Eating Beans During Pregnancy

It is unknown who first called haricot beans “magical” but this epithet is quite agree with beneficial properties the beans are famous for.

The nations of Ukraine, Moldavia and Bulgaria are well aware of its valuable qualities and widely use red, white and green beans for food.

The Caucasian cuisine, one of the most favorite among the gourmets, can`t be of full value without these satisfying and tasty beans. As you, probably notice, nowadays more and more restaurants offer dainty dishes with beans.

Is it Safe to Eat Peanuts During Pregnancy?

Peanut is also called groundnut, earth-nut or goober. It is because of the way of its fruiting – after pollination the peanut’s footstalk grows faster, droops to the ground and deepens to the soil in 8-12 cm. There, under the earth, the bean pod grows and develops.

It is light brown and hides not more than 5 beans, covered with mahogany skin. So, what we call “nut” is not a nut in botanical meaning of the word, but it tastes like nut and very nutritional. Not only people appreciate appetizing and sweetish peanuts – not without reason one more name of this unusual plant – “the monkeynut”. In our article we will answer the follow questions: “Are peanuts healthy during pregnancy?”, “is eating peanuts safe during pregnancy?”, enjoy the reading.

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