Basics of motherhood: healthy changes in pregnancy lifestyle

Basics of motherhood: healthy changes in pregnancy lifestyleBeing good parents is a really big job and demands a lot of tolerance, love and care. If we don’t do this, then the child will not do anything in order to be a good kid!

According to statistics, 85% of childbirths are with violations and deviations from the physiological norm, and every third child is injured during birth, it affects his physical and mental state throughout his/her entire life.

The majority of children are physically weaken and they require more attention because of predisposition to diseases. In addition, the process of carrying a child is associated with symptoms of toxemia, a condition of fatigue and mental instability that adversely affects children’s development.

Husband is listening the future babyAlso children development and the birth process depend on the lifestyle of the parents. A healthy lifestyle, harmonious relationships of parents in the family is the foundation of a successful childbirth and the good health of the child. Conflicts in family relationships, harmful habits of parents, the absence of elements of physical education – those are the way to complications and poor health of a child.

In this regard, the preparation of pregnant women for childbirth should be comprehensive, relating directly or indirectly all systems and vital functions of the body. This article will give you all important information about the lifestyle changes for pregnancy, physical exercises during pregnancy and healthy habits.



How does lifestyle change during pregnancy? In the beginning of pregnancy a woman tries to understand and realize what happens with her and how it can affect her life. She gets used to the new feeling connected with her pregnancy.

But in this period women can face some problems. They appear as a result of adaptation to pregnancy. Mothers-to-be can have such diseases as vegetative-neurotic disorders (weakness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, salivation, heightened sense of smell, mood changes, tearfulness).

Happy pregnant woman is lying on the sofaThen a woman feels other symptoms, often connected with progression of pregnancy and enlargement of the uterine: muscle pain in legs, constipation, indigestion, frequent urination and other unpleasant feelings. Before the childbirth women often have shortness of breath, swelling, backache and the frequent change of mood.

All negative factors can cause harmful influence to the fetus. It is what a woman should remember during pregnancy and it should be the motivation for her to avoid bad environmental and internal factors to have a healthy baby.

It is particularly important to ensure the safety of the fetus in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy — this is the period of active organogenesis. Also scientists have proved that the critical periods of pregnancy are 15-20 weeks (increased growth of the brain) and 20-24 weeks (the formation of the main functional systems of the fetus).

A pregnant woman should inform about her pregnancy not only gynecologist, but also other specialists who provide medical care.

Recommendation: do not hide the pregnancy from cosmetologist, manicure and pedicure masters, fitness instructor and hair stylist if you want to avoid many problems and worries.

Keep in mind that there are many other pregnancy lifestyle changes that could happen in women’s life. Now, when you have already know about most common changes in lifestyle during pregnancy, let’s speak about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.

Healthy lifestyle during pregnancy

Pregnant woman in blue t-shirtIn this section we will describe three main components of the healthy lifestyle for pregnancy. The first and the most important component – proper nutrition and food. During pregnancy a woman’s organism must get a plenty of vitamins and minerals. That is why mothers-to-be should should remember the list of products that are recommended for them.

So, pregnant women need a large amount of iron to supple oxygen to the baby. A doctor will inform about taking iron supplements on the test results.

It is necessary to eat two portions of a marine fish per week. A fish is rich for fatty acids omega-3 and has iodine. Three small portions of meat per week provide our organism with necessary amount of iron.

Be careful! You must eat only well-cooked meat because there is a risk of toxoplasmosis.

Milk products contain calcium, proteins and vitamins which are good and necessary for teeth and bones. But you should drink only pasteurized milk. Coffee and black tea are not recommended during pregnancy because caffeine increases the heart rate, instead of them you can drink herbal tea.

The second component is the lifestyle during workdays. Researches tell that computer has no danger for pregnant woman. But it cannot be told about mobile phone. You should not use it in traffic or poor connection, and it should be charged away from the bed.

Also pregnant women must avoid chemicals. In the first trimester of pregnancy regular inhaling vapors can cause harm. Sitting or standing for a long time overload the veins of pregnant. It is useful to put the feet up, walk more, do baths for the feet. The doctor can recommend compression stockings if it is necessary.

The last component is related to spending your free time. Many people relax after work drinking alcohol. But it is strictly forbidden for pregnant women as well as smoking and drugs.

They can get an alternative solution, for example, bathing, walking in the street, listening to classical music and so on. You should move more and drink more water, especially if you are going to travel by air. Radiation and pressure are considered to be harmless for a baby.

Useful Habits

If you want your child to be healthy you should develop some healthy habits. Of course it is not easy to give up our favorite sweets and eat fresh vegetables instead of them, for example. But your baby is your motivation, and if there is a motivation, there is a healthy habit!

There is some healthy habits which you should develop:

    Pregnant belly

  1. The balanced diet.
  2. Doing sports.
  3. Giving up sweets and cookies.
  4. Drinking water.
  5. Walking.

If you develop these habits for 21 days soon they will seem to you as your routine activities. Also they will be useful for you after pregnancy.


Doing sports helps to reduce the toxicosis, strengthen the organism of pregnant, normalize metabolism, but some types of loads can cause a risk to the fetus.

The following types of physical activity are forbidden during pregnancy:

  • horse riding;
  • skiing and skating;
  • weightlifting;
  • Smiley pregnant woman

  • canoeing;
  • jumping;
  • aerobics with intense jumps and hops;
  • cycling;
  • intensive training on strength training equipment;
  • all types of martial arts.

During the first month of pregnancy you are allowed to do the following sports:

  • dancing;
  • shaping;
  • aerobics (except exercises with jumping).

At any stage of pregnancy doctors recommend the following physical activities:

Pregnancy lifestyle advice: There are some special groups for pregnant women – you should pay attention for them! But do not forget to consult with your doctor!

Let’s abandon our bad habits!

The life of a woman changes when she finds out about pregnancy. But in many cases pregnancy is not planned, and while we do not know about it, we live our usual lifestyle when we let ourselves some alcohol, cigarettes, drugs etc. to avoid such problems we should plan pregnancy.

Pregnant woman with husbandPlanning is very necessary in order to prepare the body of the potential mother to motherhood, cleanse it of toxins, get rid of bad habits, keep the muscles in tonus and the body in shape. But many women think that smoking, alcohol and drugs are the whole list of addictions. For example most doctors believe that eating spicy, salty or sweet food, the lack of exercise, refusal to take a maternity leave from work and “harmful” jobs such as hairdresser, technician, chemist, etc. can also be classified as habits that adversely affects the health of the baby.

Women must listen to your body and your organism, put the needs of the child first, and then it will be able to avoid many of the problems associated with gestation and childbirth. If you are not going to give up your job, then at least you should make everything to create favorable conditions for pregnancy — you can organize a flexible schedule, get a plenty of rest and avoid conflicts.

Taking everything into account we can say that pregnancy is the most wonderful period of a woman and her family. If you want to have a healthy child parents must be healthy too.

A pregnant woman should keep calm, move more and do some sports, eat a healthy diet and abandon bad habits. “Fathers-to-be” must have a plenty of tolerance and support their wives not only during pregnancy but her entire life. Then you will get a healthy girl or boy who is also happy if there is a calm atmosphere at home.

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