Is it Safe to Run During Pregnancy?

It is not a surprise that many pregnant women would like to keep fit. In order to keep fit many of them do physical exercises.

For example, some women who run before pregnancy do not give up this practice after conception.

Some of them actually start running when pregnant.

However some people argue that such reckless workout is terribly risky for a mother and her fetus.


The dangers of running for expextant mothers

The dangers of running for expextant mothersIn short, the answer is not.

Even though regular physical activities can help pregnant women to fight with aches and malaises, normalize metabolism,  destress, get a mental boost, make lower back joints more elastic, stretch and relax muscles, running is not the best option.

This is because running combines everything that is not recommended during pregnancy, such as vibration and shaking of internals, impact on locomotor apparatus and huge stress on cardiovascular system.

Some specialists claim, that the first trimester is a very dangerous period to run, since inadequate tension on this stage may cause severe bleeding and miscarriage.

The point is that when running, blood may pour from a fetus to muscles, which may lead to baleful consequences. Besides, the third trimester (after the 5th – 6th week) is incompatible with running whatsoever, in this period running should better be replaced with walking or swimmingAbout safety of other sports during pregnancy you can read here.

Safety regulations

However if a woman was really into running before conception, she can do some running during pregnancy, though it is prerequisite to follow a few rules:

  • See your gynecologist to determine it is safe for to run in one’s particular case;
  • Do not run if it is too hot or cold outside;
  • Do not go for a run immediately after waking up, wait for about 10 minutes, because blood just after sleeping is too viscous, which hardens work of a heart;
  • Before running, warm up, prepare your muscles. Remember, stretching should be done very gently;
  • Drink before, during and after running small amounts, but frequently. The most preferable drink is still room temperature water. Dehydration can decrease blood flow to a womb and may even cause premature contractions;
  • Wear shoes that give feet support and a special sport bra;
  • Consider running on a track as your pregnancy progresses;
  • Avoid overheating. Body temperature should not exceed 38 degrees;
  • Check your heart rate with a cardiac monitor; it shouldn’t exceed 60% of maximal oxygen uptake rate (220 – age) in the first trimester and 65-70% in the second and the third (though it is not recommended to run in the third trimester at all). In order to slow heart rate down and catch breath, turn from running to quick walking for a while;
  • In the second trimester, run on flat surface, because a woman’s center of gravity is shifting and it is more likely for her to fall;
  • If falling down, fall to one’s side or on behind, so that an abdomen was not traumatized;
  • After running or walking catch your breath, then lay down for 10-15 minutes with legs uplifted;
  • As it was mentioned above, by the third trimester running should be replaced with less stressful kinds of sport;
  • Never push to the limits.


Undoubtedly running must be set aside in case of a threatened miscarriage, toxicosis, suspected developmental anomalies of a fetus or placenta previa.

Also this activity is not recommended to those future mothers who have had uterine bleedings or miscarriages.

Moreover, any pregnant runner should know warning signs meaning that running should be immediately stopped:

  • Vaginal bleeding;
  • Dizziness;
  • Rough breathing;
  • Headache;
  • Chest pain;
  • Muscle weakness;
  • Calf pain or swelling;
  • Preterm labor (contractions);
  • Decreased fetal movement;
  • Fluid leaking from vagina.

Video on the topic

A professional opinion on runnung during pregnancy:


ConclusionAll in all we can say that doing sports during pregnancy can have a really good impact on a mother and a child.

Тhough running in particular is generally not recommended, especially in the third trimester and should be replaced with walking or swimming on this stage.

Only women who have been into running before their conception should try running during their pregnancy, whereas those who have never done it before should refrain from it.

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