Features of golfing while pregnant

Features of golfing while pregnant

Everybody knows that pregnancy is a wonderful period in a life of each woman. But some women make pregnancy as an illness and forget about any activities. Doing sports is very important for mothers-to-be, and if you do not have any contraindications by the specialists you should do some exercises.

But all kinds of sports are not allowed during pregnancy. Such sports as diving, football, volleyball, horse-riding, windsurfing, rafting, dancing and others are not recommended for pregnant because of high risk of injury.


But swimming, hiking and water aerobics are not prohibited. These kinds of sport are very available for expectant mothers.

Searching the web-sites we can find a lot of information about playing golf during the period of pregnancy. Some women note that they played the best golf of their life during pregnancy. Other female golfers say that they managed to improve the short game.

And what we should do if we are fond of golf? Is recommended or prohibited for pregnant women? Is it safe to play golf and what safety rules we should obey? All these questions will be answered in this article.


Do not put hands too highLet’s start from the connection between golf and pregnancy. There are several questions that you might be thinking about: “Can you golf while pregnant?”, “Can you play golf when pregnant?”, “Can I play golf while pregnant?”, the answer will be the same on all questions and you can find ambiguous answer to this question.

Some people say that it is not safe playing golf for pregnant and want it to be prohibited. But others think that this kind of sport cannot cause any danger and even has a good effect for health of expectant mothers. So let’s review positive and negative sides of playing golf for pregnant women.

Golf is a great opportunity for expectant mothers to be outside, get fresh air and a good physical activity. Golfing while pregnant helps woman to improves her stability and balance. Also it helps to prevent excessive weight gain and increase strength and endurance. In addition, you walk from a hole to another one, so it is an additional exercise and it is also helpful. Finally, being outside is a real mood lifter which is so important during pregnancy.

But there are some disadvantages of playing golf for pregnant women. During pregnancy you always have a risk of falls. This risk increases on a golf course where there are a plenty of valleys, hills, gouges in the ground and so on. Also there is a risk of getting a sprain or dislocation of the shoulder joint, especially if you are beginner. Doctors say that pregnant women should not put their hands up very high.

Advice: Get your doctor’s approval if you have not played golf before!

In addition, workers of golf courses use of chemical substances which prevent the overgrowing of grass on areas and walkways. Certainly, they can do harm to a pregnant woman and her baby. That is why specialists do not recommend playing golf for a long time.

During the first 10 weeks the fetus is firmly attached on the wall of your uterus so you need not worry and continue playing golf. Then your body is changing and a baby is growing, some organs and ribs are displaced a bit and you feel some difficulties in breathing.

Now you cannot make swings as easy as you did before. But you should practice a bit and you may swing as long as you are not feeling discomfort. And in the later stages of pregnancy you should avoid playing golf.


Do not carry heavy bagWhile playing golf pregnant women should remember some tips which can help you to prevent undesirable situations. First of all, we need to inform the doctor who monitors your pregnancy and explain that she wants to continue playing golf. That is important because the doctor knows your medical history and your chronic illnesses which can cause extra problems during pregnancy. When you get a doctor’s approval you should take a few lessons from a golf instructor.

Playing golf, you should drink more liquid avoiding caffeine. Doing physical activities your organism requires more water, so you should have a bottle of water with you. Then, your baby’s health is of utmost importance, that is why you should avoid injuries. Also if you are tired you should have a rest and keep up your energy level by eating.

As your body is changing and your belly is growing, you should adjust your style of game. Due to some adjustments you can continue doing any activity and prevent injuries.

Warning! Do not carry your heavy bags! This can cause miscarriage or premature birth. Use a cart or ask for help workers of a golf course.

The proper posture is important to any golfer. And it is essential for pregnant golfer. It can also prevent back pain and injuries. So listen to your instructor and his/her recommendations.

When your family is going to enjoy playing golf you should pay attention to the weather. If it is hot you should avoid playing and doing other physical activities because they can cause some medical problems. A pregnant woman should be careful when the weather is rainy too. Grass becomes slippery because of the rain, and it is also a risk of injuries.

Recommendation: The best solution is playing golf in early morning.

It is important to know what pregnant women should wear. Pregnancy golf clothes include compression shorts. They provide extra support and coverage. Also you can use a sports bra made from natural fibers. In addition, expectant mothers should wear support stockings to alleviate swelling of legs, comfortable shoes and dress with a room for your belly.

Warming-up exercises

It is important to warm up before playing golf while pregnant and it must take at least 5 minutes. The most active parts of the body are arms, legs and back. These parts should be trained the most. And you must remember you should do all exercises very carefully. If you feel some pain and aches stop all physical activities and consult with your doctor.

There are a lot of exercises for pregnant women, we choose the most popular and easy for you. The warming-up begins with exercises on arms. You should take your right arm straight up and circle it back and around. Then you should warm up your left arm. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

Pregnant woman plays golfThen we should train our legs. Lift your right knee up at 90 degrees and stay in this position 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise with your left leg for. The exercise should be done 10 times.

We do not want our back to be injured, so it should be warmed up too. Take your golf club behind your shoulders. Then tip as low as your belly and your state of health allows you. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

If you want more warming-up exercises you can ask for advice an assistant who works in golf courses. And each woman has an individual organism so you should be very careful doing any activity.

Pregnant women may play golf as long as they want. The only thing that they should remember is to stay hydrated and spend less time when it is hot. You must stop all physical activities if you feel the following symptoms:

  • dizziness;
  • elevated blood pressure;
  • bleeding;
  • joint pains;
  • headaches.

Taking everything into account we can say that playing golf during pregnancy is not so dangerous as other extreme kinds of sport. Each pregnant woman decides herself what she will do and what sports she will choose.

Useful video

This video will demonstrate some rules and useful techniques for pregnant golf:


Remember that your safety and your baby’s health is the most valuable things now and you should pay more attention to your child and monitor your state of health. And your doctor must be aware of your entertainment. If you listen to his or her recommendations your pregnancy will be the happy and joyful period of your lifetime.

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