Sunflower Seeds is a Source of Valuable Amino-Acids During Pregnancy

Have you ever seen the sunflower field? Brightly-yellow or orange flowers seem to be full of sunshine. They shed fragrance of hot summer and make us admire their marvelous sight.

Golden sunflowers are not only a pleasure to the eye but also a source of life energy and nourishing elements.


Just look at the plenty of tiny black seeds which are hidden in each sunflower. They look rather unpretentiously, but what a richness of useful substances they contain! Vitamin E – “beauty vitamin”, vitamins B (including thiamine, pantothenic acid, and folic acid), linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid), dietary fiber, linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid), cholesterol-lowering phytosterols, and various minerals – as you can see, oily seeds have very interesting structure.

The striped sunflower seeds are mostly eaten rather as a wholesome snack than as part of a meal. The majority of crops are sent to special factory, where the seeds are pressed to extract their oil.

The sunflower seeds are good for producing confectionery – probably, everyone tried sweet seeds in caramelized sugar.

Sunflower seeds and pregnancy

sunflower seedsAre sunflower seeds good for pregnancy? And if you are pregnant why don`t you include nourishing sunflower seeds in your ration?

Let’s know what are the health benefits of eating sunflower seeds during pregnancy? This product will give expecting mothers many pluses. For example:

  1. Sunflower seeds support your skin, hair and nails due to its large amount of vitamin E, you can find a daily norm in 25-30 g of this product. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that protects cell walls and essential fats in the body from damage by free radicals, consequently slows down the process of aging. Vitamin E may also prevent thrombus from forming in your blood vessels. Pregnant women should keep in mind this property of oil seeds which will help them to remain attractive during the childbearing. Taking these tasty seeds you will get thick hair, strong nails and healthy complexion. They effectively heal the sores and restore injured bones as well.
  2. Many expecting mothers noticed, that the consumption of sunflower seeds took away the morning sickness, nausea and others abominable symptoms of toxemia. Eating striped sunflower seeds essentially improve the appetite and remove the heartburn.
  3. Nutty-tasting seeds play role in the regulation of acid-base balance.
  4. They are good means of the prophylaxis of heart, liver and bile duct diseases.
  5. One more advantage of eating sunflower seeds – they are anti-constipating food.
  6. Phytosterols which has a resemblance to cholesterol by their chemical nature delay cholesterol`s ingoing to blood and so, they help to reduce cholesterol level in blood.
  7. Sunflower seeds are packed with minerals – selenium, manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc. They are required for the formation of the skeletal system and producing erythrocytes. Selenium fight against the development of cancer cells and it also sinews the immune system. Magnesium removes the muscle fatigue and reduces the high blood pressure.

Contraindications and measures of precautions

seeds during pregnancyThese are only more common pluses of eating sunflower seeds. They must be in every expecting mother`s diet as well as meat, fish, dairy products. And many pregnant women add these seeds to their food intuitively, without anyone’s recommendations.

By the way, nibbling sunflower seeds is rather calming and pleasant way to cope with stresses. But it is very taking, don`t forget about the quantity needed. Sunflower husk, when it comes inside can cause digestive disorders, problems with gastrointestinal tract, or inflammation of the appendix.

Sunflower seeds like any other product are useful only in reasonable amount. You should not eat them every day. 100 g a day is quite enough, but we rarely limit ourselves with this quantity. That is why if you overeat, it`s better not to consume the seeds within the next few days. A fortiori, the sunflower seeds have a reputation as a high calorie snack and the excessive consumption can affect your figure.

If a pregnant woman has problems with her teeth, she must not tempt the fate and nibble sunflower seeds very often. During pregnancy time teeth become vulnerably and their enamel – thinner, so there`s no need to subject them to such a load.

Striped dried seeds will be more appropriate for mothers-to-be.

Speaking about medical contraindications one should mention the following groups of pregnant women:

  1. Expectant mothers who have overweight or obesity;
  2. Pregnant women with stomatological problems;
  3. Mothers-to-be who are prone to allergy.

How to use tasty seeds properly?

There are few rules on the right consumption of sunflower seeds:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before eating seeds to avoid of harmful bacteriums. The seeds must be clean too.
  2. Don`t exceed the daily norm – 100 g.
  3. It`s more beneficial to buy raw sunflower seeds and dry them at home. In this case you`ll be sure of good quality of the product, while prepared and packed sunflower seeds can be treated with harmful substances.
  4. Remember, only dried sunflower seeds are useful. Being fried, they lose their health-giving properties.
  5. Striped seeds are worse in holding their beneficial qualities.

benefits sunflower seedsConsidering the benefits of eating sunflower seeds for pregnant, we can`t ignore such popular product made from nourishing seeds as the sunflower oil. It is commonly used in culinary – for frying, stewing, flavoring.

This seed oil is well assimilated in human organism. It contains fatty acids, vitamins B1, B2, PP, E – these elements are very important for normal functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular and muscular systems.

Due to its unique structure, sunflower oil possesses antispasmodic and light sedative effects. This sunflower oil is rather rich in magnesium , mineral which has an essential meaning in metabolism of both pregnant woman and her child.

Sunflower oil is also used as a natural remedy for constipation. Pregnant women who have problems with stool are recommended to take 1 tablespoon of the seed oil 30 minutes before meals.

There are two kinds of sunflower oil – refined and unrefined. Unrefined oils are filtered only lightly to remove large particles. They have bright, saturated color, strong smell of seeds and more deep taste. Refined oils are lighter and don`t smell so much. Many people give their preference to refined varieties, but one should know that unrefined sunflower seed is more natural and useful for health.

Recipe salad with the sunflower oil

sunflower seeds in pregnancyExpecting mothers can dress the salads with the sunflower oil, it is the best method to use it. For pregnant woman salad with beetroot and seed oil will be wholesome, even a curative food.

The recipe of this dish is very simple. You need 2-3 middle-sized beetroots, boiled. Grate your vegetables, and then add 2-3 tablespoons of sunflower oil. Mix together well and your salad is ready to be served. You can decorate it with parsley or dill chopped leaves. Beetroot is a well-known source of iron and calcium, it is also effective for purification of organism. And about the precious elements containing in sunflower oil you already know.

Pregnant women should eat substantial healthy food and enjoy beautiful thing. But nothing can compare with the delightful beauty of nature.

You can not only nibble sunflower seeds, but also plant fresh raw seeds in your garden in the place open to sunshine. And after some time you will have bright and cheerful flower, your own little sun. And when it fades, the sunflower oily seeds will be an excellent snack for you!

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