How to Eat Walnuts During Pregnancy?

Walnut is a stone fruit on a walnut tree. Walnuts are rounded, single-seeded and they have very firm cell that protects the delicate kernel from negative influences from the outside.

When nuts ripen their structure gradually changes, finally turning into a set of nutrients and useful elements. Walnut trees are cultivated for edible kernels. Meats of nuts have high food value and allow supporting energy balance of human organism.


Even unripen green walnuts can be wanted for culinary purposes – some hostesses cook delicious delicacy from this product. But not solely its fruits are of importance. The wood of this beautiful and noble walnut tree is a perfect material for making elite furniture and artistic articles for interior decoration. Its leaves are characterized by pleasant lasting aroma and can be of interest to fans of aromatherapy.

These flavorous green leaves also scare some insects (mosquitos and midges) from your house.

So, as you can see walnut tree is a unique plant. Not without reason it was called “the tree of life” or “king`s tree” , this wonderful tree with large oval leaves deserves taking a place of pride in every garden.

Structure and properties

walnuts during pregnancyAs for walnut, it is very interesting fruit. The kernel of this nut has a resemblance to the brain – it consists of two halves separated by a partition. And – what a coincidence – eating walnuts is thought to be useful for proper functioning of the brain and activation of thinking processes.

Apart from it, walnuts can boast of other splendid qualities, which are explained by their rich structure. Walnuts are natural source of vitamins C, A, B1, B2, B3, B12, PP, K and essential oils, fatty amino acids, proteins, sterins, fiber. By the way there are some fatty acids needed for our body that can be found only in walnuts. And what an imposing number of minerals these nuts contain! Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, phosphor – this list goes on.

Taking into consideration all valuable substances which are comprised in walnuts, scientists pay particular attention to these stone fruits.

People get walnut oil and extracts for pharmacological goals, a lot of ethno recipes include tasty appetizing golden kernels. Walnuts are good helpers in treatment of many diseases – from anemia, insomnia and headache to infertility and impotency.

Consuming walnut meats strengthens the muscles, remove tiredness, support immune and nervous system. These rare fruits can compare with walnuts in luxury of structuring elements and plenty of healing properties.

Advantages of walnuts during pregnancy

walnuts for pregnant women“Сan i eat walnuts during pregnancy?”, “are walnuts good for me during pregnancy?”.

These are the common questions for pregnant ladies, let’s know more about the health benefits of walnuts during pregnancy.

Walnut brown oily kernels are one of the most favorite delicacies of childhood. For girls and women nuts are beneficial as great source of vitamins A and E which make them beautiful and full of energy.

Are there some walnut`s properties attracting the attention of expecting mothers? And what are the health benefits of eating walnuts during pregnancy? Of course walnuts are good for pregnancy. Here`s the enumeration of benefits of walnut use for pregnant ladies:

  1. Walnut kernels are able to improve your memory and increase cerebral activity. Scientists confirm that regular consumption of walnuts during pregnancy helps to reduce risk of congenital mental disabilities. Do you want to have a clever and talented child? Enjoy eating walnuts!
  2. If you have a high sugar level in blood, walnuts are helpful.
  3. These nuts possess a diuretic effect and you can use them in fighting against swellings.
  4. Walnuts have a beneficial influence on your nervous system and the functioning of thyroid. You have already noticed how often mood and level of being active changes during pregnancy time. It is conditioned by the alterations of hormonal ground and closely connected to functions of thyroid. On this basis eating walnut kernels will be a good food choice for expecting mothers.
  5. Due to high level og the iron contained, walnuts become lifesavers for pregnant women with anemia. They assist in improving indicators of hemoglobin in the blood.
  6. Including walnuts in the menu acts restoratively. Walnuts have anti-inflammatory properties as well, and proteins contained help in strengthening muscles of moms-to-be.
  7. In postnatal period using walnuts will improve lactation processes.

Can walnuts be a reason of health problems?

walnuts can be pregnantAre walnuts safe enough during pregnancy? Very likely, there` s only one fly in the ointment – walnuts are assimilated rather slowly in organism, that is why it`s better to chew them well.

On the whole, this product is regarded as safe but pregnant women, who are prone to constipation, allergy and digestive disorders, should limit such a food.

One should particularly stress that present of proteins in walnuts is almost equal to that containing in meat. And lot of proteins can lead to development allergy, it affects the growing baby inside too. If you have sore throat, nuts are not a proper snack for you – eating them can cause having tickling in your throat.

Pregnant women are recommended to consume about 30 g walnuts – it`s a daily norm. For better effect walnuts may be put in water to become soft.

Nutritionists advice to reduce the consumption of walnuts to 2 times a week during the second and third trimesters. The healthiest way to use walnuts is to eat them fresh, because in process of thermal treatment these nuts give off toxic oils.

How to eat walnuts during pregnancy?

whether it is possible for pregnant walnutsWalnuts are eaten separately or added finely chopped in various food – bakery, meat and fish, vegetable and fruit salads. They are perfectly combined with other tastes and make a zest of your dish.

People use walnuts and as remedy for health dispositions, these fruits help to overcome problems of physical state without spending much money and taking medicaments which are undesirable during childbearing. These are some methods to prepare natural remedies with nuts:

For spasm of head vessels: Mix 3-4 finely chopped walnuts with 1 tablespoon of natural honey. Take this mixture and drink a glass of water. It will help, if you suffer from headache, insomnia or stresses.

For anemia and avitaminosis: mix chopped walnuts with grated lemon skin and add 2 tablespoons of honey. Take 1 tablespoon of mass before meal. Tasty, fast and very beneficial!

One more variant of simple and delicious dainty – take one banana, cut it into 7 pieces. Dip each banana piece in liquid honey and then roll it in chopped walnuts. Yummy and useful for you and your baby!

walnut oil during pregnancyBe attentive while choosing walnuts. Really good walnuts are of oblong shape, with thin shell. The most reasonable way – to buy small quantity of walnuts on approval to make sure that their quality is appropriate.

If the kernels will have dark spots and rancid taste – don`t eat them and go to other shop for this product. If the walnuts are sold packaged, you can store them in their original packaging.

Once you open the bag, put the walnuts to an airtight container to keep them fresh. If you buy bulk walnuts, either in-shell or shelled, set the fruits in special container for long-term cold storage.

When storing walnuts in the fridge, store them away from products with strong odors (e.g. fish, garlic, onions). The matter is that wallnuts can absorb the smells of other foods.

Summarizing all aforesaid information, we can make a conclusion about the great nutritional and curative value of this product. Golden oily kernels, consumed in measured amounts during pregnancy will help you to have a healthy and strong child. Eat tasty nuts and provide yourself with important nutrients for your general condition and attractive appearance elements.

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