Benefits of Kiwi Fruit During Pregnancy. The Source of Folic Acid and Vitamin C!

The kiwifruit or Chinese gooseberry is the edible berry of a woody winewhich has become widely eaten and sold all over the world. This fruitberry is represented by various sorts, most known of which are fuzzy kiwi, golden kiwi and kiwi berries.

Fuzzy kiwi has a fuzzy, brown skin, and bright-green juicy flesh. Their smell is sweet and pleasant, the taste of this unique berry resembles combination of strawberries and citruses taste shades. These sorts of kiwi are mostly cultivated in New Zealand, Italy, Chile and Greece.


Another kind – golden kiwifruit differs from others inits smooth, bronze skin. Inside it can be as light green as and clear brightly-yellow.

Golden fruit is sweeter and more flavorous, you need not peel it before eating. But this one is rather perishable that is why its commercial cultivation does not develop rapidly. Kiwi berries are edible small grape-sized fruits with thin and smooth skin.

They have the same taste as fuzzy kiwifruit and their aroma is sweet too. Such tiny “relatives” of fuzzy kiwi are often called as well baby kiwi, grape kiwi, or cocktail kiwi. People use these kiwi berries for desserts and decoration of dishes.

Exotic gift for health and good mood

Kiwi in PregnancyChina is thought to be kiwi’s motherland, not without reason its original name was “Chinese gooseberry” but it is more known after other name,which this berry fruit got because of its appearance resembling to the New Zealand kiwi bird.

This unusual berry attracted interest of people long time ago and give popularity not only for its delicious taste but and for its healing properties. Kiwifruit as a rule can be stored for a long time and it does not loose its healthy unique set of vitamins and minerals. No matter where kiwi were planted – plantations in Spain, Italy, Japan, Greece and other countries send to all corners of the world big batches of these exotic fruits.

Ethno medicine uses kiwi is remarkable nature gift preventing cancer, digestive and nervous diseases. Components of kiwi fight against processes of aging and used in cosmetology procedures. But range of kiwi advantages is not limited by the above-listed.

Benefits of kiwi during pregnancy

Is eating kiwi fruit good during pregnancy? Pregnancy is an unforgettable time of expectations as well as a period of great responsibilities. All mothers-to-be dream to give birth to healthy and strong babies. Necessary term for realization of this wish is eating every day food which will provide pregnant woman and her growing baby with imposing number of nutrients, vitamins and mineral elements.

Also consumed products should be light for exception of gaining overweight. Certainly, products must be fresh and appetizing as during pregnancy women become very fastidious when they touch food. Kiwi satisfies these requirements and presents wonderful fount of health and positive mood for expecting mothers.

Specialists are sure that pregnant woman should eat kiwifruits every day for them to look and feel brilliant. This exotic fruit berry is not big by size – almost the size of a hen’s egg (150 g) but how many valuable elements it contains!

So, what are the health benefits of eating kiwi fruits during pregnancy?:

    Kiwi for pregnant

  1. We used to think that most of vitamin C is in citruses. But in fact that is not true. Kiwi is a recording berry in containing of this vitamin: 100 g of kiwi flesh include 92 mg of vitamin C! And it is not destroyed when kiwi fruits are preserved.
  2. Delicious kiwi contains large amount of vitamin E, which is common in nuts. This element has fame of “beauty vitamin” that is why fair sex is especially interested in it. But not every woman is allowed to eat a lot of nuts – they are too calorie food. And in case with kiwi women have an opportunity to get vitamin E in good proportions without any risk to become fat.
  3. Generally speaking, regular eating of kiwi will provide us with daily norm in all needed vitamins. And after meal woman fill discomfort in stomach kiwi fruits will play the role of lifesavers.
  4. Fiber in kiwi prevents heartburn and haemorrhoids, which is actual while pregnant, as many moms-to-be have these health dispositions.
  5. Potassium and magnesium help to normalize heart work.
  6. This fruit is in the second place after broccoli in amount of folic acid. Folic acid containing in kiwifruits strengthens nervous system and helps people with anemia. This substance is irreplaceable in development of growing child inside in full value. But the most essential for pregnant peculiarity of folic acid is in protecting expecting mother from the miscarriage. Danger of miscarriage disappears if woman eats kiwi every day. It is extremely important during the first trimester.
  7. These strange-looking berries don’t stir up allergic reactions. Pregnant women can use it without any fear.
  8. During pregnancy hormonal play takes place and it is not easy for women to endure it. Pregnant women often find themselves too emotional, like being on edge. Tearfulness, depression, nervous tension and constant tiredness are not good companions for mother-to-be. Including kiwi in everyday diet will help to avoid similar problems.

Are there any arguments against?

is it possible to for pregnant kiwiWhat about contraindications? Is kiwi fruit safe during pregnancy? Using kiwi fruits don’t meet any common contraindications and majority of pregnant women can eat this healthy product quite safely.

Exceptions are women with heritable allergy and women with gastritis, other serious problems with stomach and digestive system. These categories of pregnant women should limit or refrain from kiwi’s consumption. On the whole, expecting mothers are recommended to eat two-three fruits a day for positive curable and prophylactic effect.

As a rule, pregnant women can eat tasty kiwifruits in big quantities but if you are expecting a baby and don’t have enough experience of using kiwi, be accurate with this product. It is better to consult with a doctor and begin with small slices of kiwi.

One should remember that all fruits that brought from abroad are treated with special wax and fungicides, that is why you ought to wash them in warm water with the use of soap.

How to eat: raw berries or tasty salads?

How useful kiwi for pregnantHow to eat kiwi fruit during pregnancy? Kiwi fruits are very sweet and mouth-watering, their rich and refreshing taste make them consumed raw. It seems that such a delicacy does not need ay culinary preparation.

But cooker’s fantasy has no limits and kiwifruits are widely used in salads, meat courses, desserts.

Expecting mother can enjoy dainty kiwi jam. Perfect choice will be fruit salad, whose key component are kiwis. Here is the recipe, quite easy:

You need:

  • 2-3 kiwi fruits,
  • 7 strawberries,
  • 1 banana,
  • 1 apple.

Chop the ingredients, and then mix them with yoghurt. Yoghurt is better to be used without ads and fats. Let it be cooled a little, then put our salad on a serving plate and enjoy yourself. Not only healthy and nutritious food but and a lot of positive emotions and cheerfulness!

Summarizing all the facts about kiwifruit, we can make a conclusion about its high nutritional value and special healing effect for women in pregnancy. This wonderful, interesting and rich in vitamins product deserves to be included in your everyday menu.

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