Technique of Pilates In Early Pregnancy: Dangerous and Useful Exercises for First Trimester

Technique of Pilates In Early Pregnancy: dangerous and useful exercises for first trimester

Pilates is a popular system of healing, based on exercises. Method of Pilates was developed about a hundred years ago by Joseph Pilates and later named after him. Exercises in Pilates method tone the muscles, develop balance, improve physique.

Today the Pilates method has found admirers among pregnant women, because it doesn’t require much effort but at the same time gives a remarkable efficiency.


The desire of women to be in good shape and to stay slender after the childbirth is quite natural. And for this, it is necessary to take care of your body not only after the birth but also during the pregnancy.

But how to do it, if pregnancy excludes significant physical activities? Pilates is what you need.

It is important that pregnant women do Pilates not to spend the extra calories and to lose weight. Their goal is to prepare for childbirth and to faster the recovery.

Pilates and pregnancy first trimester

Pilates and pregnancy first trimesterThe first trimester Pilates includes simple and very effective exercises without cardio helping pregnant women to return to the natural state of the body: to the flexibility and ease of movements.

The first trimester is the most responsible, because at this time the baby’s organs are developed and placenta is formed. That’s why many pregnant women worry ask whether it is safe to do Pilates exercises during pregnancy or no.

A lot of them believe that any physical activity can lead to irreparable consequences, it is better not to risk. But there is no sense for them in worrying. Pilates is a safe method.

There are special exercises for pregnant women in the first trimester which are recommended by the doctor, especially if they are done in the air.

Pros and cons

So, what are the advantages of pilates in early pregnancy? It helps to:

    Pilates during first trimester: benefits

  • strengthen the body and soothe the spirit;
  • strengthen deep abdominal muscles that the spine to cope with the increasing load caused by the baby’s gaining weight;
  • maintain good posture;
  • train chest breathing and help to relax;
  • prevent varicose;
  • increase muscular endurance;
  • reduce the chance of damaging the joints;
  • increase overall health and improves the immune system the future moms;
  • improve blood circulation.

Though practicing pilates when pregnant first trimester is a very safe system, unfortunately it has some contradictions. You shouldn’t do Pilates if you have:

    Pregnant woman is ready for pilates training

  • chronic diseases of the circulatory and respiratory systems;
  • obesity;
  • problems with joints or spine;
  • passive lifestyle before pregnancy;
  • chronic diseases of the circulatory and respiratory systems;
  • the threat of miscarriage;
  • hypertension, hypotension;
  • polyhydramnios;
  • a multiple pregnancy.

Exercises in the first trimester

In this section, we will discuss exercises from Pilates during pregnancy first trimester that could be done easily even if you are a beginner.

Relax the back

There are several exercises in order to relax the back and spine:

  1. You need to lie on your back, bend your knees and put your hands along the body. Then with the tip of the nose gently draw ”8”in the air. It will help you to get rid of unnecessary tension in the neck and shoulders.
  2. Relax the back

  3. Feet shoulder width apart – stand on a full foot. Hands freely along the body.

    Rhythmic breathing: breast separately, and stomach separately. Imagine you were inflating a balloon in your chest and then in your belly. During the inhalation try to stretch all grew up.

  4. Warm-up for muscles of the neck. Head left and right, back and forth. Shoulders should not move.
  5. Starting position – rest on knees and palms. Inhale, arch the spine upwards, exhale – return to its original position.
  6. Sit on the Mat, feet and hands diluted in hand, back straight. Twist the body left and right.
  7. Relax a little, doing the following exercise: sit on your heels, lower the body down relaxing back muscles and pulling arms before you.

Correct the breech

  1. Standing in the knee-elbow position up to 15 minutes;
  2. 10 minutes lying on each side, gently rolling through the abdomen.

This exercise corrects the transverse presentation:

  • Making a deep breath, roll over your back, and lay down on the other side – the leg you are lying on should be straight.
It is important that this Pilates Complex for pregnant women is not for weight loss but for improving the overall stimulation of metabolic processes in the body. All the exercises should be done with rest.

Video lesson

As you can see there are many moves that could be done during 1st trimester and this video tutorial will help you to find even more useful activities from prenatal pilates:

Prohibited exercises

What kind of exercises should be avoided from pilates while pregnant first trimester? They include physical activity, accompanied by concussion of the body, vibration, jumps, weight lifting, risk of fall, bumps.

    Dangerous exercises

  1. Strenuous physical exercise with high intensity during pregnancy lead to deterioration of blood supply to the fetus, cause the delay of its development, also can cause miscarriage and premature birth.
  2. Different twisting , and a variety of slopes are not allowed – they which can lead the uterus to a state of hypertonus and trigger a miscarriage.
  3. Doctors advise to avoid any physical movements with large ranges of motion, such as overstretching, which increase the possibility of injury.
  4. As you approach the full term of the pregnancy, the enlargement of your abdomen will shift your center of gravity. That’s don’t do exercises in unstable positions.

Effective training

The length of the classes is from 15 to 40 minutes. But 20-30 minutes is usually enough, especially for beginners. Do it regularly — 2 to 3 times a week.

    Effective training

  1. Start exercises with warm-up, including breathing exercises in the original provisions of sitting on the fitball or in “Turkish” position, then “rolling” with your head, circular movements with your shoulders and so on.
  2. Be careful not to train too much. Rest sometimes. Your movements should be slow and smooth. Constantly monitor your health. And if it worsens, immediately stop the lessons.
  3. In the final part of the lessons exercises for relaxation are necessary to relax and to return the pulse to the normal.

Safety measures

Is pilates safe during early pregnancy? This question bothers many pregnant women, we can say that it is safe enough if you follow several rules which are elucidated below.

    Pregnancy pilates during 1st trimester

  1. While doing exercises drink plenty of fluids during exercise to stimulate the metabolism and enhance elimination of toxins from the body.
  2. Physical activity is best transferred after a couple of hours after a meal (preferably after Breakfast). Do not overdo it!
  3. Remember that your shortness of breath is a symptom that the unborn child does not receive enough oxygen.
  4. Pay attention to your health and at the slightest sign of abdominal pain or discomfort stop the exercise and continue to replace it.
  5. Do not overdo it! 15 minutes a day is enough (in the very beginning; then increase till 40 min) for physical exertion during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  6. Avoid physical activity in those days, which could be critical. According to medical research this time sharply increases the risk of miscarriage.
  7. Don’t neglect breathing exercises and relaxing exercises – these rules are need for every pregnant woman.

One more time we want to remind you, that pilates in pregnancy 1st trimester should be done carefully and if possible with the help of well-qualified specialist.


Pregnancy is a time of significant change in a woman’s body. Over the 9-months gestational duration, the body will move through various physical and emotional changes in preparation for the coming birth.

In this extraordinary time of your life exercises can be a valuable tool for keeping fit, safe and gentle childbirth preparation, for rapid subsequent recovery. But these are not all the benefits. You will also learn how to relax and, on the contrary, how to concentrate and to control your body.

Doctors say it is a great opportunity to spend time usefully for your health. Having started to do Pilates at the beginning of your pregnancy, you won’t regret it after the childbirth. It will help not only to strengthen your body but also to ease the delivery and speed your recovery.

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