Benefits of Eating Potatoes During Pregnancy

The potato is such a popular and widely eaten vegetable that it is on the second place after bread for many people.

It is cultivated all over the world and most of us probably can`t imagine our life without appetizing fried potatoes with mushrooms or delicious mashed potatoes with butter and greens.

These dishes are known and loved since childhood and potatoes are thought to be tasty and nutritious staple food,unpretentious vegetable from the garden row.


But it is not only a substantial meal – there are some benefits which makes potatoes a salutary product, real lifesaver. We`ll touch properties of its consumption below but firstly let`s know more curious fact about this vegetable, familiar to everybody.

The potato is a starchy, tuberous crop from herbaceous perennial plant. Really word “potato” is used for naming both plant and its edible tubers. Potato tubers are valuable and important in difference from the poisonous fruits of the plant. Fruits and leaves are toxic through the containing of glycoalcaloids.

Solanine, variety of glycoalcaloids can be and in tubers, but it is easy to see because such vegetables have greenish color. This is a signal – people must not eat such potatoes.

Source of useful microelements or reason for revolt?

1The motherland of potato is South America. Nowadays there wild kinds of potato can be found. In ancient times, Indians not only plant and eat this vegetable culture but even idolized it! The beginning of potato cultivation was put 7-9 thousands years ago by the reds.

From European countries it was Spain where people tried potato tubers first. Bit by bit this vegetable got spread and was brought in France, Great Britain, Italy and other territories. Firstly people treated the new plant with distrust – they regarded potato as a poisonous decorative plant, and it took time to appreciate nourishing and tasty tubers as they deserved.

In Russia even “potato revolts” took place – they were reaction of peasants to the common introduction of potatoes by authorities. Villagers believed tuberous strange-looking vegetables to be harmful and called them “devil’s apple”.

And nowadays we can hardly imagine that all these things were in reality – potatoes have become our food habits. The only thing why women sometimes avoid of potato dishes is because of its high calorie characteristic of its tasty potato tubers, fried or boiled. They say that regular consumption of potatoes can lead to gaining over weight. To what extent this anxiety is reasoned? Examine this vegetable’s structure and come to conclusion that it is really satisfying product.

There are no fats in potato tubers but in them we can find large quantity of proteins and carbohydrates. Potatoes contain potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, copper, phosphor and other useful for normal organism’s functioning elements. Vitamins H, PP, A, some of group B, ascorbic acid and folic acid are contained in potatoes. This richness in vitamins and others necessary for human body substances proves the great importance of eating potatoes for health.

Potatoes – benefits for moms-to-be

2Certainly, during period of pregnancy, when expecting mothers choose the best fruits and vegetable for everyday diet they should not refrain from eating tasty and healthy dishes with potatoes. This vegetable can offer a lot of advantages. What are the health benefits of eating potatoes during pregnancy?

Here they are:

  1. Folic acid containing in potato tubers is a unique substance whose meaning in pregnancy time cannot be underestimated. It makes the development of your baby’s nervous system of full value and reply for forming of locomotorium. And on early stages mom-to-be must consume food including folic acid, because it protects her fetus from miscarriage.
  2. During the first trimester eating potatoes is desirable as these substantial vegetables helps to support organism in toxemia.
  3. Potatoes can be healthy food during pregnancy. But it’s very important to choose the right way to prepare them. For example, semi-liquid potato puree is the most useful variant when carrying a baby. It is especially useful for women with digestive problems – such a dish assists in reducing of gastric acidity.
  4. Mashed-potato is always good for general purification because this dish removes toxins and slags.
  5. Baked potatoes have positive effects on expecting mothers too, particularly when they are prepared with their skin. Potato skin contains a lot of potassium and magnesium which are necessary for normal work of cardiovascular system.
  6. Vitamins-antioxidant prevents falling ill in flu season.
  7. Often pregnant women have such a problem as pouches under the eyes. It looks very unattractive and getting rid of it is not easy. But compresses with raw grated potato help to overcome this misfortune and look good.
  8. Potatoes decoction is also used in cosmetic purposes – this natural remedy finely has smoothing, relaxing and bleaching effects on your skin.

Be careful and avoid of overeating!

3Is potato safe enough for pregnancy? Benefits of eating potatoes are undeniable. But this product is rather specific, pregnant women should be careful about its quality, ways of cooking and consumed amounts. Mom-to-be should avoid overeating of this vegetable.

Gaining over weight lead to unsightly appearance and your child can suffer from obesity in future. Pregnant with diabetes should avoid excessive consumption of potatoes because of containing of sugar.

Speaking about cooking methods, one should notice that French fries, favorite snack from fast food are under ban when you’re carrying your baby. Indisputable, it is awfully tasty but contains much fats and not good for digestive system.

Specialists recommend you to limit your consumption of fried, fatty foods to one meal and to no more than 2 tsp. of cooking oil a day. Preparing your potatoes and flavoring them with herbs instead of oil, butter or cheese will be more beneficial choice.

Ways of cooking

4Potatoes are universal product and they leave no bounds to your imagination. You can use different culinary methods – baking, boiling, frying – these methods are good enough for pregnant women. Potatoes are good in combination with other vegetables, meet, fish, greens.

Tasty filling for patties and pies can be made from mashed potatoes with eggs, mushrooms, spices. And how many salads you can make with potatoes! There is one of them.

Recipe of a Potato Salad for pregnancy

You need:

  • 2-3 middle-sized boiled or baked potatoes,
  • ½ cup French beans,
  • ½ cup chicken salami quartered,
  • ½ cup cherry tomatoes,
  • 1 cucumber,
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice,
  • 1,5 garlic cloves crushed.

Chop potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes. Chicken salami and mix together with other ingredients. Decorate with greens and slices bright slices of tomato.

Potato Soup

One more recipe – light potato soup. This is a good and delicious dish for mothers and their children.

All you need:

  • water or chicken broth — 1,5 liter,
  • onion — 1,
  • carrot — 1,
  • potatoes — 5-6.

Firstly shred the onion. After that grate the carrot. If you prefer fried carrot you may try it. Then cut the potato a half. One half should be chopped and another one should be grated on a coarse grater. Then add all the components in the souse-pan with boiling water or chicken broth. Cook until potatoes are prepared. It` s important not to overcook because potatoes loose attractiveness. Serve with fresh greens. Perfect dietary soup!

How to choose the best potatoes

5Sometimes you enjoy your mashed potatoes or baked potatoes much and sometimes potatoes taste leaves much to be desired.

Latter happens when you buy product of poor quality. Be attentive when you make your purchase.

“Right” potatoes should be firm, well-shaped for their variety and blemish free.
Do not pay attention to potatoes that are sprouting or have cuts.

If you notice green spots on potato tubers, don’t think about buying them! Remove potatoes from plastic bags and store in a cool and dark ventilated area for up to two weeks.

In fine we should say that potatoes are needed by moms-to-be for nutrition of full value. Well-prepared potatoes are appetizing, satisfying and, what is very essential is that this product is affordable. Cook salads and soups, bake pies with floury, a bit sweetish potatoes and enjoy yourself. But eat tasty dishes with measure and everything will be OK.

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