Healthy food: eating Nuts during pregnancy

Healthy food: eating Nuts during pregnancyWith pregnancy comes a huge responsibility. Everything a pregnant woman does has a great influence on the health of her future child.

During the pregnancy the baby’s most important organs and systems are being built, so it needs a lot of microelements, vitamins and minerals as the “building materials”. The only source of these elements is the mother’s body.



Can you eat nuts during pregnancy? Yes, and here we will be speaking why. A mother and her baby basically share a body, but when a woman can choose the food she is eating, a baby actually has no choice. Therefore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being aware of the foods you’re having is crucial during the months of pregnancy.

What makes nut a “healthy” food? Nuts being a valuable source of healthy saturated fats, “good” carbs, fiber and a lot of much needed microelements and minerals such as vitamin E, zinc, iron etc.

A great majority of nutritionists advice those who plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle to include nuts into their diet. The main reasons to do that include:

    Different nuts

  • a considerably high energetical value of nuts;
  • an impressively large number of minerals, macro- and microelements;
  • the ability to raise the mood;
  • a number of elements needed to build the baby’s bones and muscles.

But should pregnant women follow this rule? While the health benefit is certainly undeniable, the possible harm of indulging yourself with this snack is being unnoticed.

Nuts are rather high in calories. 100g of most nuts contain around 700cal. That’s more than an average chocolate bar or a local fast-food chain restaurant burger. Besides, the excessive amount of some minerals can actually harm a child’s growth let alone the fact that nowadays allergy on nuts is getting more and more widespread. Let’s look at the facts and decide together whether eating nuts during pregnancy is an option or not.

Cashews work wonders

Is cashew nuts good for pregnancy? Definitely, yes, and in the following section we will be speaking about pros of eating cashew nuts for pregnancy.

Cashews in comparison to the more popular nuts like almonds, peanuts or hazelnut often get underestimated and are rarely used as an ingredient. That’s unfair and completely unreasonable considering the possible health benefit of eating cashew nuts during pregnancy.

Pregnant woman with cashew nutsFirst, the possibility that out of all nuts cashews will cause an allergic reaction is considerably low. Besides, cashew nuts are able to keep the hemoglobin in blood stable, and thus prevent blood pressure from going high. So, it is the fact that due to cashew nut pregnancy period will be much more easier for both mother and future baby.

The magnium in the nut can help to maintain the proper work of the woman’s immune system. Pregnant women are often exposed to anemia, have unhealthy-looking skin and have to deal with their teeth basically falling apart due to the lack of iron, zinc and calcium.

Believe it or not, eating these nuts in pregnancy actually help to solve all these problems. The allowed amount of these nuts in a day is 30g. Later, during the last few month of pregnancy nutritionists advice to cut down the amount of nuts.

In all, it can be a “magic pill” to help with a lot of health problems, but it should be taken with great caution. Now, when you know about the connection between cashew nuts and pregnancy let’s move to the brazil nuts.

Brazil nuts as a stress and pain reliever

What nuts are safe to eat during pregnancy? Brazilian, these exotic nuts are getting more and more popular. Having a great and unique taste they also contain a whole load of minerals and microelements.

The sweet taste of the nut makes it a good healthy substitute to candy. But just as with candy a woman should know how many of them one can eat without causing any harm to her body and what’s far more important to her baby.

Many brazil nutsMost dietitians agree that 4-5 nuts a day is more than enough. It may be surprising, but consuming this amount of Brazil nuts is enough to make a grown-up full.

The nuts are a valuable source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which are essential in the fight with memory loss, asthma and depression as well as with a variety of pains. Arginine in the nuts helps the normal development of the child.

However, Selenium that is present Brazilian nuts being an important element in the human body can be rather dangerous when we’re dealing with an overdose. It can cause sickness, hair loss, bad breath etc.

Brazil nuts are a healthy treat beneficial for a pregnant woman’s health, but rather harmful if eaten in large quantities. As you can see this nut is definitely included in the list of best nuts to eat during pregnancy, but keep in mind that it should not be consumed in the big amount.

Pistachios in the fight with cholesterol

Being pregnant a woman has to stay away from a lot of foods, but pistachios are certainly not among these foods. These nuts contain a lot of nutrients and elements beneficial for a future mom’s health being low in calories compared to the other kinds of nuts. So, eating pista nuts during pregnancy is much more beneficial rather than other nuts.

Pregnant woman and pistachiosThe amount of fats present in these nuts is also lower than for example in almonds or in peanuts. Moreover, these fats are cholesterol-free and can even help to lower the cholesterol in blood, control blood sugar and blood pressure.

Vitamin B present in pistachios is responsible for keeping hair, nails and skin beautiful and healthy, that is essentially important for pregnant women who can suffer from hair, nails being weaker than ever due to the lack of Vitamins. The ability of Vitamin B to ease toxicosis is also quite a pleasant bonus. Just as with all the other nuts only small amount of pistachios ( 10-15 nuts) is allowed every day for the oils present in these nuts can cause headache and sickness.

A pregnant woman should also be careful while buying pistachios for there’re quite a lot of kinds of them: salted, roasted, raw etc. Salted ones which are a favorite snack for many people, are not recommended during pregnancy for the excessive intake of sodium can cause bloating. Despite the fact that eating pistachio nuts during pregnancy is useful for health woman should consultant doctor first, since it could have some contraindications.

So, now you have basic knowledge of the connection between different types of nuts and pregnancy and let’s move to other important aspects that are directly connected with the theme of nuts.

Smart eating

Knowing what kind of nuts is the best choice for a pregnant woman one should also know how to eat them. It has already been said that during pregnancy the amount of nuts eaten daily should not exceed 30g.

There’re no particular rules on whether you should eat them separately or use as an ingredient in other dishes, but the high energetic value makes nuts a perfect snack in between main meals considering the fact that pregnant women can feel hunger more often.

Most nutritionists would recommend eating nuts early in the day, preferably between breakfast and lunch for the high amount of carbs and fats being a good source of energy in the morning can actually cause weight gain being eaten in the evening.

Useful video

In this video you will see top 5 nuts that could be eaten during pregnancy:

Possible dangers

Be careful whilst buying nutsAre nuts safe to eat during pregnancy? There is no specific answer on this question but in the most cases yes, they are safe enough.

However, nuts can be quite dangerous when stored improperly, so when buying them one should be extremely attentive to the date of expiration and the overall look of the product. Nut allergy is one of the most widespread allergies, besides it has the most severe consequences.

It can result in itchiness, red spots, vomiting, trouble in breathing, swelling and, unfortunately quite often, anaphylaxis which can easily lead to death. Even if a woman never had this type of reaction to nuts before, she should eat them with caution; a pregnant woman’s body is weak and easily exposed to any type of reactions and diseases.

Stay away from these nuts

We’ve already discussed the best and the most beneficial nuts. But what nuts should be forgotten during pregnancy? There certainly are a few kinds containing elements harmful for a baby. Pine nuts, peanuts and nutmeg are the ones that cause the most allergic reactions. So it’ll be safer to stay away from those considering there still are a lot of other kinds of nuts.

Remember! Any kind of food eaten in an excessive amount can cause damage to our body. Nuts are like pills, a few of them will help you, but an “overdose” is really dangerous for your health.

But the most important thing during pregnancy is whatever food you eat; always listen to your body and your baby. They are the best nutritionists!

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