Benefits and contraindications of eating Pistachio nuts during pregnancy

Benefits and contraindications of eating Pistachio nuts during pregnancy

Pistachios are favourite nuts of many people. Adults and children both like these yummy nuts, pistachio ice cream, a variety of food with pistachios. The health properties of pistachios made them worldwide popular, you can buy them at any grocery store.

Now there are a plenty of useful properties of eating this nut, so its consumption is highly recommended to all people including pregnant women. This article will give you information about pistachios’ nutrients, eating and precautions for them during pregnancy.


Pistachio is a small number of evergreen trees or shrubs that grow up in subtropical, partly tropical regions of Africa, Asia and the USA. Its height about 4-6 metres. Trees have a specific nutty smell.

Many people consider that the pistachio is a nut but that fact is not true. From the point of view of biologists the pistachio is a seed a nut, it is called as a nut only in cooking industry. Pistachios have a slightly egg shape. An interesting feature is that shells slightly open when nuts are ripe.

Nowadays the leader in producing pistachios is Iran. More than 200 thousand tons of this product is producing there every year. The next two countries are the USA and Turkey where we can also see the import of pistachios.

These nuts bring enormous benefits to the human body. They are recommended to use patients after complicated surgeries, athletes, people engaged in physical labor and intense mental activity. These wonderful nuts help you to stay healthy and cheerful all day long. But, what are the benefits of pistachios for pregnant women?

Vitamins and minerals

Pistachio treeThe number of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals are efficiently combined in pistachio nuts. The caloric content is 556 calories per 100 grams of the product. Pistachios contain fats, fyber, tannin, thiamine, phytosterols, zeaxanthin and other elements that are so necessary for our organism. These nuts have such elements as manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and even cuprum.

Pistachios contain phenol compounds which keep the body healthy and young, protect the cells from free radicals and stimulate their renewal and growth. Pistachio nuts are rich for vitamin B6. Ten nuts per day provide the organism with the quarter of the daily intake of this vitamin. Also there is vitamin E in pistachios which has antioxidant properties.

They neutralize the destructive influence of free radicals which are in our surroundings. It is very important because the ecological condition is not so good. Also eating pistachio nuts reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

Recommendation: If you want your vision to be good and your teeth to be strong for many years you should eat pistachios. They contain lutein and zeaxanthin which are essential for strong teeth and sharp eyes.

Usdeful video

This video might be interesting for you, since here you will know about top 5 benefits of pistachios nuts:

Health benefits

Pistachio nuts are the ecological product. Regular eating helps to avoid liver diseases and its purification. Due to a few nuts per day we can get rid of the biliary colic. These nuts help to deal with jaundice and anemia. The content of choline, or vitamin B4, makes them healthful for the liver, the brain and normalization of the structure of blood.

Pistachios also contain the following elements:

    Pistachios on the table

  • cobalt;
  • sillicium;
  • vanadium;
  • molybdenum;
  • iron;
  • zinc and many others.

Pistachios have undeniable beneficial properties on gastrointestinal tract treatment. If you eat small amounts of them daily, the risk of cancer will be reduced. The fats contained in these nuts are useful and do not provoke atherosclerosis. People with heart diseases must consume pistachios every day. It is very important because the nuts can strengthen blood vessels and make rhythm of the heart calm.

Warning! Do not eat pistachio nuts in large amounts because it can do harm to your health!

Due to UV rays the leaves of pistachio nuts exude a lot of essential oils which are very useful in small amounts. Oils keep the vitality of your organism and make you stay in a good mood. That is why pistachios are often called “the nuts of happiness”.

Be careful! Do not stand near the pistachio tree when the weather is hot. Otherwise you can feel dizziness, discomfort and even nausea.

Now let’s speak about health benefits of pistachio nuts during pregnancy, how do they affect on both mothers and babies organisms.

Pistachio nuts for mothers-to-be

Pistachios are good for pregnant women. During pregnancy the load on the female body increases, most of the nutrients are provided to the fetus. In the period of carrying a child the mother should eat a healthy food and get enough vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc. Regularly eating a small amount of pistachios, a woman helps her organism to gain right nutrients.

Benefits of pistachio nuts during pregnancyIn addition, due to the phytosterols contained in these nuts, pistachios strengthen and boost the immune system. This is very important because during pregnancy a woman should be careful and she must not catch an ill.

Nuts help in keeping them in a positive spirit. That is very important during pregnancy. Also these nuts normalize the blood pressure that helps to deal with overloading on the body. Pistachios are the valuable product as they are rich for calcium and iron. In some cases these nuts make the toxicosis pass quicker and easier.

During pregnancy condition of hair and nails is getting worse. In this case you also should eat pistachio nuts, they can regenerate them due to vitamin E.

Cholesterol level reduces and blood vessels become flexible and elastic because of nutrients of pistachios. During the breastfeeding pistachios are not recommended for consumption. Breast milk contains all nutrients consumed by the mother. The baby can be allergic to some of these nutrients. It is important to wait for 6-8 months, then pistachio will be only for benefit. But you should be attentive!

Advice! If your child has some redness on her/his face and cheeks, stop eating pistachios and consult with a doctor!

So, there is a strong connection between eating pistachio nuts and pregnancy, and now we will be speaking about some side effects that should be taken into account before consuming this product.


Despite the fact, that pistachio nuts good for pregnancy they have some contraindications, almost any food has a recommended dosage use. You should not eat more than fifteen pieces of these nuts a day, otherwise the body will gain a large amount of essential oils, which will be bad for the brain and can cause nausea and headaches.

Salty pista nutsThe danger for pregnant women is that overuse of pistachios can cause a negative effect on smooth muscles and this can finish with premature birth.

Pistachio nuts are healthful to all people, but they are contraindicated to those who have allergic reactions. Children with allergies can even get anaphylactic shock. Of course, if the expectant mother is allergic, eating of the product is forbidden. Also, due to their high calorie content, people who are prone to overweight should know the daily rate. Excessive consumption of pista nuts during pregnancy can cause nausea and dizziness.

Salty pistachios can be harmful too, as salt tends to raise the blood pressure. Also pistachios are not recommended to people who have orthodontic appliances. Overall, pistachio nuts in pregnancy are useful, but consult your doctor first!


Anyway, the content of nutrients makes the pistachio nuts a real gift of nature. The nuts can give us a lot of healthful substances, but also can do harm.

It depends on our attitude to our health and diet. Those who want to take care of her/his health and health of close people, should always have these nuts in their fridge. The main thing is that we should remember the daily allowance of this product. Then you will avoid many diseases and everything will be alright.

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