Walking Workout During Late Pregnancy

For normal physiological growth of pregnancy and good labour process, cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular systems need to work properly in response to higher muscle loading.

However, during this important period many types of sport shouldn’t be done. Walking can be a good solution because it trains all the systems mentioned above.


walking during pregnancyAt the same time lungs get full of oxygen. Due to this the mother can get the necessary oxygen and her systems can operate normally.

Through the blood the child gets oxygen which contributes to child’s physical growth and development.

Benefits of walking during late pregnancy

Walking strengthens muscles of legs, back and buttocks. It is also important thatwhile walking, your ostein blood supply raises, and that causes calcium exchange. That also lacks calcium’s erosion.

Waking in the fresh air is also useful for those who have anemia (a medical condition in which the red blood cell count or hemoglobin is less than normal) and unclear bowels.

Furthermore, walking influences future mother’s mood in a positive way.

Walking during pregnancy: possible or not?

While speaking about walking like a cardio exercise, it can be said that it is totally safe. One of its advantages is that it can be done anywhere and at any time.

Instead of sitting somewhere in the building, you can always take your friend or walk by yourself.

Attention! Before you start walking in late pregnancy you should discuss it with your doctor first.

Walking during pregnancy: possible or not?Late pregnancy, as it is known, influences your physical activities a lot. The problem is that walking a lot may cause pains in the pelvis.

Moreover, pains can start during your walking workout or the next day. If you start feeling discomfort, try to reduce the distance and time of walking, or make breaks.

If you want to avoid future pelvic stress, you should shorten the time that you spend on walking.

You should also remember that some women are more likely to deliver early. There are different factors that can cause preterm labour.

These factors are: diabetes, having any kind of bad habits, high blood pressure, carrying twins, uterine infection, preeclampsia (occurs when you’re pregnant and you have high blood pressure and protein in your urine), having problems with weight or being 35-aged or older.

In this case walking a lot during 3rd thrimester of pregnancy (especially after 36 weeks, during 37-38 weeks and later) is contraindicated as it may cause preterm contractions or labour.

Walking during pregnancy: possible or not?Listen to your body. If you think that you are ready and fit for any physical activity, then extra movement will be good for your buttocks, hips, pelvic joints and legs.

Despite all possible problems that can be caused while walking during late pregnancy, there are still some important facts that can influence future mother’s health in a positive way.

So, if you have decided to spend more time outside, secure yourself and get only benefits from training, you should follow some rules and recommendations.


Always start your walking with small warm-ups. To make it easy and sage, steady yourself on the wall or railing to keep your balance, rotate your feet, swing your legs back and forward and side to side, rotate your hands.

Advice! To make walking more effective, speed and frequency should be chosen according to women’s individual physical characteristics.

Basic training

Basic traininBy the third trimester women’s belly gets bigger, that makes training harder. So, step-by-step you should be slowing down.

That would be perfect if you could train 5-6 times a week 15-30 minutes a day. If you have never done sports before and you have just started your training, do not force yourself way much.

You can begin with 10 minutes a day 3-4 times a week, making your workout a few minutes longer every time. If you realize that you feel lack of energy, shorten your trainings or break them into sessions.

Those, who were active before pregnancy but didn’t train regularly, should aim at keeping the same minutes and frequency as during the second trimester.

If you have just started training, you can try to walk for 10-20 minutes 4-6 days per week. Do not forget to break your long walks into small ones.

If you are fit and before pregnancy you were exercising a lot, then you should focus on staying active and feeling comfortable at the same time.

You can start your walking program from 20-50 minutes 4-6 times a week. Of course, dividing will be a great idea for your trainings.

How to make your training more effective

Always drink water during your training. It should be plain and at room temperature.

Because of physical activities your body temperature is always getting high, and this is undesirable for a pregnant woman.

To avoid overheat you should drink in small ones but often.

Advice! Your walking shoes and clothes should be comfortable and made of natural fabric. Your clothes shouldn’t hinder your movements as well.

But by the third trimester walking activity should be slowly reduced: as doing sports is getting harder, for you and your baby and risks are increasing.

Walk in a right way. Your back should be straight but do not lean over backward way much – to avoid muscle overstrain.

Walk from heels to toes and help yourself using your hands: bend them at elbows and make relaxed back and forward movements.

Try walking far away from highways, closer to parks, public gardens or coastal areas. It is also a good idea to walk on a smooth road.

Walking in pregnancyAny time you walk you should remember about how straight your body should be, and do not cross arms on your breast. Wearing maternity girdle can make walking easier as well.

It is recommended to look a few steps forward (not at your feet), especially if it is your third trimester. That will help you to avoid muscles overstrain of rotator cuff and neck.

Useful video

There are some useful advices about walking in late pregnancy:

When you should stop walking

Keep in check your pulse and heartbeat. You can use special monitoring devices that are sold in pharmacies; or you can check yourself with your ability to speak normally while walking.

Warning! If you have any symptoms of weakness or sickness you should stop training immediately.

When you should stop walking

Take a sit and relax. If you do not get better don’t continue your training.

Your training schedule should be set up according to your general state: if you feel unwell, postpone your training until you feel better.

Finish your training properly

The most important rule for pregnant women is for having rest 10-15 minutes and lifting legs after training. After that you can point your toes back and forward, and then 10-15 times rotate your feet.

This kind of training ends up improving the venous drainage as during second and third trimester venous pressure rises. This happens because of pelvis veins compression from growing uterus. This prevents edema appearance and probable venous varices development.


  • acute diseases (flue, ARVI);
  • chronic disease recurrence (f.ex. gastritis);
  • raised uterine tonus;
  • strong toxicosis;
  • gestational toxicosis (a condition in which the mother’s metabolism gets derailed);
  • Contraindications

  • past miscarriage;
  • hydramnios (a condition that occurs when too much amniotic fluid builds up);
  • colicky abdominal pains during and after training.

You should always remember that without enjoying your physical activities there will be no use in it.

So, in order to get profit from your walking workout do not forget to take pleasure in it. And of course do not forget to talk to your doctor first, and listen to your body.

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