Is it Safe to Eat Peanuts During Pregnancy?

Peanut is also called groundnut, earth-nut or goober. It is because of the way of its fruiting – after pollination the peanut’s footstalk grows faster, droops to the ground and deepens to the soil in 8-12 cm. There, under the earth, the bean pod grows and develops.

It is light brown and hides not more than 5 beans, covered with mahogany skin. So, what we call “nut” is not a nut in botanical meaning of the word, but it tastes like nut and very nutritional. Not only people appreciate appetizing and sweetish peanuts – not without reason one more name of this unusual plant – “the monkeynut”. In our article we will answer the follow questions: “Are peanuts healthy during pregnancy?”, “is eating peanuts safe during pregnancy?”, enjoy the reading.


Wonderful bean pods packed with vitamins

Peanuts are originated from Brasilia and got spread all over the world. Now this oil plant is cultivated in Asia, Africa, Italy, Spain, France, India, China, Ukraine and in southern regions of the USA. This plant culture makes 12% from all legumes grown for food and feed crop.

peanuts during pregnancyWide using of this product is explained by high level of natural fats contained in peanuts. Its beans are used for producing peanut oil or arachis oil – mild-tasting with strong peanut aroma.

It is like olive oil in its beneficial qualities and American people can`t imagine their breakfast without some toasts with peanut oil. The kernels of peanuts are irreplaceable ingredients for the confectionery. Fried and salty peanuts are favorite snacks in many countries. By the way, the green part of this plant is also can be used – it`s fine food for the cattle.

The analysis of the peanut`s structure shows that oily-tasting beans are just as good as nuts in quantity of valuable substances. Beans of arachis contain about 53% vegetable oils, consisting of such fatty acids as linoleic acid, arachidic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid and some others. Wherein, cholesterol and peanut are incompatible concepts – substantial beans don`t contain cholesterol.

Vegetarians are well informed about the considerable amounts of proteins in groundnuts. These nuts can be a successful replacement of animal protein, because arachis proteins are well assimilated in human organism.

Peanuts are more packed with proteins than cedar nuts and walnuts. Vitamins in arachis are presented in big and balanced assortment – vitamin PP, B1, B4, B5, B6, C, E. Groundnuts also contain various minerals – calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphor, iron, selenium, zinc, copper. Arachis includes methionine and lysin – precious amino-acids, which are needed for regeneration of cells and forming of muscle bulk.

That is why many people who dream of athletic figure give preference to groundnuts. And the presence of biotin makes these nuts desirable both for men and women. Men, who consume peanuts regularly are less prone to boldness and impotency. Women, who often choose concretely peanuts for snacks remain beautiful longer. The calorific value of the peanuts is very high – 100 g nut give us 574 kcal. Consequently, this product is very satisfying and provides us with energy and strength all day long.

Peanuts during pregnancy – benefits and side effects

Peanuts can be pregnant“Can I eat peanuts during pregnancy?”, “Is it safe to eat peanuts during pregnancy?” –  These are common questions, let’s read about all the pros and cons. In spite of the numerous health-giving properties, arachis is rather a controversial product for consumption during pregnancy.

Some doctors recommend it in small quantity, according to another point of view, peanuts are detect for expecting mothers and they must refrain from eating them while pregnant. Why such an innocuously-looking nut has become a reason of the disputes?

Does eating peanuts during pregnancy cause allergy? It is believed to be strong allergens which can even lead to the development of congenital allergy in the growing baby`s organism. And the consequences of strong allergic reactions, as you know, can be deplorable.

But most scientists suppose, that if a pregnant woman is not incline to allergy herself, she can eat favorite arachis and products made from peanuts, but with limit and not every day.

So, what are the health benefits of eating peanuts during pregnancy? On the whole, tasty groundnuts can offer a lot of benefits for mother-to-be. Here is the list of advantages:

  1. The profusion of vitamins B and E, which possess antioxidant properties make arachis a good defender of your organism in winter and autumn season when people fall ill with flu and catarrhal diseases. These vitamins finely affect the condition of hair, skin and nail as well.
  2. Peanuts help to normalize the cholesterol level in blood.
  3. Resveratrol contained in groundnuts prevents the development of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. It constrains the growth of cancer cells and slows down the aging process.
  4. If you have high sugar level in blood, eating arachis will assist in assimilation of glucose.
  5. Due to the included zinc these nuts make effect of insulin longer ,therefore it is recommended to people with diabetes.
  6. If a pregnant woman suffers from bad blood coagulation, she should consume the peanuts from time to time. It is known, that these nuts can be stanching for people with hemophilia.
  7. Groundnuts beneficially affect the nervous system of moms-to-be and help to get rid of insomnia, prostration, irritability and tearfulness.
  8. Arachis oil can be an efficient remedy for sores and other dermatological problems. It is natural and delicate medicine for expecting mothers.

Are peanuts dangerous during pregnancy?

is it possible to peanuts pregnantBut still peanuts can be dangerous for some category of pregnant ladies. Let’s learn who should avoid peanuts during pregnancy? Fatty and delicious peanuts are forbidden for the following categories of pregnant women:

  1. Women who are prone to allergic reactions;
  2. Women with phlebeurysm;
  3. Women with overweight;
  4. Women with kidney stones and gastritis;

Many expecting mothers wonder, is it possible to get a food poisoning from arachis. There is a risk of poisoning if you have bought old-store unfresh peanuts. Being stored in too hot or humid places, these nuts can be affected by the mold fungus and become toxic.

Striped peanuts must be stored in the airtight container in the refrigerator for 3 months. If you have unpeeled peanuts, the storage life is longer – about 9 months.

Ways you can eat peanut

peanuts in pregnancyPregnant women should keep in mind that one must not eat the arachis raw. It is bad for gastrointestinal system and brings risks of infectious diseases.

So, arachis without thermal treatment is dangerous for expecting mothers. And what about fried peanuts? It is a safer choice for pregnant woman, because frying reduces the level of allergens. As for the mold fungus, it is not destroyed even at high temperatures, that is why old peanuts are poisonous in any case.

Salty peanuts caught a fancy of many moms-to-be, due to their taste. Pregnant women often love pungent or salty food. But if you are going to pamper yourself with a packet of wanted snacks, remember, that overeating can lead to swellings.

There`s no need to take such a risk, indulging the passing caprice. Eat arachis with accordingly.

And finally – easy recipe for peanuts, if you want to treat yourself with something delicious , substantial and wholesome. Everyone can try a simple and nourishing salad with arachis.

You need:

  • 2 beetroots, boiled,
  • 150 g dried apricots,
  • 2 apples,
  • 2 tablespoons of fried arachis,
  • 3 tablespoons oil,
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar,
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped.

peanuts for pregnant womenPeel your beetroots and cut them into strips. Cut the same way your apples. And then chop dried apricots. Put the ingredients into the salad bowl, add fried arachis, mix together and pour on the sauce.

For preparation of the sauce mix oil, vinegar and chopped garlic cloves together. This salad will be a real storehouse of vitamins and useful minerals for you and your baby. Bon appetit!

In conclusion it should be said that during pregnancy advantages of using some products are rather disputable. An expecting mother often has to limit the consumption of so called “allergic food” when she carrying her baby. But if eating peanuts is reasonable and not daily, it will be a beneficial and nutritional snack for mom-to-be.

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