Tasty Pears During Pregnancy: a Source of Folic Acid and Potassium

Along with apples, pears are surely on the list of most popular, healthy and delicious fruits. They’re loved by kids and grown-ups for their pleasant mild taste, appetizing sweetness and unforgettable aroma.

Benefits of pears have been known since prehistoric times as the first cultivated pear trees were grown more than 3 thousand years ago in Greece, Egypt and China.

Pears, which are nutritious and at the same dietetic, are very useful for pregnant women, but why exactly?


Nutrition Facts

Pears during pregnancyA pear contains the following vitamins: A, C, PP, K, B9, and a “whole bunch” of priceless elements and minerals: pectin, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper, cobalt, fiber, iodine, calcium and tannins.

Sulfur is a building material for skin, hair and bones. Potassium keeps the heart strong and healthy. Iodine and phosphorus are real gifts for the brain, and pectin is a natural pro-biotic and a mild natural diuretic.

Vitamin C is the best friend of the human’s immune system and provides elasticity of blood vessels, and K prevents the atherosclerosis development. And B9 (folic acid) is responsible for hematopoiesis, in other words, for reproduction and renovation of blood cells.

Eating 1-2 pears a day will provide you with a daily norm of cobalt that is needed for better iron absorption and besides enables the kidneys to excrete excess water.

That’s another advantage for moms who often suffer from swelling during pregnancy. Still there are much more arguments proving the great benefits of pears for pregnant women.

Advantages of Pears for Future Moms

Is pear good for mothers-to-be? What are the health benefits of eating pear fruits during pregnancy? There are at least 7 undeniable reasons why every pregnant woman should include wonderful pears in her everyday menu:

    Benefits pears in pregnancy

  1. They contain glucose and fructose – natural sugars that are a nourishing substitute for white sugar. Though they’re very sweet, 1 middle-sized fruit contains only 42 calories. Pears can be a real salvation for women experiencing irrepressible cravings for sweets during pregnancy. They even can work as an option for apples. Although a pear tastes sweeter than an apple, it contains less sugar and doesn’t boost appetite as an apple sometimes does.
  2. What is the most important issue for future moms, pears contain folic acid that is “responsible” for the future baby’s growth, formation, mental and physical development. Moms should eat pears to lower the risk of neural tube defects developing.
  3. Just 1 pear contains 11 % of daily amount of vitamin C, which is irreplaceable in fighting with infections, strengthens blood vessels, reduces the risk of bleeding and promotes iron absorption. And iron is a key to a happy pregnancy without anemia.
  4. Pears have a lot of calcium. This mineral promotes the formation of the baby’s teeth and bones.
  5. These mouth-watering fruits are rich in fiber and pectin, and that makes pears excellent “fighters” with such a sensitive problem as constipation.
  6. Potassium is essential for both mother’s and baby’s hearts and is useful for cell regeneration.
  7. Pears effectively remove hazardous toxins and heavy metals from the body due to high amount of tannins.

Potential Side-effects

Though pears are harmless, pregnant women should eat them carefully in case they suffer from increased gas production. Remember that unripe green fruits contain a lot of hard fiber which irritates the stomach and can cause (though not very often) diarrhea or vomiting.

If you suffer from some stomach problems, eat only yellow, orange and red pears and avoid green ones or try poached or baked fruits. They’re as healthy and yummy as raw ones but don’t irritate stomach and digest very easily.

Indications and Precautions

Than helpful pears during pregnancyIn what cases pears are especially useful for moms:

  • they can be valuable in preventing and even curing infectious diseases like seasonal flu and common cold;
  • they can boost an immune system, and that is especially important because women carrying babies are very vulnerable;
  • pears work as a mild and totally natural antidepressant helping in everyday fight with stress and tension;
  • they can efficiently cure a strong cough;
  • they are a natural medicine for dizziness, exhaustion and metabolic and food disorders such as loss of appetite or vice versa obesity.
You should avoid these fruits if you’re diagnosed with gastritisor duodenal ulcer. If you suffer from diabetes, you shouldn’t eat too many sweet pears.

Although the allergic reactions to these fruits are very rare, it’s still possible. The recommended safely daily “dose” is 1-3 small (at least not very big) pears.

Some Useful Consumption Tips

It’s recommended to take pears 1 or even 2 hours after any meal. It’s not good to eat them on the empty stomach because they irritate the gastric mucosa which in rare cases can lead to diarrhea or vomiting. It’s not recommended combining pears with fresh milk as this mixture will probably work as a pretty strong laxative.

Remember that once cut pears turn brown almost immediately due to oxidation. To prevent this just pour some lemon or orange juice upon the slices.

Pears during pregnancyIt’s not necessary to eat just raw fruits all the time. You can cut them into slices and combine with fresh mustard leaves, leeks, walnuts and garden cress for a gorgeous salad.

Pears also make a wonderful duet with goat cheese or German famous dorblu. They can be served as a terrific breakfast: just add them into porridge, and then add some honey and grated ginger. Also you can core pears and boil in apple juice on low heat with raisins and some brown sugar.

Another good way to eat these fleshy fruits is to cut them in halves and bake them with some brown sugar or honey, walnuts and cinnamon. They should be baked for 15 min on each side in an oven preheated to 350º F. Baked pears are a fantastic and ingenious dessert and also are very good for stomach especially in case the future mom suffers from severe heartburn or morning sickness.

Don’t forget about sweet pear juice! You can drink it pure or mix with carrot and apple juice in ratio 25:25:25. Gourmets can add some ginger.

You can freely drink 1-2 glasses of fresh pear juice and don’t worry about gaining weight – 1 glass of juice (about 0, 5 lb) contains only 46 calories.

How to choose and store pears

How to choose a perfect pear? First of all, a fruit should look quite appetizing and have an intensive and pleasant fresh “fruity” smell. If there are some suspicious spots or traces, rot or other damages on the pear’s skin – then it’s better to get rid of this spoiled fruit and pick up another one.

If a pear doesn’t have any smell or it seems very week, it means that fruites have been stored for a long time and probably lost all the valuable vitamins and minerals.

Helpful pears during pregnancyYou can store pears in a refrigerator but ensure that they’re packed in individual brown paper packages (1 should contain approx. 1-2 lbs of these glorious fruites). They should be stored apart from strong-smelling products as pears absorb odors.

Don’t forget that they can be stored for 1-2 weeks but no longer. If you’ve bought green unripe pears, put them in a paper bag and keep for 2-3 days somewhere in a dark at room temperature so they will ripen much faster.

Just to feel safe it’s strongly recommended to stick to the daily optional amount of these sweet fruits and avoid overeating. To be sure that your unborn baby is absolutely healthy you should regularly consult with the physician regarding the foods you take including pears.

Don’t be afraid – in most cases these fantastic fruits are allowed for pregnant women so you can freely enjoy them in any form during the next 9 months and ever after.
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