Fatal Smoke-Cloud Threatens Your Child – Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking has a long and rich history – from time immemorial people have been practicing the breathing in the smoke of the burned tobacco leaves.

Originally smoking was an important part of different rituals, but nowadays most people use cigarettes and pipes for relaxation, pleasure and stimulation of efficiency. But there`s a very insidious side in acts of inhaling – alkaloid nicotine included in tobacco smoke is a very strong addictive.


Moreover, this substance is very harmful for living organism – it has a negative influence on all organs and systems of the body and can cause dangerous diseases. That is why doctors consider smoking as one of the most pernicious habits.

Cigarettes lead to deplorable results

Many short-films and social advertisings are intended to make inveterate smokers give up cigarettes. But it can be rather problematic – even if a person wants to refrain from regular draws, the system used to nicotine doses will resist.

There in, Mark Twain`s words will be to the point: “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times”.

Addiction of smoking causes the following problems to one’s health:

Smoking during pregnancy

  1. Digestion disorders;
  2. Heart and lung diseases ( all smokers are under risk of lung cancer);
  3. Dentalproblems;
  4. Reduced sexual potency;
  5. Disturbances of thyroid function;
  6. Disturbances of nervous system functioning;
  7. Smoking and pregnancy – mutually exclusive things.

Breathing in harmful smoke is bad for both genders.

Women, who draw on the cigarette, more often fall under deplorable consequences of destructive tobacco.

Sallowness, yellowish teeth, hoarse voice don`t add charm to fair sex, moreover smoking adversely affects the functions of woman`s reproductive system.

But the most unprotected category suffering from the pernicious smoke is unborn children. They don`t have a choice to choose – if a pregnant woman indulges in a cigarette, her baby will have to be in unenviable position.

How does smoking affect pregnancy? There is no doubt that effect of smoking on pregnancy is irreparable.

Pregnancy smoking is inadmissible. Expectant mothers should remember that nicotine, radioactive elements, carcinogenic compounds and carbon monoxide penetrate into the mother`s system and seep through the placenta to the baby inside. One should note that the concentration of these substances in the fetus is much more than in the pregnant woman`s blood. You can easily imagine the consequences of such a poisoning

There are many negative effects of smoking during pregnancy, and here we will describe the main ones. Nicotine causes the spasm of placental arteries, and it leads to anoxemia in fetus. The toxic elements affect baby`s delicate organs and break normal foetal development.

It is proved, that smokers give birth to weak children with lack of weight and congenital pathologies. Such newborns more often sicken, slowly develop and the death rate among them is very high.

The statistics shows that smoking in pregnancy doubles the risk of complications, miscarriage and dead birth. That’s why smoke and pregnancy are incompatible things.

At the end of XX century the information about the influence of smoking on mothers-to-be shocked the entire medical world. As it was found that nicotine affects not only physical but also and the mental state of the growing baby. German scientists have proved that smoking mothers` children have such features as inattentiveness, impulsiveness and hyperactivity. Their intellectual level is under average.

English doctors have come to the opinion that the risk of birth to a child with autism increases if an expectant mothers smokes cigarettes. These facts are explained by fetal anoxemia when the brain is not provided with oxygen as it should be. In addition, alkaloid nicotine affects some genes which are connected with psychomotor functions.

Smoking in pregnancyClef palate and harelip are fearsome results of smoking in pregnancy too. The forming of palate is timed to 6-8 weeks of gestation, so if a pregnant woman breathes in tobacco smoke, it can leads to the above-mentioned defects of baby`s appearance.

The researches have confirmed the scientific guesswork – 42 % of mothers who gave birth to babies with facial defects are related to the smoking group. Such deformity as clubfoot is also widespread among the children of smokers.

Mother`s partiality towards the smoking can be fatal for the child – the facial ugliness will be hardship and the source of numerous complexes.

Below we`ll mention some more facts about smoking that they are taken from the latest studies:

  • Cases of sudden infant death syndrome and congenital heart diseases are frequent, when it touches those babies whose mothers were inveterate smokers.
  • Children of smoking mothers a third more than the others have a risk of getting diabetes and obesity in pubertal period.
  • Sons, whose mothers were smoking during pregnancy, can face to male infertility and impotency.
  • Children of smokers have a bigger predisposition to this pernicious habit than other boys and girls.

What does smoking cause during pregnancy? The list of ailments in babies caused by smoking during the period of childbearing can be continued. Mothers-to-be should remember that they are responsible for the health and development of their babies. Harmful smoking destroys both the mother`s and child`s organism systems.

“Lights” and hookah – good choice or self-delusion?

Can pregnant women smokingSome women suppose that if they give preference to such cigarette types as “lights” and “milds”, the harm is not so significant.

But they are under a delusion, and the price of this mistake is too high. It is believed that the percent of included resins in such cigarettes is lower, but in fact the taste of smoke is not so bitter – that`s all.

The menthol adding makes the smoking taste milder, and people think that these products are not so dangerous for health. This self-deceit becomes widespread and the production of “lights” is a very gainful business for tobacco companies. Smokers are ready to pay for “less harmful” cigarettes sorts if only not to give up their baneful partiality. But there`s no innocuous tobacco.

By the way, smokers buy “milds” more often, so the amount of resin income is large enough. As a rule, the consumers are too gullible and believe in the fairy tale about the safe smoking. Everyone choose their way of life and the sources of pleasure, but if you’re carrying a child, be reasonable – don`t fall for advertising campaign. Your indulgence and superfluous easiness can be fatal for your son or daughter.

Speaking about smoking we should say a few words about the hookah. This instrument for vaporizing and smoking aromatic tobacco has become very popular. There is an opinion that the water pipe is a safe alternative to harmful cigarettes. And many moms-to-be breathing in sweet cherry or vanilla fumes are sure about innocence of such a tasty thing.

Hookah and traditional cigarettes are equal in the amount of included toxic substances – nicotine, arsenic, lead and so on.

But the hookah smoking gives more pleasant senses, and, as a result, it is more addictive.

Moreover hookah smoking usually takes place in companies of friends, where a few persons use the same pipe – the hygiene rules are forgotten. That is why expectant women should refrain from the hookah – such pleasure is extremely a risky thing during pregnancy.

How to stop smoking during pregnancy?

Can I smoke during pregnancyAs you have already understood, harmless smoking is a myth. And there`s no better choice for smoking woman than to give up the cigarettes right now. If you are pregnant, smoking cessation is the only way to have a healthy and happy child.

Now there are many clinics and special cessation programs provided specifically for mothers-to-be. But you can give up smoking singly, if you have enough motivating factors. Expecting a baby is one of them. The main thing is to overcome psychological dependency of everyday ritual.

These are some tips for pregnant women who want to change their life:

  1. Don`t keep in mind that you make yourself give up smoking. It is not coercion, not a negative, but fine gift for you and you growing baby inside.
  2. Don`t give up cigarettes under the pressure of your relatives, only your own decision will be efficient.
  3. Don`t time your smoking cessation to the concrete dates like “since next Monday” – these delays can become endless.
  4. Create the atmosphere which prevent your failure – without cigarettes and alcohol and other harmful things – visit the wellness center, for example, or spend a couple of weeks with your caring parents.
  5. Replace the ritual of smoking by another one, but safe for your physical state – seances of music, aromatherapy, doing shopping, reading books and another enjoyable pastime.

Why pregnant women do not smokeHealthy, strong and smiling new-born will be the best award for fighting against this pernicious habit. Having given up smoking, you will feel pride and peace of mind.

It is really pleasantly to realize that no addictive rules over you anymore. Now you are independent, free and beautiful mother-to-be who has a lot of happiness and positive emotions in future. Improve your life and win out for your son or daughter.

The cigarettes are not worth sacrificing health and money. Say no to this destroying addiction – save your baby from the toxic smoke.
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