Exceting Pole Dance for Pregnant Ladies

Fashion dictates and if we talk about workouts or dances for women the topic of pole dancing is unavoidable.


What is pole dance?

What is pole dance?Originating from Chinese pole acrobatics and the Indian mallakhamb sport it went through the circuses of beginning of 20th century and finally landed in strip-clubs and bars.

For long time it had pretty bad public image and was thought to be mainly an erotic routine for the striptease or go-go dancers, something a respectable woman would never do.

It all changed when in the 90-s a Canadian dancer FawniaMondey started promoting the pole dance as an artistic performance and fitness exercise, cleaning it of the scandalous reputation and bringing back the athletic side.

Nowadays pole dancing finally stepped out of the strip-club shadow completely and became a worldwide fitness phenomenon.

The sport clubs are filled with women learning this trendy dance style, Instagram is flooded with the pictures of young and bright women in incredible acrobatic positions on the pole and the news are reporting new championships and competitions every month.

So, there’s no surprise that pregnant women are interested in this kind of a workout as well. After all, if belly dancing is good for expecting mother why not the pole dancing? I’mgoing to go through the pros and cons of choosing the pole dance as your exercise routine during pregnancy. But firstly, let’s agree what we’re talking about. Pole dance is not:

  • That awkward walking around the stick Britney Spears doing in “Gimme more”
  • Full or partial nudity
  • Rubbing bulging parts of your body against the pole as if it an ebonite stick

If you want to do any of that – don’t read any further, there’s no contraindications for these, do it as much as you want while pregnant. You might want to consider getting rid of these stereotypes in your head though.

But if you are a fan of a hard-core highly athletic and acrobatic sport the real pole dance is, than you will need to consider if it is worth a risk to do it during pregnancy.

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinionDoctors have different opinion on dancing for mothers-to-be, but I’m afraid that if you ask your gynecologist or midwife if you can start doing pole dancing while pregnant the answer will surely be simple – no.

The thing is, as I just mentioned, pole dance is basically acrobatics. It’s stretching up to extreme levels, amazing muscle strength and sense of balance.

All those are really not the things to learn for the first time while pregnant. Forget that it is called “dance” – the level of risk for an unprepared person to harm their unborn baby is as high as the one of the base jumping.

Let’s consider, if you’re still reading, that pole dancing is your long-time passion, you’re good in it and have perfect understanding of what it requires. Then, first of all, this is the list of definite contraindications against any sports workout during pregnancy:

  • Risk of premature labor
  • Pre-eclampsia (pregnancy induced high blood pressure)
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Heart or lung diseases
  • Premature dilation

Then, even if you’re completely healthy no doctor would recommend you to continue pole dancing. They might allow it on early stages of pregnancy if you’re under no danger of miscarriage, but starting from second trimester you’re doing it at your own risk.

If you’ve been doing the pole dance before

Going through the personal experience of professional trainers who were continuing to pole dance during their term I collected these advices that sound reasonable, but strictly speaking are not medically proved.

Warning! To even consider the possibility of the pole dancing in your condition you and the baby have to be absolutely healthy.

If you’ve been doing the pole dance beforeLet’s presume you’re doing pole dancing as a fitness workout, not on the professional level, but you’re pretty experienced.

In this case the recommendation is to exercise up to 20 weeks max, or when the baby bump appears, because it can throw you off your balance completely.

But even before this time you may continue doing only the things you learned before – never try to add some new elements, there’ll be plenty of other time for that.

Remember that during the pregnancy, due to a hormonal change, your joints are much softer than usual, so you are at much higher risk of permanently damaging them by overstretching or putting too much load on them. Also be careful about any inverted elements – you might feel dizzy and, yes, fall.

In any case most of the instructors would not like to work with a pregnant student in fear of causing damage to the baby and the mother, so, if you can think about any other kind of workout you’d enjoy maybe it’s time to go for it.  Who knows, possibly belly dance is your thing after all?

If you’re a pole dancing professional

On your first trimester you might be still in good form to do most of your regular routine, so you can try to keep up with it, but never try to add new elements. Keep hydrated, never overheat or workout to exhaustion level. Stop any activity at any sign of bleeding, pain or dizziness and consult the doctor.

Attention! Listen to your body, it knows its limitations and it’s not the right time to defy them!

On the second trimester forget about inverting and climbing. Your belly is growing every day and your balance is changing with the same speed. You might just not be able to adjust to changes every time and put yourself in danger of falling.

On the third trimester you should be either a superhero or a crazy woman to continue. Anyway keep modifying your routine according to your state and never push the limits.

If you’re a pole dancing professionalDuring the whole time it’s better if you add more “dance” to your program.

Let yourself to work more on your hand movements and plasticity, do some cardio exercises, improve your posture, simply enjoy the music, or try belly dancing or just walking  instead.

Be reasonable and weight up the risks, you can always come back to pole dance straight after birth, but you can never go back to have a healthy baby if you damage yourself during training.

And yes, you will always read about some incredible women like Jill Maclean, they are the ones who can hang upside down, holding the weight of their body with one hand and drink tea at the same time. They will always say that after all this they had a perfectly healthy baby and the easiest delivery ever. May be it’s true, but it’s just luck, don’t make a mistake about it.

Useful video

You can watch a pregnant pole dancer here:

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  1. Gemma

    It’s disturbing how you imply that gogo dancers and strippers are not respectable women. Contemporary pole dance was brought to you by Fawnia for fitness yes, but it was taught by strippers (Fawnia was a stripper) – it never originated from chinese or indian men on wooden and silicone poles. They didn’t teach us, they didn’t open studios, they didn’t use brass or chrome poles and they didn’t dance in heels. Pole dancing for fitness came directly from strippers.

    • whocares

      Completely agree with you regarding the origins of modern-era pole fitness. However, it didn’t appear that the author’s implication was that go-go dancers and strippers are not respectable women. The way the statement was written, “For long time it had pretty bad public image and was thought to be mainly an erotic routine for the striptease or go-go dancers, something a respectable woman would never do” was meant to emphasize the societal perspective on pole and go-go dancing. I may be mistaken, but it doesn’t seem that the author shares this opinion.

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