How to Take a Bath During Pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, even such a simple part of everyday hygiene as taking a bath creates a lot of questions.

It can seem silly, but there are no insignificant things for most expectant mothers. A fortiori many superstitions and taboos are connected with the period of childbearing.


And sensitive expectant women sometimes take suchlike prejudices to heart, addling their brain whether they are true or false.

Is it safe to take a bath during pregnancy?

Can I take a bath during pregnancy? One should emphasize that from the time immemorial pregnant women were forbidden to take a bath.

can pregnant women take a bathThe fact is that people thought that the unborn child could catch through the birth canal. But modern scientists don`t agree with this statement.

The placenta effectively protects the fetus and the cervix is covered with a lay of mucus which prevents an embryo from the bacteria and dirt included in the water. That is why, if an expectant mother lays in the bath and enjoy warm water, dirt and microorganisms will not harm her baby.

So why do they say that taking a bath during pregnancy is bad? Let`s remember, that in early ages hot water was used by women who conceived, but didn`t want to have a child. In these cases a hot bath was real outcome – women plunged into hot water, steam out well and cause the miscarriage. And that is not an old superstition, but true situations.

Expectant mothers should not take a bath with hot water – such a risky procedure can lead to the preterm delivery or miscarriage. But medical forewarnings are related only to hot and long lasting bath.

If one will follow certain rules and measures of precautions, it looks like taking bath is not harmful for mothers-to-be.

On the contrary, it is rather beneficial procedure. Taking a bath reduces the swellings, improves the bloodstream, relieves overstrain of spine as well as back pains.

Now when you find the answer on the question: “Is taking a bath safe during pregnancy?” let’s discuss how to take bath during pregnancy properly without any damage to your baby.

How to take a bath without unpleasant consequences?

bath during pregnancy

  1. As it was mentioned above, taking a hot bath during pregnancy is not safe and that’s why the temperature of water must not exceed 36-37 C. The best temperature is about 30 C. Check the water in the tub with your elbow or forearm – these zones are more delicate to temperature changes than your hands.
  2. You should not plunge into the water completely, especially if you have high blood pressure. Upper parts should not be covered with water – for avoiding of overheating.
  3. Don`t take a bath, if you are alone at home. Choose a time, when someone can help you into and out of the tub. Remember, that pregnant women are a bit clumsy, so the risk of slips and falling is rather high. That is why you should buy a rubber mat to lay it on the tub bottom.
  4. Keep a small bottle of water and take a drink while you are bathing to decrease the risk of dehydration.
  5. Don`t lie for a long time in the water – the procedure lasts 10-15 minutes. If you feel uncomfortable, stop it immediately.

Doctors say that the first and last months of pregnancy are the heaviest periods, so during this time expectant mother should be particularly careful.

Gynecologists recommend taking a shower these days and go to the swimming pool for relaxation of the back muscles. Shower is more efficient in hygienic plan, because it wash off dirt better.

Mothers-to-be are recommended to have bath twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

Using bath salt – is it safe or not?

why not take a bath for pregnant womenTaking a bath with sea salt have a beneficial effect on expectant mother`s system.

Salt and water provide the relaxation of muscles, removal of swelling and excretion of toxins. The above-mentioned substances are good for the nervous system – that is to the purpose, as many moms-to-be feel anxiety and irritability.

Water treatment procedures will be perfect lifesavers; they give pregnant women peace of mind and excellent mood.

Epsom salt bath soak is very popular amongst pregnant women, because this substance is very wholesome. It provides you with such an essential elements as magnesium, possesses anti-inflammatory property, removes toxins and help those expectant mothers who suffer from hemorrhoids. Moreover, taking a bath with Epsom salt gives you a lot of positive emotions and cheerful mood.

If you are prone to allergic reactions, give preference to non-aromatic types of bath salt. It is unknown, how during pregnancy your system will take various fragrances.

Try to refrain from other aromatic cosmetic remedies – gels, foams, soaps, shampoo and so on, replace them by special hypoallergenic products.

taking a bath during pregnancyIn conclusion we`ll emphasize that water treatment procedures do wonders. So, let`s consider taking a bath as curative and pleasant seance which will provide you with health and vital energy.

It is better to combine it with musical therapy – the results can be very impressive. Luxuriate in warm bath, don`t deprive yourself of the pleasure to enjoy relaxation to the fullest. If you follow the measures of precautions and avoid of too hot water, you and your baby will be all right.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and important time in your life – so surround yourself with care, love and sweet impressions.

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