Swimming during Pregnancy

Swimming during pregnancyPregnancy is one of the most interesting and wonderful periods in the life of every woman who already had a child or is going to have one.

It is very important for mother to lead a healthy life to provide good health for both the baby and herself. It means that not only keeping healthy diet and spending more time in the open air, but also sufficient activities and proper physical behavior are important for fetal development. The safest form of physical activity during pregnancy is swimming.


Benefits of swimming while pregnant

Is swimming good for you when pregnant? Swimming is one of the most harmonious sports as it is completely safe, and at the same time brings the maximum benefit to the human organism. What are these benefits?

  • blood circulation improvement. Swimming has beneficial effects on blood circulation, cardiovascular and excretory systems. It helps to cope with the problem of stagnation of blood in the lower extremities and varicose veins and reduce swelling;
  • uniform load. In water, the load is distributed to all the muscle groups, including the abdominal muscles, the pelvic floor and pelvic organs, which is very important as it allows act of delivery to go more easily and quickly with no complications;
  • Benefits of swimming while pregnant

  • immunity. Of course, immunity is significantly increased due to physical activity, blood circulation improvement and respiratory training. In addition, the water temperature differs from the body temperature, which boosts organism strengthening;
  • weight control. Swimming during pregnancy allows women to control their weight and not gain extra kilos. Just one session allows them to burn up to 650 kcal.


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How to go swimming while pregnant

Can you swim while pregnant? Is it safe for mothers-to-be? If you are a professional swimmer, there is no reason to stop swimming or to change your usual schedule when you become pregnant.

If you are not a regular swimmer, you can start learning to swim while pregnant even when your belly is already big enough. You should only look after your condition and know some peculiarities of every gestational age or trimesters.

First Trimester

During the first trimester the heart rate and blood pressure increases, so high cardio loads are contraindicated as heart already works twice as hard.

So it is important to not overwork. At this period of pregnancy, duration of swimming sessions should be not more than 30 minutes.

In the days that correspond to the expected menses, duration of physical exercises should be reduced to 10-12 minutes or abandoned at all. The preferred swimming style is breaststroke, swimming while pregnant in thirst trimester should be slow.

Second Trimester

Usually, women in the second trimester feel a surge of energy. This is a good reason to continue to go swimming for pregnant woman.

In this period, the uterus grows and goes beyond the pelvis, shifting the center of gravity of the body, and you can feel more unstable. Water reduces gravitational attraction; therefore the pressure on the spine and internal organs is decreased, so if you swim regularly, pregnancy will go much easier.

Third Trimester

Third TrimesterSwimming is particularly useful in the third trimester. The buoyancy of the woman’s body increases during pregnancy, and exercises in the water do not load joints much.

Furthermore, water resistance slows down, so swimming reduces the load on the joints as compared with the sharp movements of exercises on land. Swimming, water aerobics, or just dancing in the water is good for relaxing the body and eliminating stress.

Swimming is also good for the baby, as the water virtually eliminates overheating.

If you cannot swim, it’s not a reason to deny yourself pleasures to do this useful activity. You can use the rubber ring. However you should know and follow some simple rules.

If it is the second half of pregnancy, make sure that the circle is loose enough and does not press on your belly. Also you shouldn’t swim with a ring in a river with a strong current, it is better to do it in calm water, for example in the pool or in the lake.

Where is it better to swim?

Swimming when pregnant is possible not only in the pool, but also in natural waters. Is it safe to swim in a pond or in rivers while pregnant? The best water for mothers-to-be is salt water, but swimming in rivers, ponds and lakes is good too.

It is better to take friends, or to swim where there are lifeguards. In the last stages of pregnancy women can suffer from leg cramps. Therefore, do not swim far away from the coast and do not swim in deep places.

Moreover, water may be cold, for example, in mountain streams, it is better to avoid swimming in cold water while pregnant.

Do not go in the water if you cannot see the bottom or algae overgrow all around. The most ideal option is swimming pool with sea water.

Salt, which is added to this water, disinfect everything which makes swimming safe for your baby.
If lap swimming is boring for you or you are not good swimmer, it is better to do some water exercise for pregnant women.



  • risk of miscarriage;
  • profuse vaginal discharge;
  • placenta previa;
  • allergy to bleach;
  • very strong toxicosis (which is accompanied by uncontrollable vomiting);
  • uterine bleeding;
  • systematic cramping pain after exercises;
  • pre-eclampsia (a disorder of pregnant women which is accompanied by hypertension and a great volume of protein in the urine);
  • diseases of the blood system;
  • chronic appendicitis;
  • diseases in the acute stage;
  • Infectious Ddiseases;
  • weak cervix.

Useful video

Watch video with water exercises for mothers-to-be:


  1. Swimming is a great type of activity for pregnant women, which trains the muscles and many systems of the body without overloading.
  2. However, you cannot swim if there is the risk of miscarriage, placenta previa, vaginal discharge or if you have any other contraindications.
  3. Swimming is possible not only in swimming pools, but also in the “credible” natural reservoirs. In any case, before you decide to take this step, you should consult your gynecologist.
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