Eating Beans During Pregnancy

It is unknown who first called haricot beans “magical” but this epithet is quite agree with beneficial properties the beans are famous for.

The nations of Ukraine, Moldavia and Bulgaria are well aware of its valuable qualities and widely use red, white and green beans for food.

The Caucasian cuisine, one of the most favorite among the gourmets, can`t be of full value without these satisfying and tasty beans. As you, probably notice, nowadays more and more restaurants offer dainty dishes with beans.


Are beans good for pregnancy?

Formerly there was a common attitude towards haricot beans as a product which is heavy for the stomach. But specialists say that this opinion is groundless.

beans during pregnancyIndependently on the variety (red, white, black, green or French beans) beans are very unusual product with the considerable supply of vitamins, microelements and amino-acids. Not without reason the beans are also called “vegetarian meat”, these oval seeds contain rather large amount of proteins. In the level of substantial qualities beans are almost equivalent to meat.

Therefore dishes with beans can be recommended as a regular in pregnancy menu. It is thought that expecting mothers should eat for two during the period of childbearing.

Woman`s organism works with great efforts providing the fetus with various substances needed for the development of its bones, organs and nervous system.

Expecting mother`s appearance also mostly depends on her nutrition – if your food is poor in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, no wonder that the condition of your hair, skin, nails will leave much to be desired. That is why it`s very important for moms-to be not to forget during pregnancy about such nourishing and wholesome product as beans.

If you were not a fan of beans before, you`d better begin with light vegetable beans soup. It is worth saying that 1 portion of beans contains 15 g of fiber. Beans deserve to take a place of pride on your table, because they have considerable number of curable properties.

So, what are the health benefits of eating beans during pregnancy?

These are some of them:

    1. Copper and iron contained in these tasty beans take part in producing hemoglobin and provide you with good results of the blood tests. Iron is also necessary to support the immune system of a future mother.
    2. Some pregnant women confirm that eating beans from the first weeks of pregnancy assisted them in getting rid of the morning sickness.
    3. Nicotinic acid is essential for normal protein exchange. This useful substance significantly reduces high blood pressure and helps to solute the problems with skin, heart and blood vessels. It is also good for weakened nervous system.

can pregnant beans

  • Beans effectively stimulate the digestive processes.
  • Beans facilitate the purification of your organism from the slugs and toxins.
  • Arginin which beans are comprised of reduces the sugar level in blood.
  • Beans are good in strengthening of vessels and prevention of kidney stones.
  • Eating beans are remarkably appropriate for the prophylaxis of lentigo.
  • Cosmetologists appreciate beans for their ability to prevent wrinkles and improve the complexion. Cosmetic masks made from beans puree will make you shine with beauty.
  • The consumption of beans during pregnancy can also play the role of efficient antidepressant. Regularly eating of beans normalizes the condition of the nervous system and gives you excellent mood and lots of energy.


So, we can make a conclusion of the particular benefits of beans to the following groups of pregnant:

  1. pregnant women with low level of hemoglobin;
  2. expecting mothers who lose their good looks in pregnancy;
  3. pregnant women suffering from the toxemia symptoms;
  4. moms-to-be who have hypertension or problems with vessels;
  5. Those pregnant women, who prefer being vegetarians but don`t want to suffer from the lack of proteins.

One should keep in mind that beans are contraindicated for people with gastritis, cholesystitis, colitis. To avoid of meteorism it is better to combine beans with dill greens.

Which sorts of beans are more desirable for the consumption if you are prone to meteorism symptoms.

Haricot beans – red, white or green French?

And now, a few words on the most widespread varieties of beans:

string beans in pregnancy

  1. Red beans came from America and India. They are used in medicine, cosmetology and cooking. Red beans are particularly popular in Georgian, Turkey and Armenian cuisines. It is a wonderful source of the vitamins B group. In 100 g of beans you will find a daily norm of fiber. These beans are safe for woman who wants to keep fit – only 95 kk in 100 g. This product is a very powerful energetic which will make you to remain active and strong all day long. “Beans flour” made from red beans was anciently used for producing of white pigments and powders. For cosmetic purpose you can try one effective mask with beans. Mix some beans, cooked and cooled, 0,5 tablespoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of olive oil. Grind all the components well. Apply the mask for 15-20 minutes. It has nourishing effect and smoothes the wrinkles.
  2. Green beans or French beans are originated from sunny Italy. They are appreciated for the presence of easy-assimilated proteins and carbohydrates. These wholesome beans restore the hormonal background, strengthen the nervous system and improve the functioning of intestinal tract. They are fine remedy during the flu season. Their curative strength is so great that in medicine they use them in treatment of tuberculosis, cancer and impotency.
  3. White or “royal” beans contain large amount of calcium and that makes them beneficial for teeth enamel, nails, hair, bones. They include a lot of potassium as well, this element is needed by those with heart problems.

How to cook the beans properly?

whether it is possible for pregnant beansThe main thing you should take into account – the majority of raw beans is harmful for your health. Beans contain some substances that can be toxic without thermal treatment.

They can lead to digestive disorders. Therefore it is necessary to soak your beans for 4-5 hours. The soaking does not effect on the dish`s taste but it helps with the dissolving of oligosaccharides which can`t be assimilated in our organism. Not being soaked beans are rather heavy meal. Soaked beans are boiled or stewed with other vegetables and meat.

Cooked or preserved beans are good components for salads and snacks. It is successfully combined with various sauces and considered as an universal product.

Tasty and healthy recipe: “Beans stewed with tomatoes and sour-cream”

You need:

  • 1 glass of red or white beans, soaked,
  • 1 parsley root,
  • 4-5 tomatoes,
  • 25 g cheese,
  • ¾ glass sour cream,
  • 1 red pepper.

is it possible to beans during pregnancyBoil your beans until they are half-prepared, and then put them into the cast-iron kettle. Add chopped parsley root, sliced tomatoes, cut pepper. After that pour on the sour cream and sprinkle on grated cheese.

Close the lid, put the dish into the oven and until it is prepared. Decorate your dish with chopped greens and serve it immediately. Enjoy yourself!

So, white, red and green beans are rich source of valuable substances, vitamins and minerals.

Nourishing and beneficial beans will give you enough energy and be makes you active during the difficult time of childbearing. Include this wholesome product in your menu and you`ll be a healthy, beautiful and cheerful expecting mother!
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