Benefit or harm – jet skiing while pregnant?

Benefit or harm - jet skiing while pregnant?

Modern women like to spend their free time funny and actively. Sometimes it is very difficult for them to adapt for “having a pudding in the oven” when it is necessary to observe some restrictions.

The expectation of the child makes some adjustments in the life of the expectant mother. Some women quickly get used to their delicate state of health and become more cautious, while others are happy to continue entertain their selves with such activities as roller skating, horse-riding and even jet skiing, ignoring the state of their and the child’s health.


Certainly, the doctors do not prohibit their patients fitness training (specifically yoga) and active rest, especially if the pregnancy is normal, but there are sports and leisure which you should forget about at the time of pregnancy, including jet skiing. So, should jet skiing be allowed to the woman in “interesting” state of her health? And how much harm can extreme cause to health of a mother and a baby? These questions will be discussed in this article.

Specialists do not restrict the freedom of pregnant women, but traumatic entertainment is not desirable. Also falls are very dangerous for a baby, and a range of sports such as jet skiing, cycling, horse-riding are not recommended for mothers-to-be.

Advice: Before doing extreme sports you should consult with your doctor!


Jet skiing is in the range of sports that are prohibited for pregnant women. This prohibition is explained by some reasons. At first, during pregnancy expectant mothers have impaired coordination of movements, so even the most “sporty” women cannot keep their balance if they are in case of danger.

Jet skiing is prohibited during pregnancyAnd the coordination of movements is very important in jet skiing while pregnant. Also the jet skiing as an active sport causes a strong surge of adrenaline.

The answer on the questions such as: “Can you jet ski while pregnant?”, “Can you jet ski when pregnant?”, “Can I go jet skiing while pregnant?” etc. will be the same: “No, it is not desirable because during pregnancy you need to have a calm and friendly mood.”.

A jet ski and other vehicles are also dangerous by jolting that can induce premature birth or miscarriage in the early stages. In addition to the risk of injury (and sometimes — risk to pregnant’s life!) jet skiing is prohibited for pregnant women because the engine of this machine causes a strong vibration of the pelvic organs of the rider. Excessive vibration can cause miscarriage or premature birth.

Safety rules for pregnant

Another important question that should be taken into account about jet ski while pregnant: “Is it safe?”. No, this kind of sport is dangerous for pregnant women and the baby. That is why jet ski owners do not want to let expectant mothers plow the waves.

But if you decide to ride a jet ski after all and manage to persuade your instructor you should mind the following rules:

    Jet skiing is fun but dangerous

  1. You must take care of your own safety! That is why you must put on the life jacket.
  2. If you cannot swim do not ride at great depths.
  3. Do not ride the jet ski by yourself! Give this opportunity to another person.
  4. Your partner must be experienced in jet skiing.
  5. The speed limit must not be very high.
  6. Make sure you avoid big waves.
Warning! If you feel belly pains, dizziness and other undesirable symptoms you must stop all activities and see your doctor!


It is best to avoid jetskiing while pregnant. If you fall the fast moving can cause high impact with the water. It can cause serious problems, including premature birth or even fetal death.

As for stages of pregnancy, extreme sports are not allowed during the whole pregnancy. First two weeks the fetus is growing, important organs and systems are developing in this period.

A woman must stay calm in this stage of pregnancy and try to think about her baby’s health than jet skiing. The next weeks are also very important because a baby feels all activities of its mother, also other organs are growing too.

If women have a risk of miscarriage in the early stages, then they have risk of premature birth later. That is why pregnant women should take care of her state of health and her baby’s growth.

In addition, jet skiing and other sport activities are prohibited for women if they have the following diseases:

    Woman on jet ski

  • liver, renal diseases, diseases of cardiovascular system – any physical activity during pregnancy can worsen these diseases;
  • low insertion of placenta – this condition is dangerous because of sudden occurrence of excessive bleeding and any physical activity could trigger it;
  • severe anemia – decrease in hemoglobin level is usually accompanied by lack of oxygen to organs, and exercises can aggravate the condition of oxygen deficit;
  • hydramnion – in this case sport can lead to premature birth;
  • hypertonia of the uterus – sports can also aggravate the problem and lead to abortion;
  • inflammatory and purulent processes – sports spread the inflammatory processes;
  • gestational toxicosis – sport can cause a dangerous complication of pregnancy eclampsia or convulsions;
  • blood system diseases – during pregnancy you can have recrudescence of your health because of doing sport.

If you have some of these problems you should avoid any extreme entertainments especially riding a jet ski while pregnant.

Kinds of sport for pregnant women

You can leave jet skiing for the best times and replace this kind of entertainment with more safe and harmless sports. Swimming is the best kind of sport for pregnant women. Swimming exercises has a very beneficial effect on the mother and the baby.

Water exercises unload the spine, strengthen the back muscles, improve blood circulation in organs and tissues. In addition, swimming eliminates the possibility of overheating, dehydration and traumas. Swimming is a great way to keep your body in a good shape and the best opportunity to do it when the baby is born. Also there are some special water aerobics programmes for pregnant women.

Recommendation: If you are going to the swimming pool do not forget to take a bottle of water with you. It will help to fill the fluid of your body after water exercises.

If you do not have any opportunities to go to the swimming pool you can try other kinds of activity. The most plain and available, but very effective exercise is hiking. It is allowed for all pregnant women regardless of their training and state of health.

Swimming is good for pregnancySuch exercises tone the muscles of the legs, buttocks and back, prevent the appearance of varicose and hemorrhoids, deal with venous congestion in the pelvis. Regular walking improve utero-placental blood flowing as a result the fetus receives more oxygen and nutrients.

In winter you can enjoy country skiing — this sport is considered to be safe for pregnant. After 24-25 weeks during a hiking or skiing you need to wear a support brace for pregnant women. Walking up the stairs is also good for mothers-to-be, but you must not rush and should breathe calmly.

Finally, pregnancy is not the period of doing extreme sports. We should abandon jet skiing to protect our child from danger. It is one the most dangerous sports for pregnant women which can lead to crash, injury risk and can put your baby’s life in danger.

Certainly, each woman should understand and decide herself what sports is safe for her and her baby’s health. In addition, we all have different organisms and each of us can react to many things in various ways. So, we cannot prohibit you going extreme sports. But if you are going try yourselves it will be better to consult with specialists and to be screened by them.

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