Yoga Ball for Pregnancy: How to Use this Equipment and What Size to Choose?

Yoga ball for pregnancy: how to use this equipment and what size to choose?

Pregnancy is a wonderful part of a woman’s life. It is not just a physical state, the pregnancy influences the lady’s mind and spirit as well. Hormonal waves can easily change the mood of a future mum. Daily exercises help to cope with difficulties, pains and stress.

Prenatal yoga is a special complex for mums-to-be which helps them to stay fit and happy.


Prenatal yoga is not only a complex of physical exercises, it also combines meditation and relaxation sessions which are so needed in pregnancy.


Advantages of pregnancy yoga ballYoga balls have been used for years in hospitals and prenatal centers. Exercises on such balls are really beneficial for future mums. They are making stronger your back, legs and core muscles.

More than that, activities on a fitness ball help to comfort, relax and achieve a physical relief. During the pregnancy period ladies have to carry more weight than usual.

Under this weight your usual postures changes, and rarely used muscles start to feel excess strain. With the help of special pregnancy yoga ball you can train deep, supportive muscles which are situated in the lower back and surround spine. Your exercising will provide you with better posture and less pains.

The yoga ball exercises for pregnancy is as well perfect for massage and relaxation. The ball is flexible, and sitting on it is more comfortable than sitting on a chair.

Choosing the best yoga ball

How to chose the best pregnancy yoga ball?While you are choosing an exercise yoga ball for pregnancy activities, prefer a quality one of a correct size. The effect of your training also depends on these parameters.

Best yoga ball for pregnancy is the item that is made of high-quality burst-resistant material that inflates easily. If a quality ball is torn or punctured, it deflates slowly and gives you time to get off the ball. The ball set should contain a pump, which is easy to use, and more stoppers.

What size yoga ball for pregnancy is the best? If your height is from 165 to 185 cm, your ball size is 65cm.

Tall ladies, who is over 185 cm should choose a 75 cm ball. Miniature ladies with height less than 160 cm need to buy a 55 cm ball.

You don’t need to worry about your weight. A high-quality yoga ball will take any weight up to 136 kg.

It is interesting that some ball packs contain educational videos. It will be fine to watch pregnancy activities you can follow with your new and bright yoga ball. While you are ready, you can start exercising. You need to wear anti-slip socks or shoes, though it is better to train barefoot.

How to use?

Yoga ball are really useful and multi-functional. You can use them several ways while expecting a baby. A yoga ball is ideal to sit for work or relaxation.

Also, while you start sitting on such ball, you are doing a mini-workout. Rocking or bouncing on the ball gently, you make your tummy and back muscles to work hard in order to keep you upright.

Furthermore, pregnancy yoga ball helps to release the back pain. Yoga ball exercises for pregnant ladies can help to change the baby’s position as well.

If a baby is in a posterior position, forward-leaning poses may help him to switch around. From the moment you brought your exercise ball at home, it is your yoga equipment and you need to care about it. These handy tips should be followed:

    Exercises with pregnancy yoga ball

  1. To make your ball’s life longer, inflate it to 80 % capacity during the first first week, that allows your ball to “warm up.” Afterwards the ball can be fully inflated.
  2. Try not to put your ball in areas with high temperature.
  3. Avoid sharp objects next to your ball.
  4. Cleaning a yoga ball easy, you just need to set it in tub or shower, wipe clean and rinse.

Easy postures

How to use yoga ball for pregnancy activities? Yoga instructors present the yoga ball workouts which are not difficult but beneficial for your health and can be done anywhere.

The following workouts that you can do with a yoga ball are easy and non-harmful for pregnant women who want to stay in form during their pregnancy Consult you doctor before starting even the easiest activities. Those ladies who are during third trimester should have better support ( wall or chair) if they start feeling unstable.

Balancing and stretching

Pregnancy yoga ball could be used for stretches exercises, which help future mums to gain a strong core by just balancing sitting on the fitness ball. Sit on top of your ball, relax the arms by your sides and position your feet flat on the floor about hip-width apart.
Balancing and stretching posture with pregnancy yoga ball
Put your hands on your knees, keep your back straight and abdominal muscles engaged. Keep yourself balanced, so your leg, back and abdominal muscles should work together. Your arms should reach overhead, interlace the fingers. Count to 5 not moving.

Then bend your torso to the left, breathe, count to 5, return back to centre and repeat to the right side.

Bridge Pose Leg Rise

This posture is for making your torso and legs strong, while keeping in balance. Sit on the exercise ball and after place your hands behind your back, rolling forward with your hips. Put your hands on the floor for support.

Then start to lift your hips as high as your shoulders and keep buttocks tight. If you feel balanced, lift your right leg and hold it, counting to 5.
Bridge Pose Leg Rise with pregnancy yoga ball
Repeat with the left leg. When you need to come out, release your buttocks and let your hips lower slowly down to the floor.

Standing Poses

This posture will help to strengthen your legs and hips. Stand close to your fitness ball. Then put your left foot on the ball.

Yoga ball for pregnant ladiesPlace your left hand on the left knee and your right hand on your waste. Raise you ankle up and down. Count to 8 and release 3 times. Repeat on the other side.

Stand again next to your yoga ball, your legs should be hip-width-apart, bend your knees. Put your hands on the ball finding balance. And finally shift your weight to the left and rise your right leg with a bent knee. Your foot should be bent as well, and the sole should be facing the ceiling.

Lower your foot toward the floor and afterwards lift it again. Repeat from the other side. At the end put both feet on the floor, keep your knees bent. Return to standing position carefully.

Video class

In order to make your pregnancy yoga routine more interesting we suggest you to watch the video below:

Prenatal trainings

Different easy poses with pregnancy yoga ballYou can do easy poses on your fitness ball every day. The training shouldn’t be too long or too tiring. If you start feeling unwell, stop your workout and have a rest. What can you add to such workouts is a prenatal yoga complex.

It is created especially for future mums. Doing asanas and relaxing a mum-to-be makes herself healthy, happy and well – balanced.

Practicing yoga is not so difficult as you may imagine. Lots of asanas are suitable even for complete beginners.

A yoga class for future mums usually consists of three main parts:warm up, doing postures and relaxation.

Yoga practices are beneficial for future mums. They stay in good form and prepare themselves for baby birth physically and mentally. A yoga ball is a great helper in your trainings, which can also be used during labor and baby birth, as well as used by baby for his or her first exercises.

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