Dolphin Therapy During Pregnancy: Swimming in the Sea and Pool

Dolphins are well-known as joyful and smart creatures. Dolphins have always tried to communicate with people.

These lovely animals “talk” with sailors in the sea help soldiers to find bombs and are even able to cure different illnesses.

As scientists found out, dolphins can provide therapy for pregnant women and their future babies. Let’s learn more on this topic. 


Dolphin therapy for pregnant ladies

Dolphin therapy for pregnant ladiesScientists all over the world are sure that dolphin calls are really good for pregnant women.

They think that ultrasonic emissions of dolphins stimulate the brain activity of future babies while they are still developing.

That’s why dolphin therapy was invented. The dolphins are trained to communicate with pregnant women, swim with them in pools, kiss future mums and their bellies and even create art work together.

These smart creatures are feeling the baby inside the mum’s belly and behaving very tenderly with the mums-to-be.

Dolphin therapy includes a set of activities that a pregnant woman does with dolphins. Those activities help her to relax, express herself and feel the baby’s personality.

Dolphin therapy is not just swimming together with sea animals but a real kind of psychotherapy in which natural objects are involved.

You may ask, why dolphins? What makes them special? Dolphins are unique, possessing high physical and mental abilities.

They are super sociable and willing to contact other animals and humans. These creatures are so friendly and open to others that “dolphin effect” starts to cure various illnesses and helps in solving problems. Lots of various cases are cured with the help of dolphin therapy.

Pregnancy is one of the difficult periods in women’s life when support is needed. Dolphins are ready to help.

Pros and cons

Pros and consA woman expecting her baby is experiencing a great number of physical and psychological changes. She can be emotionally unstable and even afraid of processes in her body.

When future mums swim and communicate with dolphins they get lots of positive emotions, relax and understand themselves better. The presence of dolphins increases babies’ heartbeats and elicited movement -the fetus can turn, or suck its thumb happily. 

Though dolphin therapy is a great and positive movement, every pregnant woman should make her own choice. Don’t visit these programs just because they are in trend.

You shouldn’t be afraid of water and gigantic mammals and should be open to communication.

Most of us do not speak with dolphins every day, so you need to prepare yourself for this unusual therapy. If you have a strong will to swim with dolphins, consult your doctor.

If you are not feeling well or having some pregnancy difficulties he won’t recommend you to do that.

Swimming with dolphins while pregnant

Swimming with dolphins while pregnantCan you swim with dolphins while pregnant? If a pregnant lady feels wonderful and likes to swim in the sea or pool, why not swim with lovely dolphins?

Of course, you need to choose a proper place for it. Swimming in the sea is possible and it is the most natural way. 
Some pools, but not many have special programs for pregnant, which include swimming, speaking with dolphins, massage, art and body art together. 

There are also programs for adults, where pregnant women are not usually allowed. That happens not because swimming with dolphins is harmful for pregnant woman, but for some reasons.

Dolphins feel the future baby and may concentrate all their attention on the mum-to-be, excluding other guests. These programs’ organizers are also afraid that super excitement of dolphins may frighten the women, or playful dolphin can damage a pregnant lady while playing.

In the pool

If a pregnant woman decides to swim with dolphins she should attend the special programs for future mums. They give you more stability.

Dolphins there are trained to communicate with ladies expecting a baby, the program is varied, and professional doctors and psychologists are nearby, ready to help you.

Though, swimming in the pool is different from the sea, the results are more expected

In the sea

In the poolQuite often women continue traveling even while being pregnant. And some of them can be so brave that they risk swimming in the sea with wild dolphins.

You can imagine a couple expecting a baby swimming in the sea in the company of gorgeous dolphins. That looks natural and full of excitement.

But that’s a great risk. Dolphins don’t normally attack people; they are friendly animals and care about humans.

Wild dolphins are not taught to control their emotions, and their joy with seeing a future baby can be really strong.

And what to do if a dolphin bumps into a tummy of the future mum, just playing? The couples who already experienced swimming with dolphins in the wild are really happy with that, they are bursting with positive emotions. But you can’t foresee the animals’ reaction for sure. 

To minimize the risks you may try to find a company who organizes the swims with dolphins in the sea. This variant combines wild nature and support of professionals. 

About swimming in salt water during pregnancy read here.

How to behave?

Is it safe to swim with dolphins while pregnant? Dolphins are unique animals with their own peculiarities, likes and dislikes. If you finally decide to swim with dolphins, you need to follow these rules:
How to behave?

  1. Do not be a stranger to dolphins. Before going to swim with them, get acquainted from the shore. 
  2. Trainers usually give you information about each dolphin, what does it like to do, how you should touch it and so on. Don’t forget to follow the trainer’s advice.
  3. Dolphins are wild animals and like to play according to their own rules. Accept these rules and don’t be rude to these lovely animals or force them to do what you like.
  4. Do not touch the dolphin’s eyes, ears, teeth and spout (the organ dolphins breathe with).

If you behave according to these rules, swimming with dolphins will give you only positive emotions.

If something goes wrong like:

  • you are afraid of dolphins’ excitement,
  • you start feeling unwell,
  • you think that the dolphins are too aggressive,
  • it is better to stop the swimming and consult the present specialists.

How to behave?Swimming with dolphins is a great fun indeed. A mum and her future baby can get lots of positive emotions and benefits from this activity.

All what you need to do is to be careful and ready for that, and know how to treat dolphins. The ladies who tried this happily exclaimed “Wow!” after the swim.

Constant communication with dolphins resolves into easier pregnancy without pains and nervous breakdowns and birth of healthy and intelligent kids. In future you can proudly show your kid the photos and tell a story how he or she was swimming with dolphins. 

Usefull video

Watch how pregnant trainer swimming with dolphin in the sea:

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