Effective and useful pregnancy sports

Effective and useful pregnancy sportsNowadays sport becomes very popular. Many people find their preferable kinds of physical activities. Women also join to the ranks of “sporty” people.

There is no doubt that sport is necessary to keep a healthy lifestyle. But if you suddenly become pregnant a plenty of thought and questions appear including about sport. Is it safe to go in for sport when you have a delicate state of heath? Is it harmful for a baby? Is it necessary doing sport? Is it possible?

Probably, specialists will tell you that physical exercises are not harmful, including the period of pregnancy. But we all have various types of organism, and pregnancy will be different too. There are some symptoms which make a pregnant woman forget about any sport. However, some exercises are allowed for all mothers-to-be.

In this article you will find information about positive and negative sides of doing sports during pregnancy, what kinds of sport are allowed for pregnant women, what precautions they should observe and some other interesting materials for expectant mothers.



Can you (I) do sport while pregnant? Doing sport during pregnancy is not only possible, but necessary. If a woman has kept a healthy lifestyle before pregnancy she may continue until the second trimester when the active growth of the fetus starts.

Recommendation: if you do not do any sport before pregnancy you should consult with a gynecologist and an instructor. They will help you to make your individual program of physical activities.

There is a plenty of positive sides playing sport while pregnant. Sport can help to avoid and alleviate the following diseases and symptoms:

    Tired pregnant woman

  • toxicosis in the early stages of pregnancy;
  • gestosis in the late stages of pregnancy;
  • varicose and thrombosis of veins;
  • fetoplacental insufficiency;
  • hemorrhoids in prenatal and postnatal period;
  • fetal hypoxia.

Pregnant sports have a positive impact both on women’s and a child’s health. It is proved that fetal development depends on proper body burden. If you choose right exercises you can effectively deal with such diseases as stool retention, excessive weight and insomnia.

Also doing sport is necessary in the late stages of pregnancy. Exercises help to reduce discomfort and fatigue of the back and the loin, prepare the muscles to the childbirth and facilitate the recovery period.

But pregnancy sports have some negative sides. They are especially addressed to pregnant women with some complications. Active physical exercises are prohibited to pregnant women who have the uterine bleeding, gestosis, miscarriages, threatened preterm labor, an acute condition of heart diseases and others. In this case sport can do harm to the state of health of pregnant women.

Now when you have an idea of connection between pregnancy and sports let’s speak about different types of activities that suit pregnancy the most.

Safe sport

Some sport activities are useful during pregnancyThe main rule which must be observed is that the chosen kind of sport must match the physical condition of a pregnant woman and she must take into account all possible contraindications. Sports for pregnant which involve running, jumping, lifting weights are not recommended to engage in. it is very dangerous to ride a bike.

Also horse-riding, football, basketball and volleyball are strictly prohibited for pregnant women. And it is impossible to go in for such kinds of sport as parachuting, jumping, climbing, water skiing, diving.

Expectant mothers should limit themselves with low physical activity. For example, aerobics can be replaced by yoga and shaping. Also gymnastics is available for mothers-to-be. Swimming is the safest sport during pregnancy.

That is why almost all doctors recommend to visit a swimming pool during pregnancy if there are no contraindications. Also hiking in the fresh air is recommended for pregnant women.

Advice: If these kinds of sport are not preferable, you can engage in belly dance for pregnant women. It develops plasticity and makes you a bit happier.

It is important to know that each trimester you should do the definite physical activity. Let’s start from pregnancy and sports first trimester. During the first trimester you should pay more attention to hiking and try to avoid abrupt movements. The second trimester is the most convenient period to go swimming. In the last trimester you should choose relaxing exercises.

Effective activities

The most effective sports for pregnancy will be elucidated in details below.


It is the best kind of sport for expectant mothers in all stages of pregnancy. Hiking improves resistance, stress is coming down, you are breathing fresh air and feeling calmness.
Pregnant woman hiking


The perfect kind of sport during pregnancy. While swimming you can strengthen back muscles, improve blood circulation and reduces the back pain.
Swimming for pregnant woman


This kind of sport can be described as gymnastics and physical exercises. Due to yoga we can increase the elasticity of joints, strengthen our muscles, relax and relieve stress. But you should remember that some yoga exercises are prohibited for pregnant women!
Pregnancy yoga class


It is impossible to answer the questions whether you can run during pregnancy. It is connected with the state of health of a pregnant woman. But if you did this kind of sport before pregnancy it will not do any harm. But do not forget to consult with doctor and observe precautions!
Running pregnant woman


One of the variants of fitness for mothers-to-be. Pilates will help you to get rid of the back pain, to decrease the blood pressure and improve the blood circulation.
Pregnancy pilates with special equipment


If your doctor has given you his/her approval, then you can go in for this sport. Tennis will help you to keep fit, strengthen back muscles. Besides, you can get rid of negative thoughts and focus on the game. But do not forget about your delicate state of health!
Pregnant woman playing tennis


Many people say that golf is not recommended for pregnant women. But we can say that golf will help them to improve stability and balance and to reduce excessive weight.
Golfing during pregnancy


It is a complex of exercises for the muscles of the back, arms and legs. A significant advantage of this kind of sport is that there is no stress on the joints and the spine.
Skiing during pregnancy is useful


It is important for pregnant women to choose suitable clothes for doing sport, especially shoes. Slippers or gym shoes must not slide. In some types of exercise such as aerobics, jogging shoes must securely fix the ankle and the foot.

Yoga is better to be done barefoot. Choose breathable and absorbent pregnancy sport clothes. When you are going to run, wear special compression socks which will protect the muscles from the excessive stress.


As we say before, doing sport is possible if your doctor gave his approval and if there is no contraindications. But while doing exercises all pregnant women should observe some rules of safety:

    Stay hydrated during pregnancy

  • exercises should be held regularly and systematically;
  • you should warm up and cool down before and after physical activities;
  • monitor your heartbeat: it must not exceed 125-140 per minute;
  • every 15 minutes drink 50 ml of water;
  • avoid overheating – it can cause harm to the child;
  • the mandatory requirement for doing sport – non-slip floor;
  • whatever sport you do, be aware that sudden movements and strong stretching is forbidden!
Warning! If you feel belly pains and aches, dizziness, headache, bleeding and other undesirable symptoms stop doing any activities and see your doctor!


There are some pathologic alterations which exclude doing any sport:

    Beautiful pregnant belly

  • missed abortion in the anamnesis and miscarriages;
  • isthmic-cervically failure;
  • multiple pregnancy;
  • some complications like bleeding, gestosis, the risk of miscarriage etc.;
  • anemia.

If you have some of these symptoms do not risk and care about your and your child’s health.


Pregnancy is an exciting time for women and a reason to keep fit. Be physically active, but plan your training carefully and take into account existing contraindications of your medical history, recommendations from doctors and trainers.

Always listen to your body, choose the best rate and monitor your state of health. Then this wonderful period will be really happy — sport will reduce the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy to a minimum.

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