Is Garlic an Aggressive or Curable Vegetable During Pregnancy?

The garlic is a bulbous herbal plant which was originated from the variety of wild mountain onion.

The motherland of garlic is Middle Asia. This plant has long leaves and flowers-hermaphrodites its subterranean part consists of many cloves.


They are characterized by very pungent taste and strong smell as well as garlic greens. Due to this peculiarities garlic is cultivated in many corners of the world where the climate is mild enough. People add aromatic cloves and leaves to their cooking to make it tastier.

Pungent cloves: arguments “for” and “against”

garlic during pregnancyGarlic cloves are consumed both fresh and dried. Many gourmets and chefs can`t imagine meat and vegetable dishes without bright spicy taste of garlic. It makes even the most unpretentious food very appetizing.

Garlic is a flavoring which is known to everyone. But it is not merely kind of spice but an effective natural remedy of prophylaxis and treatment of different diseases.

Legendary advantages of using garlic are not overstatement – numerous scientific researches have proved usefulness of this vegetable.

The same time there are enough opponents of using garlic as means of treatment. They are skeptical about recognition of its healing actions and think that just stupid uneducated people can ignore traditional medicine for such a nonsense as recipes with garlic. And what opinion have doctors and scientists come to? What are the health benefits of eating a raw garlic during pregnancy? Here you can read about some facts referred to garlic which were proved by specialists.

  1. This vegetable contains natural antibiotic alistatin, vitamins form B (alitiaminid, nikotinamid) , vitamin A, organic iodine, garlisin and other active elements.
  2. Garlic is a natural antibacterial remedy whose beneficially differs from drugstore`s one because garlic does not destroy useful microflora of human organism.
  3. Garlic is an efficient remedy for strengthening of blood vessels. It finely removes the tension in blood vessels. Alistatin interacts with erythrocytes producing hydrogen sulfide. This substance facilitates and normalizes the bloodstream.
  4. This product normalizes high blood pressure.
  5. It raises testosterone level and reduces the percent of hormone cortisol which destroys muscles.
  6. For people who want to become slimmer, garlic can also be recommended as it lows appetite and improves metabolism processes through the producing significant amounts of adrenaline.

garlic pregnant womenCan garlic cause any harm? One should not forget that pungent cloves can be rather aggressive and it`s important not to overeat it.

Specialists highlight some arguments against using garlic:

  1. In interaction with other medicaments this vegetable can minimize their range of actions.
  2. Garlic is rather toxic because it contains natural sulfides. These substances negatively influence on general condition and can become a reason of the headaches.
  3. Doctors made a conclusion about negative effect of garlic on cerebral activity.
  4. Pungent garlic can be irritating for the mucous membrane of the liver and kidneys.
  5. The consumption of garlic can be dangerous for people with hemorrhoids, cardioneurosis, epilepsy, pressure drops and diseases of gastrointestinal tract.

Is garlic safe for pregnancy?

Are garlic supplements harmful during pregnancy? Having analyzed aforesaid information you can see how attitudes to the garlic conflicting are. On the one hand, odorous garlic cloves hide great supply of precious elements and on the other hand garlic can be toxic and irritating for inner organs.

Expecting mothers who have to work out a strict strategy of proper pregnancy nutrition, as a rule, treat garlic with suspicion. But would it be reasonable to refrain from garlic eating completely?

Nowadays gynecologists say that the only serious reason to exclude garlic from the menu is individual intolerance. In other cases pregnant women can pamper themselves with pungent snacks with garlic, but such food must be consumed with measure.

whether it is possible for pregnant garlicThese are some benefits of eating garlic which are actual concretely for mothers-to-be:

  1. Folic acid hidden in aromatic cloves provides normal development of the growing baby`s nervous system and locomotorium.
  2. Due to anti-inflammatory and antiseptically properties of garlic it can be recommended to pregnant women during the flu season. It is easier to prevent diseases than to cure them using medicaments from the drugstore, especially if you are carrying a child. Garlic will be a reliable helper in prophylaxis of catarrhal diseases. Harmful bacteriums will not have any chance!
  3. It stabilizes your blood pressure and low the risk of thrombus.

Side effects of eating garlic are the following:

  1. This product can lead to allergic reaction.
  2. It can cause heartburn and pains in stomach.
  3. Taking garlic remedies or snacks in the last trimester can influence on the lactation process.

Garlic can change milk taste making it bitter for baby. Some accoucheurs, on the contrary, advice to eat garlic as this vegetable raises uterus contractions and helps in postnatal recovery. But if breastfeeding is your choice you should not consume this flavoring.

Pros and contras of eating garlic are two sides of the same coin. The best way to use garlic is taking no more than 1 clove a day. Then you will get all the positive effects and avoid of risks.

It is preferably to include garlic in your pregnancy diet in the first trimester (early pregnancy). During this period nutrition does not have so big action upon the fetus as in the following trimesters.

Choose the healthiest garlic and have some delicious snacks!

It is well known that pregnant woman`s taste preferences change during childbearing strangely. Sometimes expecting mothers want to eat something unusual, bright in taste – salty or spicy.

If you are going to choose garlic, remember that the key indicators of its good quality are solidness and dryness. Garlic must be enough ripen and fresh.

Give your preference to bulbs of middle size, with large and accurate cloves. Lots of husk and sprouted greens are signals for you not to buy this garlic – it has already lost its healthy properties.

We offer two not very traditional recipes for moms-to-be.

Casserole with vegetables

    possible eat garlic during pregnancy

  • Preheat the oven till middle temperature.
  • Put 8 carrots and 1 potato in the saucepan, pour on some water, boil, till vegetables are prepared. Then grate your carrots and potato.
  • Mix with a spoon 5 beaten eggs, 4 tablespoons of flour, 3 finely chopped cloves of garlic, salt, pepper.
  • Add grated vegetables to the mixture.
  • Put your casserole on the baking sheet, smeared with oil and sifted with semolina. Cook it for 45 minutes. Simple, tasty and healthy dish!

Mixture for sandwiches

    whether it is possible to eat garlic pregnant

  • 500 g sour gooseberry,
  • 250 g dill,
  • 250 g garlic mash and mix with blender,
  • add some sugar in your taste,
  • keep the mixture in a closed bank in the fridge.

In fine, pregnant women without serious health disorders and individual intolerance can add fresh or dried garlic to their cooking and enjoy rich taste gamma. All is good when you consume it in reasonable amounts.

Golden mean – that`s what makes your food salutary and healthy for you and your baby.
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