly surprised by the great number of nutrients and other beneficial for the human health substances. It differs from other fruits in it’s rich tasty and remedial qualities.

It contains not so many vitaminsC, PP, B, but there`re richness and great variety of minerals – potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphor and some other elements. Figs are source of natural sugars and fats, organic acids. It seems to be rather fat product, but in vain.

What is interesting – in fact this fruit is low calorie and his fattening action is lesser than apple`s. This makes figs good treat even for people who are afraid of gaining weight.

Honeyed figs – perfect treat for expecting mother

figs with milk during pregnancyPregnancy is thought to be the time when mom-to-be should eat for two and choose nutritional natural food for everyday menu. Are figs good during pregnancy?

Figs are worth paying special attention to, they can offer numerous properties for expecting mother`s good general condition and proper development of her baby. So, what are the health benefits of eating fig fruits and dry figs during pregnancy?

  1. If pregnant woman caught a cold or fell ill with flu, the situation can become critical. During pregnancy taking medicaments from chemistry is not desirable because their components may have negative effect on the child`s growth. Figs will be highly effective cough drop if you boil them in milk.
  2. Figs contain folic acid which is irreplaceable in forming bones for growing baby.
  3. Huge amount of iron help people consuming figs to get rid of anemia and weakness.
  4. It is anti-constipation food.
  5. Eating figs heals weakened nervous system and give mom-to-be positive mood. These fruits possess sedative effect.
  6. There are some elements in figs which increase blood clotting and that is important in the period of childbearing.
  7. These fruits normalize intestinal microflora.
  8. Eating small quantity of figs make you feel satiety as if you would eat a lot of fruits – so nutritional figs are. And along with that they are low-calorie!
  9. Figs are source of necessary organic acids and proteins which are needed for fetus.
  10. It helps to overcome heart and lung diseases
  11. Figs go well with different food – meat, pastry, juices, and salads.
  12. Dry figs are hypoallergenic so pregnant woman can eat them safely.

Who should be careful with figs?

dried figs during pregnancyEven such healthy and nutritious product has some contraindications. For example people with high sugar level in blood or suffering from diabetes should refrain from eating figs.

The same is for people with urolithiasis, gout, and pancreatitis. In these cases figs can lead to exacerbation of these diseases. On the whole figs are recommended for food during pregnancy. Although these properties of figs are numerous these fruits must be consumed in moderate quantities only. Excessive consumption of figs can cause diarrhea. Also dried figs are rich in sugar capable of causing tooth decay.

You should remember that ripe figs are perishable fruits, that is why it is important to eat them soon after buying. If you have too many figs you can held them in airtight container but not for more than two or three days.

Eating figs – try various ways

How to eat fig fruits during pregnancy? You can eat exotic figs fresh. Remember that the skin of the fig is edible. That is you do not need to peel the fig before eating it.

figs beneficial properties during pregnancyAlso you can make fig preserves. Mix 500 g chopped figs with 1 cup sugar in a saucepan. Cook fruits on low heat for half an hour until thick preserves is formed. It is tasty and has beneficial qualities too, but fresh fruits are more enriched with minerals.

If you like bakery products you will surely use figs in breads, cakes and other flour-based baked things. They can be mixed with various fruits or simply used for decorations of dishes.

And one more popular way to use natural healthy remedy is combining figs and milk. Soaking dry figs in milk overnight and consuming it in the morning is believed to be good in weakness, tiredness, nausea and headache. Also it can be useful for enhancing sexual powers.

If you boil figs in milk, you`ll get an unusual milk taste which is quite useful for people with cough, high temperature, lung diseases, anemia and insomnia. It helps in strengthening of protective mechanisms of organism.

Are you going to buy figs? Don`t forget useful tips!

benefits figs during pregnancyThe luxury of a luscious ripe fig is extraordinary. But not all people are able to choose really good figs. Remember these advises:

  1. A bit of bend at the stem and a slight weariness to the skin both indicate better ripeness and flavor that taunt, shiny skins and stems that look like they’re still grasping for the tree.
  2. Avoid figs that look shrunken, are oozing from their splits, have milky liquid around the stem, or are super squishy. They are not for food, rather for making compost.

In conclusion we will stress that in spite of it’s excellent honeyed taste and nutritional value pregnant women must refrain from overeating. It is better to extend pleasure and eat these wonderful fruits in small portions. And figs will provide you and your baby inside with the most important vitamins, microelements and proteins.

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