Proven Benefits of Eating Odorous dill during Pregnancy

The dill is a herbal odorous plant which is cultivated in places with sunny warm climate. It is originated from Asia, there wild varieties of the dill can be seen as and in Africa and Iran.

People use the seeds and greens of this plant for culinary purposes, producing of medicaments, perfumery and cosmetics. Dill is considered to be a precious spicy herb which gives the cooking unforgettable aroma and good taste.


Is the odorous dill good for expecting mothers?

dill during pregnancyThe dill is rather a widespread plant and it seems to be absolutely innocuous. Therefore pregnant women usually add its greens to their food in large amounts.

Following doctor`s recommendations, they try to vary their nutrition and enrich it with vitamins by including in every day diet fresh fruits, vegetables and heaps of greens.

Dill is one of the most available and flavorous kind of greens, many expecting mothers like its smell very much and eat it light-heartedly. But what effect does it have on pregnancy? Can dill be harmful or contraindicated for moms-to be?

Aromatic dill contains vitamins С, Р, В, В1, В2, РР, folic acid, carotin, iron, calcium, phosphor, and also proteins, natural sugars, volatiles and flavonoids due to which it possess such amazing health-giving properties.

Let`s consider these properties in details:

    1. Dill contains essential oils which have beneficial affect even on psychological level. They make you calm and confident, give you the feeling of safety and comfort. Sedative qualities of the dill were noticed and commonly used already in ancient times. Dill is famous as an efficient sedative remedy for stabilization of nervous system. It is very important during pregnancy, when women often become prone to anxiety and depression because of hormonal changing. Probably, expecting mothers subconsciously feel this positive effect of dill and care about including it in everyday meals.
    2. Dill improves the digestion – it stimulates functioning of the digestive organs, prevents the development of anaerobic processes and meteorism symptoms. Dill greens influence restoratively on intestine microflora.
    3. Essential oil of the dill normalizes biliary excretion and tonus of the biliary tract. Consequently, it also prevents abominable symptoms of toxemia at the early stage of childbearing.

dill for pregnant

  • Woman can eat dill during pregnancy as a diuretic product. It also does its bit in reducing of high blood pressure and provides normal activity of kidneys.
  • This herb also possesses expectorant properties and can be a good cough drop. If you have caught a cold and fear to take medicines, healing dill will be your saver.
  • It contains two substances, extremely necessary for pregnant – folic acid and iron. The folic acid is valuable as it positively affects the growing baby`s nervous system and bones; iron is needed if you want to be praised by your doctor for good indicators of hemoglobin after the next blood test.
  • Dill is a fine remedy for the constipation. As a rule, pregnant women suffer from this health disorder during the last weeks of the third trimester.
  • Nervous system of future mother and her baby inside is supported by calcium, phosphor, potassium and vitamins C, B contained in dill greens and seeds.
  • Preparations with dill and adding dill to the cooking have indisputable benefits for improvement of lactation processes. Dill beneficially effects on quality and quantity of the breast milk. New-born baby will be pleased and his mother will be calm.


Can this innocuous herb be a reason of preterm-delivery?

whether it is possible dill during pregnancySpeaking about the limits and contraindications, we`ll emphasize that the consumption of dill can cause certain specific effects in the last trimester.

The matter is this flavorous herb makes a strong influence on uterine muscles, raises uterus tonus and can lead to uterine contractions. This is the way by which such a harmless-looking herb can become a reason of the preterm delivery.

Medicaments which contain the dill extract are used for stimulation of the labor activity, if a pregnant woman needs labor-aiding remedy.

In other cases it`s better to be careful with eating dill during the late stages of pregnancy – the results can be unpredictable. Another case of contraindications is low blood pressure.

Use green dill for culinary and beauty!

Both dried and fresh dill leaves can be used for food. Seeds and tiny yellow flowers are edible too. Methods of preparing snacks and ethno medicine remedies with dill are numerous.

Infusion with dill seeds

fennel seeds during pregnancy2 tablespoons of dried dill seeds pour on with 1 glass of boiling water. Close the lid and let it infuse during 1 hour. Take 1 tablespoon of this infusion 3 times a day.

It is a good remedy for problems with stomach, high blood pressure, constipation and insomnia. This infusion is also effective for lactation. But before the beginning of this treatment consult with your gynecologist.

Dill water

Whether it is possible for pregnant women to drink decoction of dill in pregnancy or nor? Of course it is possible and here is the simple recipe of dill water.

“Dill water” can be used for the treatment of small children too. But when you prepare it, take 1 teaspoon of dill seeds for 1 glass of water. The infusion is made as in the recipe above. Give dill water to your baby 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. This infusion assists in digestive troubles and insomnia.

For cough and bronchitis as an expectorant remedy

Pour on 1 teaspoon of dill seeds with 300 ml of water. Boil it using bain-marie for 10 minutes. Let it to be infused for half an hour, then strain. Add to this water 50 ml of milk and 1 teaspoon of honey. Take 1/3 glass three times a day 15-20 minutes before meal.

Green butter

In spring time you can make “green butter” to sate your organism with vitamins and withstand the avitaminosis. Chop finely young greens of dill, parsley, green onion or garlic, lettuce and add some fresh butter. Mix butter and greens well, grinding both components together with a spoon.

You will have super-vitaminic mixture for your sandwiches. Its delicate flavor felicitously combines with slices of freshly baked rye bread.

One simple and very healthy recipe – French dill salad.

dill can be pregnantWash, dry and cut in 3-4 cm freshly gathered dill greens. Then shake up some oil with lemon juice and pour this sauce on your dill. Add some cedar nuts.

Leave your salad for 2-3 hours. It especially well harmonizes with meat and fish dishes.

Сompress water dill – beauty tip

If you usually spend much time sitting at the computer, no wonder that you get the redness of the eyes and pouches under the eyes, tired and unattractive looks. But dill water can help you to cope with this problem. Make compresses with cooled dill water on your eyelids for 10-15 minutes and then you` ll see that now it is much better!

Choose only fresh dill leaves in a grocery or farmers market that look dark green and ferny, not yellowed, dried out, or limp.

Making a conclusion we`ll accentuate splendid health-giving properties of the odorous dill. This herb with warmish pungent taste can be not only a wonderful flavoring but also efficient labor-aiding remedy. Notice benefits of using dill and keep them in mind – this natural green helper can be very useful to you!

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