A Raw Onion During Pregnancy: the Benefits and Recipes

Onion is a vegetable which is known and eatable in many countries. Its yellowish-green leaves grow in a tan-shaped flattened swathe. Vegetables are characterized by pungent bitter taste sometimes with sweetish taste shades.

They are usually fleshy and juicy, of cylindrical shape with one flattened side. According to information from different sources there are about 600 sorts of these plants. But most of them are grown for decorative purposes and only 20 are edible.


Onions existed 5000 years ago and already in ancient times they got a reputation of highly-valuable vegetables for their unique curative qualities.

In old days Romans provided their army forces with large amount of onions because it was thought that bitter vegetables could give courage and strength to soldiers. Hippocrates, famous antique physician advised to eat onions for treatment of podagra and rheumatism. Another outstanding physician, representative of oriental medicine, Avicenna emphasized that onions using helps wounded people as well as people with infectious diseases.

Onions was long ago considered as a product which may fight again harmful for human organism factors and substances. As far as we can judge onion was respected by many nations and widely used in ethno medicine for prophylaxis and cure of various health disorders.

Onions will help in health disorders

onions during pregnancyWhy onions are so beneficial and good for our health?

Imposing healing properties of onion are explained by its interesting structure. This pungent vegetable whose biting smell make us cry while peeling it contains the following elements:

  1. A lot of vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6, B4, B12, C, D, H, K, PP);
  2. Minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphor, sodium, copper, cobalt and others). By the way, amount of iron and zinc is big enough.
  3. Volatile flavor compounds;
  4. Essential oils;
  5. Pectins and fiber;
  6. Organic acids (malic acid, citric acid, folic acid);
  7. Enzymes;
These substances determine the curable effect of onion on human organism. This lowly vegetable can be a wonderful lifesaver for diabetes, catarrhal and infectious diseases, hypertension and hemorrhoids.

It assists in getting rid of worms and pinworms.

Doctors confirm that onions play an essential role in blood purification and normalization of metabolism processes. If one will take it every day in small quantities onions can be effective natural remedy for improving digestion and heart work. Onions can be recommended to people who desire to increase their sexual activity – in many editions on ethno medicine onions are referred to so-called “erotic food”.

Benefits for moms-to-be

Pregnant women who are especially interested in well-balanced proper nutrition must not neglect the advantages which eating onions gives. Some people do not like the taste of fried or fresh onions and that`s for nothing because they deprive themselves of opportunity to strengthen immune system and support work of different organs.

Onions are worth consuming because they protect well both expecting mother and her baby inside from a number of diseases including infectious. What are the health benefits of eating raw onion during pregnancy? There are more well-known benefits of onion in period of pregnancy:

    is it possible to onions during pregnancy

  1. Regular consumption of onions will make you immune against flu or catarrhal diseases because set of vitamins in combination with volatile flavor compounds fight bacteriums and support immune system. It is very useful to add fresh onions in vegetable salads in winter season, because in cold and windy weather organism is weakened and needs to be protected.
  2. Onions are irreplaceable in avitaminosis. They are rich with the most important vitamins – C and B. As a rule, sometimes people who have lack of these elements find onions very appetizing. That is to say, body prompts what to eat.
  3. Folic acid containing in bitter slices of onion makes so much for forming locomotorium system of fetus.
  4. Eating onions has diuretic effect.
  5. Due to magnesium which is in onions, these vegetables can be anti-constipating.
  6. Great amount of iron is essential when it touches with anemia and weakness. Components of onions are necessary for producing hemoglobin.
  7. Onions can be curable in cases of hemorrhoids, bronchitis, lung diseases.
  8. And what is very essential for every woman, onions are widely used in cosmetology. This gift of nature improves our hair, nails. Many kinds of cosmetic remedies are prepared with onion extracts. Often moms-to-be are discontent with their skin as during childbearing time rash and lentigo appear. Onions can assist to overcome these problems. Nothing in your appearance will make you sad when you are pregnant.

Be careful with proportions!

You can eat onions during pregnancyWhen onions are not good for pregnancy? But as onion is very strong and sharp expecting mothers should eat it with limit of consumption. Sometimes women during pregnancy feel hard craving to onions and consume them in enormous amounts.

This is explained by the following: some components of this vegetable are hormonal-like and act the same way. And in conditions of hormonal changing resulted in certain taste preferences these components aphrodisiacs, attract woman much. But one should not forget that onions are rather aggressive and can hurt the mucous coat of stomach.

Consuming them in large proportions leads to symptoms of meteorism. Women suffering from disorders with kidneys, liver, digestive organs and gall bladder should better refrain from eating onions or limit their consumption. People with asthma must be careful too, because onions can cause new attacks. And those who are prone to high blood pressure can feel bad after eating too much of this vegetable.

Some women commonly prefer green leaves of onion to its juicy white part. But remember that the most beneficial qualities you can find in fleshy part, though leaves are very healthy too. If you want to always have fresh onion greens in the kitchen, grow onions on your windowsill – it is rather easy and provides you and your child with luxury of vitamins and minerals.

Useful recipes

onions and garlic in pregnancyThe simplest way to use natural spicy product is adding it chopped in salads, porridges, soups, meat and other dishes. Fried, stewed and fresh onions perfectly go with different things and make them tastier.

There are many recipes the main components of which are onions.

But in our article we`ll pay special attention to natural recipes with onions from ethno medicine:

For dyspnea

Bake 1 onion and mix it with butter and honey. Take 1 tablespoon of prepared mass before meal in the morning.

For avitaminosis

Mash 1 lemon in your blender, then add 1 onion, beetroot, carrot, oil, some sugar and honey. Mix it thoroughly. Take 2 table spoons before meals. It is very helpful!

For hemorrhoids

Take 1 teaspoon of fresh onion juice 3-4 times a day before meals.

For bronchitis

500 g onions pour 1 liter of water, add 50 g of honey and 400 g of sugar. Boil on low heat for 3 hours. Let it be cooled. Take it 1 tablespoon before meal.

These recipe will help you in cases of health disposition if you don`t want to use traditional medicaments.

In conclusion it should be said that you can get rid of onion`s unpleasant smell taking after it nuts, rye bread or something sweet. Eat onions to proportion and be healthy. This nature`s gift is a good choice for you!

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