How to Be Beautiful without any Risks? Cosmetics for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period when health and development of the growing baby is a priority for an expectant mother.

But even such an important time is not a reason to give up on the appearance. It is known that woman`s mood and well-being depend on her look. There are common questions like: Are there any safe cosmetics for pregnancy? What are the best cosmetics during pregnancy? Is it safe to use cosmetics during pregnancy? You will find the answers in our article, enjoy the reading!


If it leaves much to be desired, each woman will be out of humor. But thick hair, smooth skin, strong nails, long eyelashes and others components of beauty are the guarantee of positive emotions and interest to life.

Appearance changes during pregnancy

Appearance changes during pregnancyVery often pregnant women suffer from the loss of attractiveness.
It is explained by hormonal changes, by the way mother`s organism works at full stretch providing the baby with necessary elements and it can affect the appearance negatively.

As a result many mothers-to-be don`t like to stare at their reflection in the mirror for not to be upset – split ends, lentigo, shadows under the eyes look depressingly.

Certainly, there are some lucky women who look lovely during the childbearing and delight people around with delicate blush and shiny hair.

It is explained by the production of estrogen in large amount. So, you can see, that nature is quite unpredictable when it touches pregnancy and one can`t say what a joke the organism will play in one`s case. It is a question of luck.

Cosmetics during pregnancy – is it safe?

But women would not be women if they did not try to improve their appearance. The first cosmetics were invented thousand years ago – the aspiration to be beautiful was always actual for the fair sex. Now in the shops it`s more than the eyes can take in – numerous powders, lipsticks, eye shadows and other beauty products which will turn you into a belle.

But the only but rather serious trouble is the taboo on the cosmetics for pregnancy.

Most enceinte women treat beauty products with suspicion, because according to common opinion chemical elements containing in cosmetics can be harmful for the fetus. But often women are prone to draw the longbow in this situation being very spleeny.

Each cream or lotion soak up only on derma`s level and can`t be transferred to the fetus. In fact, pregnancy and cosmetics are not mutually exclusive things.

Nowadays there`s a broad choice of hypoallergenic and natural cosmetic products that are absolutely safe for pregnancy.

They are tested by medical specialists and suchlike cosmetics don`t include the deleterious substances and unnatural perfumes. Some companies produce the line specially for moms-to-be.

Cosmetics during pregnancy – is it safe?All you need is to select the best products of high quality for everyday use – and you will be adorable and soigne.

And if you are not fond of the decorative cosmetics, you should not ignore its hygiene and curative varieties – these things will help you to have a good look and to solute many problems such as stretching, dark spots, pale complexion.

Beauty products for your body and face

Body care

Pregnancy is a natural, but quite stressful process for woman`s body. It changes its outlines and hormonal background makes an unpredictable influence on the skin. During the first trimester it can become dry and very sensitive, in addition rashes and dark spots often take place too.

In the second and third trimesters when the baby inside actively develops and grows, the stretch marks can appear. And the skin, on the contrary, turns into the oily one because of the increased sweating. What to do with it?

The hygiene must be a basic principle of body care in the period of gestation. Women with child should take a shower every day. It improves the blood stream, strengthen the nervous system and gives cheerful mood.

Take water procedures using special hypoallergenic shower gel or baby antibacterial soap, shampoo for thin and damaged care rich in fatty acids, cream-mask with anti-hair loss effect.

Take into consideration that the luxurious shower gels and creams contain some exotic components which can cause allergy and even be carcinogenic, while cheaper cosmetics made from simple components are much safer for you when you carry a baby. It is better to buy products for children – they are much safer, because the manufacturers don`t want to have problems.

The examples of brands producing good body care products for pregnant women: Belli skin care lines for motherhood and pregnancy, Mambino Organics, Amway, Nine Natural, Neutrogena.

Body careIf you don`t trust beauty products from the shop you can give your preference to home-made cosmetically remedies based on the natural ingredients.

So, olive oil, wheat germ oil, almond oil and coconut oil possess excellent moisturizing effects and help to prevent and cure the stretch marks.

You also can make the scrub from salt or sugar – just put a bit of the little crystals on your skin, massage a lot and then wash off with warm water. This recipe will make the skin soft and silky.

Face care

Sometimes expectant mothers face to such a troublesome thing as chloasma or so-called “mask of pregnancy”. It sounds rather scary, but in fact it is nothing more than dark spots on the face. This problem is connected with hormonal changes and enormous production of melanin.

The most active period for hyperpigmentation is the fourth months of the childbearing. Don`t worry – the spots will disappear soon after labour. What can mom-to-be do in this situation?

The most important thing is to avoid of sun exposure.Use the cosmetics with mark SPF – it finely protects your face from the aggressive sun rays.

For the normalization of melanin production you should include in your menu food enriched with vitamins A, E, and folic acid.

Pregnant women are allowed to use some bleaching creams and lotions which contain arbutin, azelaic acid and kojic acid. You also can find the desirable bleaching effects in the extracts of parsley and bearberry. The self-tanning cream will help you smoothen your complexion as well.

If to speak about concrete brand, Italian products from Mamma Donna Chicco will be a very good choice. These creams and lotions, enriched with jojoba oil, vitamins A, E, and other useful elements make an expectant mother`s skin smooth, light and beautiful. But you can choose another brand – the selection is so broad!

The prophylaxis of stretch marks during pregnancy

The prophylaxis of stretch marks during pregnancyAs it was above mentioned, stretch marks is one of the common problems with the skins of pregnant women.

The growth of fetus leads to the strong stretching of the mother`s skin. Even if you have a healthy elastic skin, it is not a guarantee that you`ll escape this trouble with appearance.

The striaes look like white or reddish-purple lines in the problematic zones where the skin is stretched much.

Gradually these lines become less noticeable, but they can darken the happy time of expecting a baby. More information about stretch marks you can get here.

It is believed that the prophylaxis of stretch marks is easier than to fight with them. What measures can one take?

  • Pay more attention to physical activity – gymnastics effectively improves the blood stream and the level of skin`s elasticity will be increased;
  • Control your weight – if you gain extra pounds, the loads on your skin grows;
  • Select and use high-quality cosmetic products with anti-stretch effect from the very beginning of pregnancy. Frankly speaking even the most praised expensive cream will not get you rid of stretch marks completely. But if a pregnant woman uses a good cream, not so many striaes will appear on her body. After labor it will be possible to remove them in the beauty salon;
  • Use the cosmetic remedies which contain vitamin E, cocoa oil and lavender. Olive oil can be a reliable lifesaver too.
You can order from the Internet-stores such efficient cosmetics as Bubchen massage oil (Germany), anti-stretch cream Sanosan (Germany); massage oil, lotions and body creams Mama Donna Chicco (Italy), body cream Avent (Great Britain).

Useful video

For more advice on using cosmetics during pregnancy watch in the video below:


Summing up, one should stress that your beauty and health during pregnancy depend only on you. If a mother-to-be doesn`t let her appearance develop as it might, she will look attractively both during pregnancy and after labor. Physical activities, proper nutrition and using effective cosmetic products are very beneficial for expectant women and these are quite affordable things. Be beautiful and beaming with happiness while pregnant – this period is one of the most joyful in women`s life.

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