Undeniable benefits of Cashew nuts during pregnancy

Undeniable benefits of Cashew nuts during pregnancy

Perhaps each of us has eaten cashew at least once during the whole life. Cashew nuts are known for their original shape: many people say that they resemble a comma by their form.

They began spreading around the world from South Africa, Brazil. These nuts are really very interesting because actually they are not nuts but fruits that consist of two parts, as some biologists believe.


The first part is a pedicle which looks like an apple. These red or orange apples are tasty and juicy. However, we cannot try them in our native country: they are very fragile and cannot be transported because they rot in a day at room temperature.

Cashew trees also grow in India today, and there people gather a lot of apples every year – up to twenty five thousand tonnes. They make different food out of apples: juices, compotes, jelly, jam, even alcoholic drinks. And we can taste these products in our countries.

On the contrary, nuts, the second component, endure transportation easily. They are sold all over the world. Cashew nuts are really bent as a comma and also they are covered with a solid shell.

Warning: there is another cover between the upper shell and the nut itself. It is very poisonous because its oil can cause skin-burns. That is why you should ask specialists to shell them. However, it is very hard to find nuts that are not shelled on sale.

Main components

Cashew nuts taste delicately and at the same time oily. Some people even consider them fatty, but actually it is not so. The amount of fat is much less in cashew than in other nuts such as walnuts, almonds or peanuts.

Cashew nuts contain many useful componentsNevertheless, there are more wholesome substances in cashew nuts. Cashew is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, starch, dietary fibres and natural sugar. There are also plenty of vitamins C, K, B1, B2, PP, E, and some essential minerals: calcium, natrium, magnesium, iron, copper, potassium, zinc, manganese, selenium. It should be mentioned that there is a lot of nicotinic acid in cashew, so take it seriously.

It is very important to know that there are unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, 6 and 9. Using these acids your organism produces eicosanoids. They are bioactive substances that influence blood clotting. Eicosanoids regulate the work of blood vessels and they are parts of most cells in a body.

If you take cashew regularly in reasonable amounts, your organism is always filled with almost all necessary microelements. To sum up, if woman likes to eat regularly cashew nut, pregnancy is not an obstacle to continue to consume them.

Cashew nuts and pregnancy

Heart sign with handsIt is well-known that the organism of a woman is more unstable and particular about intake of useful and essential elements. It happens because of nature that gave the function of giving birth to children to a woman.

In the first place, cashew is useful for women with painful premenstrual syndrome. During this period of a month there is a great deficiency in magnesium in a woman’s body. This element is needed when an organism has a lot of physical activity or emotional stress.

Pregnancy period is very important for any woman and it demands a special attitude to nutrition. During nine months a future mother should think not only of herself but of her baby as well. That is why a small handful of cashew nuts would be wholesome for both, a mother and a child.

Cashew will help you to regulate blood pressure and rhythm of the heart, will serve as a means of anaemia prevention. Besides it is useful for your baby’s skeleton and immune system. At least, it will put you in good spirits.

During lactation period cashew nuts will be appropriate to the mother’s diet. Breast milk would be more precious if you eat a few cashew nuts every day. However, do not take cashew without any precautions. Now let’s speak about health benefits of cashew nuts during pregnancy.


Pregnant woman with the bowl of cashew nutsIs cashew nuts good for pregnancy? Yes, they can be of benefit to the future mothers because they can help not only women but also their children.

Notice the following advantages of eating cashew nuts for pregnancy:

  1. Almost all future mothers suffer from anaemia. And useful microelements of cashew will help them to reduce this suffering and fill the organism with iron.
  2. A child’s development takes plenty of vitamins, calcium, zinc, and other substances. That is why a woman should compensate the lack of these elements in her body by eating different and nutritious food.
  3. Cashew nuts can prevent the appearance of child dystrophy and cardiovascular diseases as well.
  4. Cashew helps to regulate the work of the intestines.
  5. They are a great source of proteins and fibers.
  6. These nuts strengthen the skeletal systems of both, a mother and a child.
  7. At last, they enhance the immune system and raise body resistance to bacterial infections and viruses.

As you can see cashew nut is good for pregnancy for sure, but there are some contraindications that will be elucidated in the section below.


The main contraindication for eating cashew nuts during pregnancy is your idiosyncrasy of this particular sort of nuts. It should be taken into account that cashew nuts have plenty of calories. So, if you do not want to gain weight, you should eat less than fifty grams of them a day.

Many women exclude cashew completely from their diet. It is not right, too. Despite the fact that these nuts are included in the list of the most “harmful” products to our figure, a handful of them taken each day can help to improve our health by filling our organism with lots of vitamins and minerals.

Another contraindication is that you might have an allergy to cashew. Some people start sneezing, coughing or even they get swelling of mucous membranes in the nose after having eaten cashew nuts. Moreover, you might get rash on your skin, different kinds of inflammation or some signs of indigestion.

Advice: be very attentive. If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above after having taken cashew, go to the doctor immediately!

Also, it is not recommended to eat cashew for people with liver and kidneys diseases. Do not eat them too much because this unreasonable excess can cause serious problems with your health.

How to eat?

Cashew nuts on the tableIf you bought cashew in a shop or a supermarket, you shouldn’t worry about the quality of it. Cashew nuts are always ready for use, they have been treated properly, and you can enjoy this delicacy immediately without any concern. Nevertheless, if you dry them a little in the oven at the lowest temperature or just in the sun, their aroma would be stronger and the taste softer.

Cashew nuts include the proteins that do not have a complete set of amino acids. That is why your organism cannot assimilate them fully. So, if you combine these nuts with other vegetable or milk proteins, the calorific value will raise.

There are some other exotic recipes but they are rather specific. For example, some people fry them on all sides in the boiling oil. After this process the taste becomes very peculiar and not all people would like it.

Sometimes it is acceptable to diversify your diet with this meal. But you should remember that cashew nuts prepared in that way lose all the useful microelements. The vitamins will perish and there will be many more additional calories that will help you to gain weight.


Cashew nuts are certainly very useful for our health because they have lots of wholesome elements in their structure. However, it is too important to be reasonable and not to eat more than your organism needs.

If you remember the rule about the golden mean, they would bring you only a sense of pleasure and happy moments in your life. Always value your health and let these wonderful and special nuts be your joy.

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