Winter sport during maternity – skiing while pregnant

Winter sport during maternity – skiing while pregnant

In a course of a normal pregnant sports along with a proper diet should be a must. Moderate kinds of physical activity are able to increase an overall vitality, improve the immune system, strength muscles and prepare a body for delivery. But what sport to choose if there are winter months?

One can go to gym, engage oneself in yoga or do some exercises at home, but, one should bear in mind, that outdoor physical activities will bring more good than any activity in a stuffy room. A nice alternative for winter – skiing.


Pros and Cons

First of all, it is necessary to make a reservation, that it is a question of quiet ski walk; other types of skis (mountain skis or snowboard), as well as skiing in the hilly areas, ski jumping and running are strictly prohibited.

Can you ski when pregnant or can i ski when pregnant? The answer is “yes” – a pregnant woman can ski. Snow skiing while pregnant has a range of advantages for health, especially for the health of an expectant mother:

    Happy pregnant women while skiing

  1. Skiing in the open air increases the supply of oxygen and improves metabolism, which has a positive effect on the overall condition of the pregnant woman.
  2. While skiing, there is no impact on spine and joints as during jogging, jumping and aerobics. The skiing techniques are smooth and sliding that are not able to do any harm to a pregnant.
  3. While moderate skiing there is almost no possibility to get injured, since there is a good support for arms and torso.
  4. When moving with your arms during skiing back muscles are set in motion and it gives them the opportunity to become stronger that is very important amid growing weight of a pregnant woman.

There are also some disadvantages concerning skiing during pregnancy:

  1. There is a huge number of contraindications for such sport activity.
  2. Choosing proper skiing outfit for a pregnant can be a problem.
  3. It could be inconvenient for pregnant to be outdoors for such a long time, especially in winter. Also, being in the open air for a long time can cause some illnesses (cystitis, cold, etc.).
    1. Now, when you have an idea of the connection between skiing and pregnancy, let’s move to the cases in which this sport is prohibited.


      All kinds of sports during pregnancy have their own contraindications. A woman should not ski:

        Pregnant woman skiing

      1. If she has flu and other acute respiratory diseases, high temperature.
      2. In case of aggravation of chronic disease.
      3. If she suffers from womb hypersthenia, bleeding from the genital tract, the threat of termination of pregnancy.
      4. Skiing when pregnant is prohibited In case of severe morning sickness.
      5. In case of toxemia of pregnancy, that appears in form of increased blood pressure, protein in the urine, edema.
      6. If she had miscarriages in the past.
      7. In case of fetal hydrops.
      8. In case of systematically occurring cramping pains after physical activity.
      Warning! Since the first trimester of the pregnancy is the most crucial and dangerous time, you should be very careful during practicing any type of sports including skiing.

      Skiing in early pregnancy is dangerous because during this time, a fetus is still fastening to womb walls, so any hard physical activity can provoke bleeding and miscarriage. It is better to postpone skiing to the second and the third trimester. To sum up, skiing while pregnant 1st trimester is prohibited.

      Training plan

      Before making any kind of sports, it is necessary to warm up. It is very important for pregnant who want to take some physical activity outdoors in winter.

      Happy pregnant woman with husband whilst skiingFirst of all, it is necessary to warm up the feet. Make circular motions 10-15 times for each leg in one direction, then change the direction.

      Then, warm up your arms. You can also make circular motions for each arm for 15 times in one direction. Then change the direction.

      It is also necessary to prepare your hips for physical activity. Make your legs shoulder-width apart and make careful circular rotations of your torso around your hips. 10 times for each direction.

      You should go skiing no less than 3 times a week in comfortable warm clothes. It is better to give up training in case of severe frost and wind. In the beginning, the duration of skiing should not exceed 20 minutes, then gradually increases to 40 minutes.

      The criterion of increasing your training duration – good tolerance of physical activity, no discomfort during training and after it. In the third trimester you should limit yourself to 25 minutes and your step during skiing should be shorter.

      Be careful! Mothers-to-be need a lot of fresh air because they have to breathe twice as much as anyone else. While pregnant, you should avoid skiing in mountains, since rarefied air in such areas can cause hypoxia.

      When you are finishing you ski training it is recommended to slow a pace and stop very smoothly. When already at home, take a rest on a bed for 15-20 minutes.

      Recommendation: if you have swelling problems with your legs, you should lie on a bed a little bit longer with your legs up. As a support you can choose a wall or some furniture. It will secure a correct outflow of lymphatic fluid from your limbs.

      It is better to break off your pregnancy skiing workout in case of:

      • tachycardia and breathlessness;
      • any type of discomfort inside your body;
      • abdominal pain;
      • sickness, dizziness and weakness.
      Advice: if you had to interrupt you training because of the following conditions, immediately consult with your doctor concerning your state. Possibly, you have some contraindications.

      Safety Measures

      There are some safety measures for those pregnant women, who want to engage themselves in skiing.

        Skiing during pregnancy is safe

      1. First of all, consult your doctor and tell him that you want to go skiing. Remember, that your doctor should approve your training activities!
      2. Choose special skiing outfit for your sport. It should be warm, lightweight, fit you and be made of quality materials. Outfit should not hamper your movement during skiing.
      3. Choose skis that are appropriate for quiet and moderate ski walking.
      4. Before skiing check your pulse rate (it should not be too high) and warm up your arms, feet and hips.
      5. Make sure you feel well: there should not be some abdominal pain, dizziness, sickness and other discomfort.
      6. When skiing, take a slow and smooth pace, do not hurry and mind that your steps are rather short. Do not run or jump, it can be dangerous.
      7. At the end of your workout make your pace even slower and take a rest for several minutes. At home, take a rest for 15-30 minutes.

      When a pregnant woman already has a huge belly, her center of gravity is shifted. Such a circumstance should make your training even more careful. One should mind a posture and constantly maintain the balance of a body in order not to fall. If the belly is too huge (a peculiarity or at the end of the third trimester) it is better to give up training that need vertical positions.

      How to Choose Right Skiing Outfit?

      Chose ski equipment carefullyIt is not a secret that the outfit plays a significant role while skiing in pregnancy. This clothe should be made of quality natural materials and should “breathe”, since overheating can be very dangerous in terms of catching flu or have dizziness.

      The outfit should not hamper your movements during skiing. If it does it can lead to a fall. It is very necessary that your training costume is lightweight and warm at the same time: it is not very convenient for a pregnant to bear some extra weight.

      Do not choose cheap outfit for your skiing activities. The process of training sports should be comfortable in all respects. Choose skis and sticks that are appropriate for quiet and moderate ski walking on plain areas (no snowboards or mountain skis).

      Skiing, as any other kind of sports, is extremely useful for a heath both of a pregnant woman and her future child. It can improve the immune system and stamina, strengthen back muscles, legs and arms preparing a woman to delivery. But one should bear in mind, that, before engaging in any type of sports during pregnancy, it is highly advisable to consult with a doctor.

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