How to Choose “Pregnant” Swimming Suit?

So, congratulations, you’re having a baby and they say you are glowing from the inside and look more gorgeous every day.

You also possess an ever-changing unpredictable body, new and strange to you and have to make few adjustments to your wardrobe.

This will go even for such a small thing as your swimsuit.

Most probably your doctor has already told you that swimming is one of the best activities you can do while pregnant. It helps you exercise your muscles, makes your blood circulate oxygen actively through your body.


It lets you rest a little bit from the extra weight you gained and is just pleasurable, especially if you’re under a warm southern sun. So make it even nicer for by wearing an appropriate, stylish or simply comfortable outfit.

Good news for you – almost all the outlets you like have a full range of maternity clothing available!

Why wearing special swimsuit?

Why wearing special swimsuit?Some of you, especially the ones who only in the beginning of their pregnancy, might think “why can’t I just pick a bikini one size bigger or even continue wearing my one-piece swimsuit which seems to be stretchable enough?”

Ok, let’s go through the reasons to go for swimming wear for pregnant:

  1. Your old bikini might work for the first trimester because there’s a good chance you don’t look pregnant at all. But even at very early stages you will discover that your boobs get a bit bigger or turn absolutely huge. So the bikini top becomes at best too sexy, exposing way too much skin or just unwearable due to the stronger support you breast needs now.
  2. Very important feature of the swimwear for future mothers is how fast the tissue is drying. You want to avoid any chance of overexposure to cold. The best choice in this case would be microfiber or lycra.
  3. We will go through different types of maternity swimsuits later, but generally the special needs of your body now include better support for your boobs and as little squeeze as possible for your stomach area.
  4. And why do you even need a reason to buy something new and beautiful? Just go for it – endorphins are good for the baby!

What types of bathing suits are out there?


kupalniki-dlia-beremennih3Very trendy in the last couple of years, one-piece swimming suit is not really the best choice for the pregnant women. Though it is perfect, if you want to do some active swimming or water gym session you have to choose it more carefully than any other style swimsuit.

First of all, forget about that old sports one – the more belly grows the more awkward you feel in it: through the growth of the stomach, openings in weird places appear, your brand new beautiful boobs are flattened and your bump gets squeezed which is bad for the baby.

So if you choose this option, make sure that your one-piece has a perfect cut for your body and be ready to get a new one once it stops feeling good.

One-piece swimsuit fits to water workout for pregnant ladies.


Maybe the best idea for a future mother is to get a tankini. There are many reasons to choose it over the others:

  • if you consider that one should be modest about one’s pregnancy – tankini is your option. Discreet but fashionable it will make you feel comfortable by concealing your belly, particularly on the third trimester when the stretchmarks or random pigmentation may appear;
  • even beyond pregnancy overexposure to the UV light is considered to be unhealthy, so a little extra precaution during these sensible months is worth taking;
  • the tunic-shaped top part can be used during the whole pregnancy, getting slightly more fitting every month, so you will have no need to go for a new one every trimester;
  • tankini is easily the most popular maternity swimming attire and you can find all kinds of patterns and colors you like in your favorite shops;
  • you will be able to use it after the pregnancy when you really feel like covering your stomach before it returns to it former shape.


BikiniLet’s tell the truth: pregnancy is beautiful. Even if right now you feel like a clumsy whale, you’re the only one who sees it that way.

If you feel comfortable in your new state and proud to be an expecting mother – don’t be shy, go for a bikini! You can get a bit of tan on your stomach, feel the water surrounding your belly and just look awesome.

Though in case of bikini an “pregnant” swimming costume can work sometimes as well, going for bikini you need to consider few details:

  • the bottom part should have a low cut, so it doesn’t push on your uterus, or roll from belly. Either choose the adjustable one or go for a proper maternity shape one which is lowering in the front;
  • the top should have a firm structure but no wiring. It has to shape your boobs without pushing or pinching the skin for you not to have lactation problems after giving birth;
  • it may be wiser to go for wide straps for the top – your back will thank you for this later and your breasts will look more shaped.

Bikini perfectly fits to dolphins therapy or swimming in the ocaen.

Make it work!

Whatever everyone says, you possibly don’t feel as beautiful as you should. Let’s face it – not everyone keeps top-model shape during pregnancy.

There is a big chance you’ll get at least some of those: fresh stretchmarks, cellulitis, shapeless bottom or general fluffiness. And who can blame you for trying to disguise it.

There are few things you can keep in mind to feel fabulous:
Make it work!

  1. Pareo, pareo and again pareo! Just a nice colorful piece of tissue makes a perfect beach accessory.

    Wrap it around the hips, shoulders, make it a dress – everything you feel like underlining or covering, and shape your silhouette the way you like.

    You will find plenty of bikini or tankini bottoms with shorter or longer built-in skirt nowadays. This little detail may help you to conceal the unfit bits or just to focus on your feminine side all depending on length.

    Be extra careful with a very short skirt, though it might seem fun and flirtatious on a skinny model, it can make you look funny, kind of like a hippo in a skirt toy from kinder surprise egg.

    Also this effect may cause wrong choice of a color, for example baby-pink wont flatter you this time.
  2. Cool thing is that your boobs are now officially amazing. With this in mind remember that if they are twice bigger, they are also twice heavier.

    So maybe it’s not the best time for strapless top because it might flatten them and spoil the cleavage which you’re so proud of. Halter neck, on the contrary will attract attention to the area you’d like to show the most and provide the best support at the same time.
  3. Maybe black is a new black, but just because you feel big don’t overlook colorful swimsuits. Trust me, even if you put on a full black leotard it will not make you look skinnier, not this time, now you look pregnant and nobody will mistake about it.

    And honestly, do you want them to? It’s never a wasted effort to make a fashion statement, go floral, geometric or any kind of pattern, neon yellow or sparkling red – have fun you deserve it!

In the end it’s not that important what style or color of a swimsuit you choose if you feel fabulous and enjoy your pregnancy. So keep calm and go have a swim!

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