Is it Safe to Dance for Pregnant Women? Benefits of Dancing During Pregnancy

DancingIf you wondering if it’s ok to dance during pregnancy, the answer is simple – absolutely! Especially if it brings you pleasure.

Dancing is a perfect way to get endorphins you need so much to keep your mood up and avoid any depressive states which can occur often during pregnancy.

Even if you’re as far as possible from a professional, music and rhythm will help you to get away from all your troubles, fears and concerns.


Dancing for pregnant woman? There’s nothing better!

Is it safe to dance while pregnant? If you’re worried about medical side – ask your gynecologist and he will tell you that dancing is an amazing activity for any pregnant lady. By swaying with the music you also:

  • Dancing? There’s nothing better!Exercise different muscle groups
  • Allow more blood circulating through the organs of your small pelvis
  • Optimize your digestion
  • Train the back muscles which you’ll need more and more as the belly grows
  • Work out your chest and shoulder muscles, which can help you to keep your breasts in shape after giving birth

If you’re still not persuaded, check this out: scientists proved that even at the early stages of pregnancy the baby is listening and recognizing the music. He might even move with it sometimes if he likes the tune and let you know that he doesn’t enjoy it by kicking.

When dancing is not good?

Can dancing while pregnant hurt the baby? Well, first of all not all the dances would be suitable for a pregnant woman. Any activities you are starting now should not be too tiresome. It also should not be requiring the use of your abdomen musclesor be filled with rapid jerky movements.  So obviously you don’t start breakdancing or pole dancing for the first time when you’re expecting.

If you were doing this kind of dances before you might be able to continue, modifying your routine to match your current physic.  Some of the types of dances not recommended for pregnant women are:

  • Hip-hop
  • Urban and Street dance
  • Ballet (unless you were doing it before)
  • Tap dance

Secondly, even if we are talking about relaxation and having a good time it doesn’t mean that going to a nightclub is a wise choice. Music there is too loud and the bass gives bad vibrations to your stomach, there’s not enough fresh air andway too many people who are not necessarily careful about their movements on the dancefloor and they might hurt you.

So if you are going for dancing during pregnancy – go to a proper class with a teacher and better the one who knows about the impact this particular style of dance causes to pregnancy.

Warning!If the teacher doesn’t ask a letter from your doctor saying you’re fit to participate, his professionalism is questionable.

When dancing is not good?Last but not least is of course your specific case. Is it a hard pregnancy? How do you feel? Are you under any risk of the miscarriage or do you have a history of it?Do you have any serious disease?

All this questions should be answered before you enroll in a class. Your abilities can also change depending on the trimester.

Generally, there is higher risk of a miscarriage in the first one and it can alsobe accompanied by pretty bad morning sickness or overall weakness.

Second trimester is the safest for any kinds of activities and is the time you feel the best. On the third one you possibly just feel too heavy or out of breath to dance.

Keeping all of this in mind now is the time to choose what kind of danceyou would like to do…

What are the options?

Attention!Before starting any new activities while pregnant always check with your doctor that it won’t put the baby in danger in your specific case!

Nowadays there are so many options for a mother-to-be that you might get lost with all the possibilities for the dance course. Preferably, you will find a special course for pregnant women, but you should make sure your teacher knows you are expecting, so he won’t be too demanding even if you’re only in the beginning of your term and do not yet have a bump.

So let’s narrow down the choices. The 5 top dances for you are:

  • Belly Dance
  • Rumba
  • Salsa
  • Indian Dance
  • Flamenco

Belly dance is very graceful, helps to keep your spine flexible and train your pelvic muscles.It’s basically designed to prepare a woman to bear a child and deliver. So it’s hard to find any other dance benefiting a mother-to-be more than belly dance. It’s also not too hard to find special classes for pregnant women. Just remember – no shaking or too dramatic moves with your hips and it’s absolutely safe.

Rumba is a slow dance with quite simple basic steps.It’s filled with an emotion so you can express yourself without any jerky movement needed. Rumba will improve your balance and blood circulation.

What are the options?Salsa can be very different – from easy two-steps dance for beginners, to a sexual fiesta with a lot of complicated arm movements and positions.

But what it never can be is boring. Bring your partner with you and in addition to a pregnancy dance workout you’ll have a quality romance time for you two.

If you’re under the impression that Indian dance is mostly just shaking bracelets and smiling as it is shown in Bollywood movies you’re wrong.

The health benefits you get from it are comparable to the ones of the yoga training.

Never mind its visual simplicity – Indian is one of the most technical dances there is. It’s also been said that all the facial mimicry it requires helps to train your face muscles so you won’t need any special lifting procedures in old age.

Flamencois said to be a “dance of passion” but expressing yourself is not the only good thing about it. You also get an amazing posture, fit arms and prevention of varicose.

Useful video

An example of a dancing program for beginners:

Are you ready to boogey?

Warm up before the dancing class the same way you would before any kind of workout. Walk in slow pace, stretch; prepare your joints and muscles.

Are you ready to boogey?Again just as with any kind of sport workoutsdon’t forget how important is to be hydrated.

So prepare a bottle of water and sip it little by little during the class.

Be ready to be choosy about the place you are going to dance. You need a good climate-control system, clean air and good straight floors.

Now it’s not a time to visit free classes in the old warehouse.

Be alert. Listen to your body. At any signal of discomfort or worse pain – check it with the doctor!Never push your limits; they are there for a reason.

Modify your routine. If the dance requires jumping – change it to just balancing on your toes, if you need to lift one leg, don’tkick with it up to your head height but lift it 20 cm. Be reasonable!

And do not look after the others – enjoy yourself, feel beautiful and just have good fun, you deserve it.

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