How to Burn Some Calories – Walking Workout for Morhers-to-be

It’s a well-known fact that physical activity – is life.

Everyone needs a moderate amount of exercise to stay fit and keep one’s body in good health.


Walking workout for pregnant ladies

Walking workout for pregnant ladies

When you’re pregnant the load carried by all the systems of your organism multiplies several times.

Starting by a fast weight gain (incredible in some cases) and finishing with blood volume increase.

Now you need to keep your cardiovascular and respiratory system healthy if you want to feel good, give birth easily and restore your power quickly afterbirth.

The other important reason to workout is losing some calories. Yes, it’s not a joke – though it’s absolutely normal that you gain big amount of weight there can be a moment your midwife will recommend you to lose some. And moderate exercise supplementing the special diet might be in order.

So for all these reasons even if you’ve never been a fan of a workout and you have to consider this option now, what can be more moderate of an activity than walking or brisk walking?

Ask your gynecologist of his opinion on the best workout for you and I bet that’s what he’ll recommend, except maybe if you have a certain condition, some of which are:

  • heart or lung disease
  • risk of preterm labor
  • bleeding
  • premature dilation
  • preeclampsia (pregnancy-induces high blood pressure)
Warning! Ask your doctor if you’re allowed to do this type of workout!

Is walking a good exercise during pregnancy?

  • Is walking a good exercise during pregnancy?it is a quite simple activity, so even women who never have done any sports before can start it when pregnant, as opposed to more specific sports which you should continue only if it’s a habitual routine for you, for example running.
  • If you find a nice place, walking is a good time for you to enjoy the sunlight, listen to music and meditate in peace.
  • It doesn’tnecessarily require any special material or machine – just you is enough.

So let’s walk!

Before going for your first walk/workout, take time to check that everything is absolutely ready.

If you plan to walk outside, make sure you choose a nice green place (park or just a calm street with little traffic and lot of trees).

Don’t go out just because you “have to” if it’s raining and the road is slippery, or it’s too hot, or there areany other weather conditions which will make your time less pleasant.

If you absolutely need to work out, for example, to lose weight – choose a close fitness-center and use a treadmill for calories burned walking during pregnancy. But if the conditions are good, look at the checklist to see that you’re properly ready.

You need:

  • Proper outfit
  • Bottle of water
  • Pulse monitor
  • Sunscreen

Proper outfit: The most important item for walking is obviously a nice pair of walking shoes. I hope there’s no need to explain that this is something you cannot skip buying.

So let’s walk!Don’t take your old sneakers for the gym; don’t use flats or any other kind of unappropriated shoes.

Now it’s  time to invest in light-weightpair which lets the air to circulate easily.

You don’t have to buy any special sports clothing though. Just make sure that the fabric of your outfit is natural and you won’t sweat too much or overheat in it.

Bottle of water: Staying hydrated is incredibly important for any physical activity and especiallyso during pregnancy. Better take some clean mineral water without gas, and sip it throughout your training little by little.

Pulse monitor:The easiest for you would be to buy one, and connect it to any workout app on your smartphone to calculate your load, but if you want to do it old school, then just measure it from time to time – this will work as well.

The idea is – it should not be more than 60% from 200-your age. So if you’re 27, don’t let your heartrate raise over (200-27) *0,6=103,8 beats a minute. Also check yourself if you can talk while walking – if you absolutely cannot, then that’s too fast for you, slow down.

Sunscreen: Use one. Always. First of all, it not healthy generally to have too much sun. And secondly at this time you might discover that the tan you get is strangely shaped in random shape pigmentation spots. Don’t risk it.

Your program

First of all, determine your level:

  • Beginner (you’ve never exercised before)
  • Intermediate (you were occasionally exercising before)
  • Advanced (you were active and sporty before)

Regardless of your level, warm up before the workout. Walk in a slow pace; stretch your arms and ankles holding onto something for balance.

The main part of your workout should be held at a speed of 4-5 km/h, at a normal walking pace.

First trimester

Your programBeginner: 3 days a week walk for 15-20 min, adding one more day every two weeks. Right now you’re just getting into the rhythm for everyday physical activity.

Intermediate: start with 4 days a week walking 25-35 minand after 4-5 weeks add a fifth day to your schedule. The better your shape was before the pregnancy the sooner you can add more training days.

Advanced:Even if you’reperfectly fit start with short walks (20-25 min) 6 days a week and every week add 5 min to the time of your walking, so at the tenth week you’ll reach up to 1h walks. More iformation on walking during early pregnancy you can read here.

Second trimester

Beginner: Little by little, according to your own feeling add minutes to your workouts, until you reach a good half hour each day, leave yourself one day a week to rest

Intermediate: now your walk last from 40 to 60 min. To add a bit of workout,speed up a little bit after 10min and for the next 10-15 min. Allow yourself a day to rest every week.

Advanced: you too can add some speedups to your walking routine, but listen to your body, don’tpush it without need.

Warning! At any sign of discomfort or pain – abort the workout and consult your doctor!

Especially if you experience:

  • Vaginal bleeding or any other liquid leak
  • Fainting or dizziness
  • Headache
  • Chest pain
  • Contractions
  • Decrease in fetal movement

Third trimester

Third trimesterNo matter what level you are – try to keep the same routine as in second trimester. Start gradually reducing time or speed of your workouts if you feel that it gets too hard as your pregnancy advances.

Break the training in two or more parts, if doing it in one gets too hard for you. And don’t feel guilty if you plainly cannot do it anymore – it’s time to rest.

To cool down, take five minutes in the end of every workout to stretch the muscles of the back, shoulders, hips, biceps and cuffs.

Make it in standing position close to a rail or any other object which you can hold on to for balance. More iformation on walking during late pregnancy you can read here.

But it’s raining!

As I said earlier, walking workout doesn’t have to be outside if the conditions are not good enough.

Enroll to a fitness center and do your workouts on a treadmill. Using this piece of equipment, you have to keep up with the speed you set and you can change the incline. So in this case it will be interesting to use interval training method instead of walking for hours on the same place.

Interval method means changing the speed of the treadmill every 2-3 min on 1-2 km/h back and forth for the first half of your training which should take around 15-20 min.

And for the second half you change the incline of the treadmill for 1-2% every 2-3 min and also walk in this manner for 15-20 min. Don’t forget the warm up and cool down and be hydrated.

But it’s raining!So, hopefully, now you understand the value of a walking workout for your pregnancy.

So grab that pair of running shoes, put on a good looking sportive outfit, load some new music in your mp3 and start your day with a light walk in the morning sun!

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